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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * At The Market Grill, everything begins with freshness and quality. Expect fresh cuts of steak, home-made beef burger patties prepared daily and live Atlantic lobsters cooked to order. Expect a fun dining experience in the vicinity of Telok Ayer where diners can watch meats and lobsters being freshly grilled to perfection with the specially imported "Woodstone" Charbroiler. Inspired by a blend of traditional old-style butcheries and diners, The Market Grill provides visitors an option of simple and generous portions of freshly grilled market produce. An Unlisted Collection: Property www.unlistedcollection.com

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💚Market Grill Tart ($15)
Im a hoe for pistachio so I totally loved this. The tart base was buttery while the pistachio elements were STRONK. There was a little well with super thick and rich pistachio butter in the middle of the tart, which was absolutely glorious.

🍦Choux Buns, Vanilla Ice Cream, Warm Chocolate Sauce & Almond ($10)
A simple yet satisfying dessert, these choux buns sandwich a large amount of vanilla ice cream. Its a pretty simple yet delectable dessert for the lovers of the classics.

🥧Rhubarb Apple Crumble & Vanilla Ice Cream ($10)
The perfect combo of textures, temperatures and flavours. Digging into this dessert was like stepping into an air-conditioned room and being greeted with a warm hug. The slight tartness and soft, mushy texture of the warm rhubarb was well balanced by the sweet vanilla ice cream, and the crumble on top was buttery and fragrant with a satisfying crunch.

🍮Crème Brûlée infused with Fresh Vanilla Beans ($10)
Probably my fav dessert of the night. The creme brulee was super rich and silky with the warmth of the vanilla beans accentuating its already luxurious flavour. The crispy torched sugar on top was the perfect textural contrast to the smooth custard.

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🐟Papillote ($15)
This is only available for the lunch menu and is designed to be a convenient yet delicious takeaway option. Personally didn’t try this as I don’t take fish but it was so tender when cut into and my dining mates all loved it.

🥩Minute Steak, Mustard Cream Sauce 150g ($25)
This dish is meant to be for sharing but honestly I’d gladly devour the whole thing myself. The steak is tender but chewy enough with beefy undertones and delightful roasted broccolini, which was equally as good. The mash was a nice pairing due to its more neutral taste. Def must try!