117 Bedok Reservoir Road
Singapore 470117

08:00am - 11:30pm

08:00am - 11:30pm

08:00am - 11:30pm

08:00am - 11:30pm

08:00am - 11:30pm

08:00am - 11:30pm

08:00am - 11:30pm



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Reviews at Wee's Family Coffee Shop

Reviews of good food at Wee's Family Coffee Shop

Price wise was cheap but th food here is rly mediocre. Lala, very little lala mostly shell & th pork was thinly cut. Their service here actually sucks too. We waited quite long for dishes to be out whn there wasn't much customers & they nv even bother asking what we wanna drink until th end of th meal ✔️ 2/5 Nah, not coming anymore

Steamed squid, veg with eggs and prawn omelette. All served piping hot. 1001 bukit merah central. A hidden corner of the industrial building carpark.

Traditional Tze char in the Neighbourhood at an affordable price! Nothing much more to be said than convenient for the people around here.

Tucked at a corner below a block of hdb lies this zhi char coffee shop which serves bloody good asam catfish. You know people usually attack the belly part of the fish because it's the most tender. But with the catfish, every part of the fish is equally tender and the asam gravy is pretty wicked! Personally, I think the other zhi char dishes are so-so but the catfish is one not to be missed! Not sure if the catfish is a cheap fish but for $28 a whole fish it's damn worth it! Pls be reminded the catfish needs to be ordered like 2-3 days min in advance. Recommended to make reservations for dinner as well. This place is pretty small and the crowd starts pouring in after 7pm.
想吃鯰魚嗎?那不如到黃家咖啡店一趟. 大量推薦這家的亞參鯰魚! 魚肉又嫩又新鮮,配上亞參醬汁味道更佳! 別道的煮炒品質還好,但鯰魚儘量別錯過!

Dinner with the family was a salted egg smorgasbord: salted egg prawns, salted egg chicken and salted egg sotong. I think we went a little overboard. But this little coffee shop (totally can't remember its name) really killed the salted egg game bru! Each satisfying salted egg crunchy with a hint of spicy from crushed curry leaves sent a shiver down my spine. Salted egg never goes out of style when done the traditional way. #saltedegg #kopitiam #zhichar

Wee's family served up rustic and high quality zi char dishes.
Their special sauce chicken served in a mini wok. It's unique sandy gravy leaving us suspend. We couldn't figure what's in the sauce but it was so good that I couldn't stop eating.
My mom insisted to order the steamed shark head which was so horrifying that I couldn't swallow the first bite.

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Taste of prawn paste was really strong and prominent. The skin so flavorful, crispy and meat very juicy! If we wasn't visiting so many places that day, I think I could easily conquer at least 3-4 pieces! •

This dish didn't cause any wow factor in me but it's a decent choice to order as most of you know that consuming mushrooms can improve our body immune systems and soy is an excellent choice of protein •

I am! I love any dish with salted egg. These prawny babes are de-shelled and fried till crispy. Clothed in golden salted egg jackets, Wee's holds the "dry" version rather than those wet gravy type. Personal preference, the amount of salted egg can be more but this dish here at Wee's is definitely good enough to satisfied your salted egg cravings! •

A delicacy made up of minced pork, prawns, water chestnuts, spring onions, carrots blend together and wrapped in bean curd skin. Well marinated and deep fried to golden brown, Wee's version wasn't oily at all. I love the water chestnuts inside which gave the whole dish the extra crunch •

A regular dish that I would order each time I had cze char. Wee's version didn't taste oomph. The sambal chilli used lack the dried shrimps fragrance and it's not spicy too •

Ex-banker Milton Wee & family have sourced soy beans to make their soft, wobbly beancurd tofu, but the star is the savoury sweet sauce of braised mushrooms.

Love the crispy enoki on top!

The deep fried catfish in golden river. Such a beautiful name! The “golden river” here refers to the shredded deep fried salted egg. 

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A little humble corner Zichar place hidden from the main road. The salted egg yolk prawn is really so awesome that I ate it together with the shell. Everyone on the table was raving about this dish.

A little humble corner Zichar place hidden from the main road. The timing was perfect with the fish retaining its moist. The highlight for me is the sauce that goes really well with the fish.

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