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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * - Restaurant - Club Lounge - Courtyard - Riverside - Housed in a stunning heritage building along the Singapore riverfront, VLV is a stylish Chinese dining experience with Executive Chef Martin Foo.

3A River Valley Road
#01-02 Merchant's Court
Singapore 179020

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While the noodles are indeed robust in flavor thanks to the thick and syrupy gravy, that carries a hint of sweetness and woodiness from the XO, it is inundated in, the crackling pork belly falls flat in taste and texture. We were expecting extremely crispy and fatty chunks of pork belly that would deliciously juxtapose with the viscous texture of the noodles, but we neither experienced any crunch, not any porky flavor of the pork belly. The crackling pork belly was either missing from the dish, or it simply just did not stand out in contrast to the noodles and disappeared into it. Perhaps VLV can improve a little more on this dish so that it complements the rest of the spectacular culinary offerings on the menu.

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The flower clams and prawns are cooked into the congee so that they saturate the gruel with its distinctively sweet flavors of the sea. The congee is extremely flavorful and comforting, and the seafood within is fresh, springy and plump.

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The thick layer of fat attached beneath the crisp and crackling skin puts a heightened succulent oomph to the duck meat that already oozes with its own fatty and savory juices. The light delectable sauce that has been infused with the rich, musky and earthy flavors of the fresh black truffle slices bathed the delicious morsels of tender and buttery duck with an indescribable degree of sensuality. VLV’s Roasted Truffle London Duck glistening in the pure unadulterated pleasure of its sinful fat was one of the most heavenly duck dishes we have ever had.

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A smorgasbord of tantalizing flavors and textures await you with this indulgent dish. Deviate from the usual black pepper and chili crab and get this specially concocted flavor unique to VLV. The multi-dimensional sauce laden all over the crab is both sweet, salty and tangy with a rich and viscous consistency almost verging on creamy. The bonito flakes give a smoky savory taste that is a great accent for the sauce, the egg white adds a silky texture and the ikura pops with a salty, savory goodness with every spoonful of sauce. The crab is incredibly fresh with a buttery and sp

You will be rewarded with a huge volume of health benefits from eating petai as this little bean is loaded with a ton of vitamins. It can relieve depression, prevent PMS, alleviate anemia, regulate blood pressure, boost brain power, ease constipation, cure hangovers, soothe heartburns, avoid morning sickness, calm nerves, nip obesity in the bud, mitigate ulcers, cool high temperatures, assist individuals attempting to quit smoking, inhibit stress, lower the risk of strokes, promote healthy eyesight, improve concentration, and boost digestion. Petai is also know as the stink bean as it contains a unique flavor that is both musky and nutty. When stir-fried with sambal, prawns and topped off with crispy ikan bilis, the petai adds a slightly bitter earthiness to the hearty spice, with a nutty bite that beautifully contrasts with the springy texture of the fat and succulent prawns, while the crispy anchovies add a salty crunch that pokes through the robust flavors of the dish.

Immensely tender and succulent, these jiggly slices of pork belly contain a whole lot of collagen and pack an explosion of flavors. The dark sauce that it has been stir-fried in is wholesome and rich, imparting a sticky consistency to the pork, with sweet and savory flavors. The salted fish kicks up the savory factor to prevent the sticky gelatinous pork belly from overwhelming your palette.

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