The Refinery is a brand new concept jointly developed by the crafty folks of The General Co and the space gurus of Architology consisting of part casual dining restaurant, part mixology bar and part designer workspace.

115 King George's Avenue
Singapore 208561

12:00pm - 03:00pm
06:00pm - 12:00am

12:00pm - 03:00pm
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12:00pm - 03:00pm
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Reviews of good food at The Refinery
Praline coffee baller [$8.50++] Iced coffee with a twist!

A huge sphere of praline and espresso infused ball that allows to you to DIY your own iced praline latte with a side of warm steamed milk provided. Prepare for the feast to your sight as the coffee sphere slowly melts and dissolves upon contact with the warm milk! 😍Not usually a coffee drinker but one sip of it got me sold! Amidst the milky caffeine aroma, the subtle nutty flavour and aroma of praline slowly seeps through, a lingering and pleasant sensation to the palate. Though I would personally for the sweetness to be toned down slightly more for a more distinct coffee flavour .
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Panko ebi with salted egg sauce [Complimentary for reservations made via @chopesg] 
Panko crusted prawns drizzled with salted egg sauce, I am sad to admit that this was unfortunately a letdown.

The salted egg sauce was barely present, just a few drops and specks that could have been deemed negligible. Deep fried to an ideal crisp and well battered golden brown exterior, encasing fresh juicy prawns, it was a run-off-the mill that's definitely not worth the original price of $10 ($5 for each strand 😨). PS: Promotion for this complimentary dish is valid till end July only with promo code "SFFTR" when making your reservations. . .
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(Arigatou) "Gyoza must" [$13++] Unagi gyoza, pickled ginger served with drizzles of mentaiko mayo.

The dish that I was most looking forward to try but unfortunately it turned out to be the one that I least enjoyed. The dumplings had a soft, thick and doughy skin filled with minced unagi which was well marinated but a tad too salty for my liking. The mentaiko mayo dressing was creamy, with a pleasant savoury umami flavour which did not quite complement the unagi gyoza IMO. Better to have the 2 elements in silo as the saltiness might get a tad overwhelming. .
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Refinery roll [$25+]
Chunky slipper lobster meat, in-house Japanese dressing, slow-grilled butter roll, mesclun salad, fries.

Only available on weekends, this lobster roll surprisingly surpassed my expectations, with generous stuffings of slipper lobster chunks that's well-marinated in creamy Japanese dressing, topped with tobiko roe and sandwiched between a soft butter roll. The lobster chunks were fresh, with a springy and slightly chewy texture, lying comfortably on a base of crisp raw lettuce in a soft, fluffy and pillowy grilled butter roll. Fries, on the downside, though crisp, were pretty mediocre. The mesclun salad turned out to be shredded lettuce lightly spiced up with a Japanese goma dressing and topped with sesame seeds. Nevertheless, the main highlight remains as the lobster roll, which is a definite must try-given its substantial portion and reasonable pricing. And not forgetting, freshness and satisfaction to the palate πŸ˜‹
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Pulled Pork Don ($14)

Preferred the refinery bowl over this as this was on the sweeter side (not overly sweet though it's just that I like truffle πŸ™‚). The pulled pork kinda reminded me of charsiew hahah but in a good way. Not usually a fan of pickled ginger but it goes really well in this bowl!

Refinery Gyudon ($17)

Prices increased but the portions have thankfully grown as well. This bowl is for truffle lovers (aka me), love the combination of all the components (beef, truffle shimeiji mushrooms, and that egg!).

Tokyo Crepes ($14)

Good ambience, but dull lighting. Yummy food & dessert! Great for sharing ~ The crepes were served warm and paired well with the vanilla ice cream. It was light and not very sweet too!

Skewers - Aubergine & Shiitake ($4 Each)

Aubergine: eggplant with miso
Shiitake: shiitake mushroom with

The taste of the shiitake mushrooms took me by surprise on the first bite. It was first sour, then salty then sweet! Really nice combination of Flavours, although a tad too pricey for just 3 mushrooms.

Buta Shogayaki Don

Famous for its don, and no doubt it's really good and worth it! Topped with caramelised pork loin with ginger glaze, the meat was tender and juicy with a tinge of homely taste. The sauce went well with the rice and enhanced the overall taste of the don!

We also ordered (not in picture) the teriyaki salmon don ($17), salted egg onion rings ($13), surf & turf okonomiyaki ($12), individual skewers - aubergine ($4), shiitake ($4), mid-joint wings ($4), and ended off with a plate of Tokyo crepes ($14)!

It was the first time I had legit onion rings coated with batter (instead of the frozen kind).

Teriyaki Salmon Don

Salmon was cooked to perfection - and sauce was just right. YUMZ.

Salted Egg Onion Rings ($13)

Let's see... bet you've been scrolling all about The Refinery's salted egg onion rings.

Tbh, it is the first time I'm having legit battered onion rings instead of the frozen kind. It was served fresh out of the kitchen!

No doubt a must-order.

Surf & Turf Okonomiyaki ($12)

Light and good for sharing! We had it as a starter and it whet our appetites to prepare for the dons ahead! A tad too pricey for the portion but the okonomiyaki tasted really good, plus it was served hot.

Gyuniku Donburi ($12)

I really like The Refinery's space - higher ceilings, hanging hooks, the open bar concept - so great for dinner parties and such. Also, the food is really good.

Highly recommended on the menu is the bowl of Japanese rice topped with truffled shimeiji mushrooms and tare marinated ribeye. We also added a 72 degree onsen tamago ($3) to the mix. The ribeye was sliced really thinly (like shabu shabu meat) which was ok, made the eating process a lot easier - it tasted really good though. Just the right amount of salty and sweet, and nicely complimented by the truffled shimeiji mushrooms. We polished off this bowl very quickly.


Meat Lovers ($45)

We like meat. This platter of skewers included 2 each of chicken (shish kebab style), fatty pork belly, skirt steak and thick pieces of deeeelicious Wagyu ribeye (my fave).


Salted Egg Onion Rings

4.5 munchies: Deep-fried to golden brown perfection, the light batter revealed crunchy white onions with a tinge of natural sweetness. The strong-flavoured salted egg yolk custard sauce was absolutely smashing – savoury, creamy, and had the right consistency. It even comes with a small metal dish that contains more of the divine sauce – perfect for dunking in other sides like fries and cauliflower fritters! #Burpproved

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