Xiangcao Yunnan Original Ecology Hotpot

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香草香草云南原生态火锅 Xiangcao Yunnan Original Ecology Hotpot uses original ingredients to retain the traditional cuisine which highlights the natural flavors that best represents modern concept of healthy living which have been highly recognized by customers.

494 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188738

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11:30am - 11:30pm

11:30am - 11:30pm

11:30am - 11:30pm

11:30am - 11:30pm

11:30am - 11:30pm

11:30am - 11:30pm

11:30am - 11:30pm

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From the Burpple community

I have tried xiao cao xiang at toa payoh before and I think it was nice and affordable. When they closed and xiangcao reopened, I was sad but happy that the legacy continue. I saw the menu in their Facebook for that price makes me happy and I went. However, sad to learn that it is only for premium buffet and the price is quite significant. xiao cao xiang seems to have offered better ingredient at a lower price.

Please update your menu items and price clearly. It is very misleading

Also, do indicate the soup charges in your online menu.

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Tomato soup & Tom yum soup taste surprisingly good & appetizing, but the mala spicy soup is a disappointment though; bland & not spicy at all.. Love the spicy version peanut dipping sauce which is more spicy than the mala soup; meat, seafood & veggies are fresh..

Great flavorful soup bases, pretty fresh cuts of meat and seafood, greens, tofu, and condiments. Prepare for a wait in line.

Walked up and down Liang Seah street, aka steamboat street now 😂, before finally settling with this place! They have an ala carte option as well but we went for the standard 90 minutes buffet (they’re quite strict during peak hours). If I didn’t remember wrongly, the premium buffet is around $32++, but it looks more worth if you take beef - we saw many tables ordering plates and plates of them! The trio soup base is an additional $8 top up per table with their mushroom base as a default. We went for tomato and ma la for the other two.

They have a good range of veg, seafood, etc. that is available for you to take, while their fish and meats are prepared on order. Ingredients were all pretty fresh I must say! Ma la broth was drinkable and the mushroom base was comforting.

Overall it’s affordable for its variety plus free flow drinks and ice cream, but it got really stuffy after awhile. Ventilation inside is not the best, it might be cooler sitting outside if you’re coming for dinner! Weekdays’ pricing per pax is $25.80++.


Took the premium buffet, totally worth it! Service is good! Look at this portion for 2 pax only! And it’s buffet!


Rein by their signature mushroom soup base, they have both ala carte and buffet options. In exact, 2 kind of buffet options - the normal one and the premium one which includes additional items like wagyu, black pork, scallops etc. For the usual normal selection, it has a decent variety of pork belly, beef belly, pork shoulder, tender beef slices, fish slices, handmade balls, mushrooms and veggies etc. All their ingredients are fresh and timely replenished. Among all the soup stocks, I still personally like the mushroom one, it’s light and flavorful. While the mala base is kind of fragrant but lack the oomph while the herbal soup is easily sweetened up with all the ingredients added into it. Quite worth the buck I would say! But it gets really crowded! So there’s a time limit during peak period and to avoid the queue remember to make a reservation!