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From the Burpple community

2pc Chicken w Cheese Fries and Whipped Potato and Pepsi. $9.80 well spent! topped up $2.10 for the cheese fries, totally worth it! the service crew was super kind to give a thigh and breast meat! thank you! been 3 months since the last #kfc meal! #chicken #cheesefries

wasnt very active these days, stress is building up for my finals.. :( this was what i had 2 days ago, snuck out to have a chill pill. Big Pau x Hot Tea. sometimes the simplest kopitiam food can really change someone's mood, or prolly imma old man thats why i dont fancy all the sweet treats. 😝 #tea #bun #pork #snack #teatime

awesome app. didnt expect this to turn out so well!!!! anw i miss this place alot, just took a random pic online. looks like a real poster huh. (: #taipei #colors #random #台北 #nightlife #food #foodporn

weird minded combi again. #apple and #milk. i thought the apple will absorb the milk but no lol. its sweetness is still retained! dont worry the milk still taste like milk. i should have use yogurt instead actually. ahhh next time!

freaking nice. i reheated the #curry #pizza and topped it with some chili flakes. WOO. happiness. #dinner

who doesnt love this? especially when this cost around SGD$1.20 (RM4). its more than SGD$4 here in singapore. same taste, different price. or should i say the #magnum #icecream is 'greener' on the other side?