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From the Burpple community

The Oyster Bank Club

The Oyster Bank是新加坡一家备受欢迎的生蠔餐厅,以其独特的优惠活动吸引了众多美食爱好者。这里的特色在于它巧妙地将美酒与新鲜生蠔完美结合。当你点一杯酒时,就能以超值的价格享受半打鲜美多汁的生蠔。如果你选择一瓶酒,更可以品尝到整整三打的生蠔盛宴。这种"喝得越多,吃得越多"的概念让人欲罢不能



Truffle Togarashi生蚝结合了松露的浓郁香气和日本七味粉的微辣。入口时,松露的香味充满口腔,随后是七味粉的一丝丝辣味,整体口感丰富且极具层次。

Yuzu Ponzu生蚝结合了柚子和酱油的清新酸甜味,与生蚝的鲜美相得益彰,口感清爽






Celebrated my dad's birthday just the other day, and since he likes oysters the first place that came to mind for a meal was of course, The Oyster Bank!

Started off with the Baked Lemon Garlic Butter Scallops ($15.90 for 3 pcs) which were fresh, large, and drenched in a delicious lemon butter sauce. Ordered two cocktails (which were frankly pretty overpriced) just so we could enjoy the $2 oysters promo - you can get up to 6 oysters at $2 for every alcoholic drink purchased, and this stacks with the happy hour! Oysters were clean and briney, but the sizes were inconsistent with some large and some distinctively smaller.

On to the mains, we got the Wagyu Beef Karubi Don ($24.90) and the Bara Chirashi Don ($17.90). Beef don was actually really delicious, with the flavours of the wagyu beef strips, shoyu shiitake, fried garlic, and onsen egg melding together perfectly to create a flavourful mess. On the other hand, the chiraishi don was pretty boring with just cubes of salmon, tuna, shrimp, and egg. However, come for the daily lunch special which gives complimentary miso soup and a glass of iced/hot houjicha or americano.

The staff also surprised us at the end of our meal with a birthday celebratory sake shots - very cute and much appreciated! Thumbs up for the lovely service.

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such indecent INVITE that I forgot to take pix of the baked Oyster!!
Price: $103.10 for 3 Don and half dozen Shuck!
Review: felt the Dons was overpriced in comparison to food portion BUT the Shuck was certainly YUMZ! 💋💋💋
Meal was made possible with @capitalandmallssg and @theoysterbank Thank You! ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻
#ahMayJiakSiMi #alwayseatwell #thankfulforthefood
#foodinsg #sgfoodies #sgfoodhunt #sgfood #weekendersg #capitalandmallssg #theoysterbank #oyster #barachirashi #unagi

A unique dish where a mini wheel of camembert is baked with plenty of honey. Biscuits and walnuts served at the side. The cheese was very soft and chewy, and tastes quite light. It was fun eating it with the biscuit but things got a little messy with the dripping honey. I enjoyed dipping the walnuts in the honey sauce afterwards and eating them!

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Ordered antidote no.5 for myself and mother of dragon for my partner. I love the lavender taste and creamy texture of antidote no.5. Mother of dragon was a more light and refreshing drink that is enjoyable too!

Went to the oyster bank during weekday happy shucking hour (5-8pm) - can get 6 naked oysters for $2 each, for each alcoholic drink ordered. The oysters were fresh, plump and sweet. Loved putting a little tabasco and lemon juice on the oyster.

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