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31 Bukit Batok Crescent
#02-01 The Splendour
Singapore 658070










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Daredevil you must be to try these Molten Wings ($8 for three). Ask for the sauce on the side so you don't burn your mouth. Sweat you will. Wash it down with as much beer as needed.
Photo by Burppler Doreen Tan

If you know about The Rawr Kitchen, then you know they take their booze very seriously. 🍺 But they also have some great food and bar bites to keep you hankering for some more chugging!

This deep fried pork belly is first stewed so it's soft, then coated lightly and fried – resulting in a thin, crispy coating and tender insides. While soft, it's not the tenderest pork that turned away some of my dining partners but that just meant more for me. 🙈Would have liked a spicy or tangy sauce to go with it as the creamy dip provided made the proceedings a little jelat.

The main draw here is definitely the beer buffet ($35 for 2 hours) of their craft beer with unique offerings like root beer and seasonal cranberry beer. We tried a variety of the sides and the pork chops, and nothing stood out particularly. Wasn't a fan of the pork chops, the salted egg yolk wings, clams and fried pork were not too bad, and the luncheon fries was so so. In such an obscure place, I would only recommend for the unique craft beer offerings, the food is interesting but don't leave me craving more.

Righteous chicken wings. Crispy savoury salty skin, moist tender chicken meat.

Coated in a home made salted egg sauce that is creamy with notes of spice.
Decadent and delicious.

Linguine coated in a generous, hearty minced beef ragu, which has been stewed for 5 hours.
More savoury rather than sweet, this is done in classic Italian dry style. So good!

A true neighbourhood drinking hole, this no-frills restaurant-cum-microbrewery in the industrial part of Bukit Batok has quietly become one of our favourite places to enjoy a boozy weekend. Come with a group of serious pint pourers for the free flow Beer Buffet ($35) that gives you access to the craft beers for two hours. Of the eleven brews cranked out by On Tap Brewery available, the ones you must have are the award-winning Wheat Beer ($8, it won second place in the Asia Beer Medal Awards) and the crowd favourite alcoholic Root Beer ($11). Before the excessive chugging happens, be sure to get the devilishly spicy Molten Wings ($8 for three pieces) or the lip-smacking Deep Fried Pork Belly ($9) to line your tummy. A recipe handed down to the chef by his grandmother, the latter features juicy chunks of pork belly with a melt-in-your-mouth fatty layer.
Avg Price: $40 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua

The juicy and tender wings had the form and meatiness of a Fitness First gym enthusiast (more Market Street and less Ang Mo Kio), and triumph on their own merits even without the assistance of the all natural, creamy and intensely yolky sauce. 3.9/5

What The Rawr Kitchen lacks in decor, it makes up for in generous table space and its excellent food. This no-frills restaurant-cum-microbrewery in an industrial part of Bukit Batok serves comforting pastas and award-winning beers by On Tap Brewery — perfect for a large group to enjoy a boozy weekend. The menu boasts simple and homely dishes at its best — unbelievably tasty Bolognese ($11) that features al dente linguine topped with beef that has been slow-cooked for four hours in a homemade tomato sauce. The brew list by On Tap Brewery is off the charts too — try the Wheat Beer ($8)(it won second place in the Asia Beer Medal Awards) and the crowd favourite alcoholic Root Beer ($11). If you intend to stay for long, go for the free flow Beer Buffet ($35) that gives you access to eleven beers for two hours. Complement your beers with the lip-smacking Deep Fried Pork Belly ($9), juicy chunks of pork belly with a melt-in-your-mouth fatty layer, a recipe handed down to the chef by his grandmother. 

Avg Price: $25 per person with drinks
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua

Having a root beer ($11 nett - it's alcoholic, but doesn't feel it cos it's real sweet) & a pilsner ($8 nett). The fried mushrooms ($8 nett) are a great snack-- hella crispy & served hot, but so juicy inside.

I love the warmth of the people who run this place, they always serve with a smile. Shout-out to Zac who looked at us & asked "haven't you been here before....?" (Yes, just last weekend 😜)

Such a factual-looking photo, but honestly I was so hungry I couldn't wait to dig in!

Pork Chops were tender & had a great cider sauce. The sides were also excellent; coleslaw not drowning in mayo, roasted corn so damn fragrant, & garlic butter rice fluffy & not oily. Service was with an actual smile & a great attitude, too.

How delightful to find a craft beer watering hole with a weekend beer buffet for only $35/pax. Yet another place on my list where I aim to conquer the whole menu-- & I mean both the food & drink ones.

Tried their Wheat Beer & Brown Ale; both were smooth & enjoyable.

SUPER SPICY WINGS!!!!!!! Can't even eat it. OMG!! BURNING! We ordered the grilled steak & pork, not bad. Located in the industries area of bukit batok. They brew their own beer, many many variety! Order the root beer, really taste like the A&W rootbeer 😆

Not one, not two but three slabs of meat here and with everything else on the plate this is just simply generous — I wouldn't have finished it anyway if I have had a proper meal through the day. Cooked with their own Apple Cider, the meat itself was very interesting in terms of flavour — its not only slightly smokey but also flavours by the savoury brown sauce as well as carrying a sweet flavour from the Apple Cider used; something akin to having apple purée alongside with the pork chops though the meat was rather tough texturally and wrestling with the fork and knife on most parts. That being said though, the other components did very well; the fragrant butter garlic rice that I have no problems finishing (for a person who is constantly trying to lower carb intake), the smoky and charred grilled corn cob that also exudes its natural sweetness amidst the grilling and the refreshing crunch of the coleslaw. While this dish has its own misses, it works very well in terms of flavour with the beers here — makes for an easy place to head to with a couple of friends for dinner and drinks to chill; never forget their house-brewed alcoholic Root Beer here especially; very similar to the A&W sort that we are all familiar with but less sweet and with a wheat-like finish.

Tucked away in an industrial neighbourhood in Bukit Batok, The RawR Kitchen serves comforting Italian pastas and award-winning beers by On Tap Brewery. This no-frills restaurant-cum-microbrewery isn't easy to find, but before you dismiss it, we promise the arduous journey to the West is worth it. Come on the weekend with a group of serious pint-pourers for the Beer Buffet ($35) — a value-for-money two hours of free-flow craft beers. There are eleven on rotation, of which you should look out for the crowd-pleasing Wheat Beer (second place in the Asia Beer Medal Awards) and the alcoholic Root Beer. The latter pairs well with the lip-smacking Deep Fried Pork Belly ($9), which Burpple Tastemaker Xing Wei Chua describes as "immensely fatty and juicy, lightly crusted with a melt-in-the-mouth texture that is simply done yet addictive". If you're working around the area, swing by with your colleagues for lunch and have the unbelievably tasty Bolognese ($11). The humble dish of linguine is topped with beef that's been slow-cooked for four hours in a homemade tomato sauce.
Avg price: $25 per person
Photo by Burppler Shawn Loh

The root beer here (yes, root beer was a naughty alcoholic item before people sanitized it into a G-rated kiddy soft drink) will educate and pleasure your achingly-thirsty throat, whilst those out for a manlier time can go for their IPA. ⠀⠀
Hardcore degenerates will be happy to know they have a weekend liquid buffet - for $35 nett you can drink nonstop until you are more bloated than a 13-year-old Seoul Garden first-time attendee.

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