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Really really delicious brunch of buckwheat pancakes. The drizzle of passionfruit curd and medley of sour fruits complemented the fluffy hearty pancake. Would come back again, but beware of the hefty price tag!

The soft eggs on top comes with a runny core, spiced in sumac and drizzled in Greek yoghurt that can be further enhanced with the lime! It is also served with Turkish bread at the side that was great to dip with the meat.

The strawberry sundae was quite smooth, although I would have preferred it to be a tad creamier. The elderflower flavour was just right - wasn’t too overpowering. The elderflower jelly and crumbs gave the whole dish some nice contrasting textures with each bite. The buttermilk waffle was one of the better ones I had - crisp, but still soft and fluffy inside. Portion is quite substantial, but perhaps still better to share with friends.

The pancake was a little underwhelming and didn’t really standout. But the fried chicken was great! You get two big slabs of deep-fried chicken thigh that’s very tender and juicy which is more than enough for one. Best to share, if not it can get quite gelat.

A healthy and fulfilling bowl made up mainly of thyme seared wagyu beef, quinoa, bulgar wheat and pearly barley with hearty servings of grilled furikake baby corn, roasted butternut squash and L&P mixed mushrooms (which I enjoyed the most). You can then order their Truffle Fries with Parmesan Cheese, S$12, to balance out all that health food.

Really nice exterior, fluffy, nice caramelized banana. Though not a fan of the yoghurt, was a pretty good french toast 4.25/5

Croissant was a bit firm but flaky and buttrry, taste-wise was f Scramble was silky and slightly creamy. 4.25/5

Another limited edition(?)
Quite pricy, decent waffle, the soft serve taste is somewhar coke-y, sweet, sour with little pops. Overall quite nice and certainly really unique 4/5

Initially wanted to try their wagyu until i saw this limited edition one. Cod is not the freshest, but scallops were nice. Well they include pickles that i like. 3.75/5

Every dish here is so comforting and its so good! Tried the seafood linguine ($24), truffle wagyu beef donburi ($21.50) and spring pancake & fried chicken ($21)! #burpple #burpplesg

Homemade with their heirloom recipe the grass-fed beef rendang was soft and tender, and when mixed with the fluffy seasoned Japanese rice, it was detectably good! The additional Peranakan Archar, makes a great palate cleanser making you craving for more.

I would recommend for those who are looking for something quaint with a tad twist in it. By the way, this is already my fourth time trying this dish, and I still love it!

Populus' Wagyu beef grain bowl is arguably one of their most popular dish. I'd this odd impression that the barley grains would be soggy and gooey, like the consequence of boiling barley to make barley water. It came as a pleasant surprise to taste fragrant and crunchy barley grains mixed with black pepper. It definitely reminded me of Pepper Lunch and felt a lot like eating rice.

The portion was quite generous, as it should be for the price that you're paying. The wagyu beef slices were slightly dry for my liking, but overall, this dish was great!

The also popular buckwheat pancakes was thick and dense. Not your conventional fluffy pancake. It's a tad too sweet for my liking and I can't say that I was amazed by this. My friend struggled to finish it.

Doesn't seem to get enough of this simply satisfying, healthy looking, appetite inducing, summer conjuring, fusion infusing, lip licking... salad/ ramen bowl.

Buckwheat pancake (19.5)-a somewhat denser hotcake. Was very dense that i thought the maple syrup barely give any sweetness to it. Saying that though, i quite like it 4/5

Rendang donburi-barely eat rendang when i was living in indonesia and here i am eating this delicacy. I dont eat a lot of rendangs, but this one is a bit different, braising liquid-wise (different type?). Still has that richness and the beef is a lot more tender than what i had. The pickles, rice, etc were good as well. ($20) 4.25/5

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