We serve Hong Kong style dimsum and the best custard buns in Singapore at Sunshine Plaza on Bencoolen Street.

91 Bencoolen Street
#01-49 Sunshine Plaza
Singapore 189652

10:30am - 08:00pm

10:30am - 08:00pm


10:30am - 08:00pm

10:30am - 08:00pm

10:30am - 08:00pm

10:30am - 08:00pm



Reviews at Victor's Kitchen (Sunshine Plaza)

Reviews of good food at Victor's Kitchen (Sunshine Plaza)

Still my go-to for a taste of Hong Kong in Singapore. That steamed carrot cake with a side of homemade XO sauce can never be left off the order!

finding the food pricey now.. All these + a drink for $24! #burpple

When I thought the liushabao was the only reason for my return visit, the unassuming egg tart and youtiao cheong fun stole the show. This spread for $30+, relatively satisfied!

Post work, craving for dim sum, considered the few restaurants in the area, and finally settled for Victor's Kitchen.

Every item ordered was fresh, skillfully made, tasted and looked absolutely on point. Har kow was fresh, prawns were 'Q'. XLBs were so juicy, the amt of soup inside almost filled up my entire spoon. The siew mai has both prawns and meat, complementing each other well. Carrot cake was also unique - instead of the usual fried paste-like material, the radish was shredded and served steamed. The liu sha bao was definitely good too - liquid gold.

All in all, for sure there's more to this place than just its liu sha baos!

You know it's good when all the lava goodness just splatters everywhere and making your hands a greasy mess but you enjoy every single bite

I loved the siew mai, xiao long bao and prawn spinach dumpling which were fresh and supple. Surprisingly, I found myself enjoying the soft, velvety carrot cake with XO sauce too. Some hits and misses though. The custard in the liu sha bao had a very slick, oily, weird taste to it while the char siew polo buns tasted like they came straight out of a microwave. Thought the Hong Kong style milk tea lacked the fragrance of tea and had a tad too much evaporated milk. Rather expensive, but I think for fresh dim sum (if you order the right items) it's worth it.

We love 流沙包!! But the Liu Sha Bao here seem to be more buttery, less milky, less thick and lost the aroma of salted egg yolk... But still oozing as u can see from the picture. The more lava-ly, the more lovely.

The king prawn chee cheong fun was still skilky smooth and tasty but the prawn has shrink by at least half...

Victor's Kitchen serve oyster veggies now!! Oh man, I loves their steamed carrot cake with xo sauce~ still as tasty as ever~

Was a bit disappointed with their signature liu sha bao because it wasn't oozing. Liu Sha Bao ($4.80) • Beancurd prawn roll ($5.20) • king prawn Chee Cheong Fan ($5.80) • Xiao Long Bao ($4.20).

Look at the egg custard, so smooth and almost dripping! The tart crust could be slightly crunchier but this is almost similar to the egg tarts at Honolulu cafe in HK!

Still one of my favouritest salted egg bao in Singapore. That sweet and salty milky custard that just oozes. ☺️ I love their spinach prawn dumpling as well. Transparent starchy skin filled w Chinese spinach and prawns. Adding that bit of greens to our dim sum brunch. 🌱 #burpple #sundaybrunch #dimsum

🤘🏻What did you have for lunch siol? Godma is love y'all hahahahah 😝

Golden, yellow and oozing. Victor's kitchen is well know for these dancing warm babies! Soft and fluffy on the outside, and thick salted egg sauce oozes out like hot lava, making this Bao so desirable like a lady in red hot dress. Personally think it's hard to make, seeing how many attempted but fail miserably.

My must have whenever I am having dimsum at Victor's Kitchen! The softest, most flavourful and bite carrot cake I ever had period. The steamed carrot cake is a mixture of the paste, and julienne radish/white carrot. The heavenly soy sauce had a hint of spice, giving the already delish carrot cake another dimension of taste.

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