Standing out amongst the bustling nightlife of Duxton Hill, Xiao Ya Tou is a restaurant bar serving up modern Asian cuisine with a naughty touch. The fun begins right at the doorsteps - walk through an array of lanterns and be greeted by the sights and sounds of Asian influences.

6 Duxton Hill
Singapore 089592

10:30am - 11:00pm

10:30am - 11:00pm

10:30am - 11:00pm

10:30am - 12:00am

10:30am - 12:00am

10:30am - 05:00pm

10:30am - 11:00pm




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Hokkien Mee

Now, $16 for a plate of Hokkien Mee is slightly overpriced, but they make up for it with their ingredients! Besides the seafood, the Hokkien Mee also has a distinct wok hei smell, which makes the dish even more enjoyable

Everything Was 👍🏻

Love the twice cooked angus short ribs that melts in your mouth 😍😍

Nicely Done Asian Food

Xiao Ya Tou ambience is really nice with Chinese lanterns & umbrellas on the ceiling of the restaurant. Really friendly staff & food nicely executed! Price range is however a bit on the high side for food like Hokkien mee & char kuey tiao. Hokkien mee taste really good but wouldn't be somewhere I will frequent due to pricing. Chope is having a promo code for free Hokkien mee with minimum spending so remember to book from that app! ;)

XYT Coconut Tau Huay

Dessert from the weekend brunch menu.

Smooth coconut custardy "tau huay" topped with ice cream, cookie crumbles and tapioca pearls (similar to those in bubble milk tea!). Such an interesting combination.

Unagi Benedict $23

Tastes exactly how you would imagine! Unagi is flavourful and rich, fried mantou is crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside! A very rich dish, so is recommended to share! I had 1 out of the 2 benedicts and felt just right!

Mentaiko Mac And Cheese $16

I was really impressed with this dish because I could actually taste the mentaiko in the cheese sauce! A lot of places lie when they say mentaiko in their menu but it only appears as a drizzle on the dish. This was a whole plate of mentaiko creamy goodness with chunks of spam in it.

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Mantou French Toast Icecream Sandwich

I love how 小丫头 puts an interesting twist to all their food. Consisting of hokey pokey icecream, Gula Melaka syrup and nestum crumb, this is the ultimate recipe to putting another number on that waistline. Albeit tasting nice, it's probably not worth the price I paid for ($7).

Spicy Otak Otak Aglio Olio

Linguine, seafood broth, grated parmesan, garlic confit. The Chef really made this dish im-pasta-ble (pun intended) to resist !

Unagi Benedict

Quirky restaurant with an interesting take on their food ie, oyster congee, Pork ribs crossiant and truffle pork dumplings. What interest me most was the unagi benedict though. Unlike the typical eggs Benedict, this dish is topped with grilled unagi, which is a refreshing change. The accompanying mantous were deep fried to a crispy golden brown and fluffy interior ; it's topped with a Low temperature egg, mushroom duxelles and drenched in yuzu hollandaise sauce. Everything complemented everything and I can say, it was a very satisfying meal. 😋

Complimentary Man Tou And Tau Suan

All main dishes comes with complimentary tau suan which is accompanied by a mantou, instead of the usual dough fritter. I love their man tous, now only if the have Chilli crab 🤔

Lu Rou Fan $13.00 at XYT.

Braised Wagyu Beef on Rice with Poached Egg, Pickles, Shredded Seaweed and Scallions.
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Location: 6 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089592
#xiaoyatou #chopesg #burpple #burpplesg #eeeeeats

5- Spice Duck- Smoked Duck Breast, Spiced Duck Leg Confit, Homemade Hoisin Sauce, Apricot Coulis, Steam Buns; XYT Ayam Percik- Chargrilled Spring Chicken with Spiced Coconut Cream and Lime; Crispy Otah Rolls with Tangy Tamarind Peanut Sauce; Braised Baby Spinach with Hand-picked Crabmeat, Goji Berry, Egg Flower Scallop Broth; Charred Eggplant with Sichuan Pepper Spiced Lamb and Pickled Chilli Yoghurt

Upscale meal with inspiration from around the world- yet consisting predominantly of Asian flavours (i.e Lamb and Yoghurt combination primarily seen in Indian cuisine; steam bun with smoked duck breast a fusion of western and Chinese cuisine). I throughly enjoyed the meal although guilty of failing to capture all flavours carefully as we hungrily chow down our food.
The charred eggplant was a stunning combination that surprisingly worked though it would be a home run if the Yoghurt was more pronounced.
The 5-Spiced Duck was a delight to have with the steamed pocket baos as well.
On the other side of the table, the baby spinach broth- was a winning classic that was worth trying.
Because we decided to head over to apiary for desserts instead, we will be back for the full course with their 2 interesting dessert items on the dinner menu.

Pork Knuckle Fritters ($18)

This was super shiok. You get x5 very crispy deep fried pulled pork potato ball-like things dressed with sriracha mayo and served with a cucumber som tam. The batter of the fritter was what made it for me (of course, the tastiness of the filling and tenderness of the pulled pork also helped).

They do work out to be $3.60 a fritter so... many small bites.


XYT Hokkien Mee ($16)

I'm not usually a big fan of Hokkien mee because... I'm Team Black Hokkien Mee (🇲🇾) and also the siapsiap aftertaste of yellow mee does not sit well with me. However, this was deliciousss. The use of thick rice noodles ensured it wasn't too starchy (and siapsiap-free) however, it was not as "wok charred" as described in the menu. There was a generous serving of large prawns & clams and the overall flavour had the right amount of prawniness. Prawness? I'm going with prawniness.

Service was excellent, our hostess came over to give recommendations and check on the food. Also, the interior of the place is a sight to behold: lanterns, kitsch posters, old school telephones and booby art.

👍🏼 I'd defo come back to try the rest of the menu.

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