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From the Burpple community

Yes I know, it may look like just any other Hawker centre coffee you might get, but trust me, this is different. Seletar Coffee in Whampoa Food Centre makes their coffee extremely thick or "gao", and the coffee the owner uses is really fragrant and is of low acidity. Best of all, this cup of kopi peng is only $1. Really a must get for people staying or working around the area!

From 赞记
Savoury braised duck rice $5 with fish cake and parts.
Highly recommended.

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This is from the less famous stall (further down the middle row, not next to the ngoh hiang stall), but I prefer this one! The egg is super crispy and the starch is not too dense. The oysters were also pretty fresh, albeit pricey ($8 for.. 8 pieces of oyster).

Tried this rather famous stall in the middle row! The bee hoon was well flavoured and silky, though the bean sprouts were a little bitter. Especially liked the tau gua (crispy on the outside and perfectly smooth on the inside) and the prawn cracker (densely flavoured!!) ($10.60 including ngoh hiang, fish ball and youtiao).

Located at #01-15 whampoa makan place (the night hawker centre), I've been ordering for at least the last 25 years from this stall run by a father-mother-son team. Pure unadulterated sugar cane goodness at just $1.80 for this huge cup. You can also choose to add lemon.


This western stall at Whampoa Makan Place caught our attention as it looked really old-school. We ordered the mixed grill to have a taste test on the different types of meat, but sadly turned out to be a huge disappointment. There were beef, pork, hotdog, french fries, baked beans, coleslaw and a bun. All the meat on this plate were well done, in fact, over cooked and thus tough to chew as well as dry. The fries were soggy and the supposed mushroom sauce paired with the meats was too diluted. Pretty sure we can get better mixed grills hawker version at the same price elsewhere.