The Lobby Lounge (InterContinental Singapore)

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  • Classy hotel lounge with lush carpets and comfortable sofa seating
  • Relaxing afternoon tea with live music in Bugis
  • Classic Afternoon High Tea Set, Royal Heritage High Tea

80 Middle Road
Level 1 InterContinental Singapore
Singapore 188966

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10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Ending a great meal full of wonderful food with a dessert is pretty mainstream, so if you’re at @interconsin @thelobbyloungesg, end it with a dessert cocktail instead. Follow consulting bar manager Jesse Vida in spirit one last time to the underrated gem that is Albert Food Centre, and finish on the sweet note that is the Tjendol (Chendol) Milk Punch (also $22++).⠀

Much like the common hawker dessert staple that is Chendol, Miss Vida’s Tjendol Milk Punch is built on coconut cream, pandan, and gula melaka for the rich, molasses-like sweetness. The punch comes via the milk washed Colombo Gin, but the alcoholic punch is discreet and very well layered by the creaminess & sweetness in the drink. It really does bring mind a nice, cold bowl of chendol at first sip, but then it somehow morphs into a traditional Malay sweet treat further into the drink.⠀

I can’t explain it, but the Tjendol Milk Punch becomes less chendol and more Kueh Bangkit the more you drink it. For the uninitiated or the particularly forgetful, Kueh Bangkit is a classic Malay cookie made from sago or tapioca starch, coconut milk and eggs, and it’s usually over-consumed at Lunar New Year and Hari Raya Puasa. Perhaps it’s due to the fantastic fragrance of pandan that permeates the drink, or perhaps the milkiness starts to resemble the delicious, crumbly cookie. Either way, this sultrily sweet cocktail is the perfect libation to wash down any meal with.⠀

Thank you so much for the generous hospitality @thelobbyloungesg, and thank you for the invite @accela.comms!

Before y’all start, yes, I know full well that paying fifty four dollars before service charge and tax for a beef goulash is insane. But hear me out: @interconsin @thelobbyloungesg Angus Beef Short Rib Goulash is the best damn goulash you’ll ever savour. The Lobby Lounge know full well that the asking price is astronomical, so they’ve stuffed the goulash full of sublime sapidity, and colossal chunks of Angus beef short rib.⠀

Angus beef is prized for its intense beefiness mixed with a proportionate amount of fat, and short rib is a notably fatty cut. Combine those two factors, and you get fabulously fatty chunks of beef that are full of flavour. Those short ribs are stewed low & slow for about twelve hours, absolutely tenderising all the fat & meat into a wobbly, nearly melt in your mouth beefy marvel. Yes, I cut into that hunk of beef with a spoon with minimal strength required.⠀

The stew itself was stunningly stellar, with the robust & supremely savoury beef stock getting upgraded by the tangy tomato purée. The beef & tomato combo is further enhanced by the carrots & potatoes leeching their sweetness & starchiness into the liquid, sweetening it and thickening it for a ridiculously robust stew. I kid you not, when I took a first bite out of this beef goulash, I slumped back into my incredibly comfy seat to contemplate life and the utter marvellousness of this brilliant beef goulash.⠀

The Lobby Lounge’s Angus Beef Short Rib Goulash is undeniably expensive, but it’s so heavenly that it should be a dish you save for special occasions, and then chase down with the sterling Spice Lane Old Fashioned. Thank you for changing my life with this glorious goulash @thelobbyloungesg, and thank you for the invite @accela.comms!

While it’s all too easy to be obsessed with @thelobbyloungesg at @interconsin new cocktails, their new noodle entrées are equally deserving of your attention and stomach capacity. The Our Singapore Laksa ($34++), follows the same doctrine as the hearty Hokkien Mee, with tiger prawns, shredded chicken, quail eggs, fishcakes, rice noodles and a luscious laksa broth all crammed into a behemoth bowl. The laksa broth is lusciously lemak, with a decent amount of coconut cream in this rich & spicy broth. The accompaniments are all spot on, from the fat, fantastically fresh tiger prawns to the joyously bouncy fishcake, and the oodles of quality QQ noodles.

Thank you so much for sending us your noods, @thelobbyloungesg, and thanks for organising this terrific tasting @accela.comms!

While it’s all too easy to be obsessed with @thelobbyloungesg at @interconsin new cocktails, their new noodle entrées are equally deserving of your attention and stomach capacity. First up is the stellar Seafood Fried Hokkien Mee ($30++), which is enormous enough to fully feed two grown adults. The Lobby Lounge definitely go the extra mile to justify the lofty price tag, from the quality & quantity of ingredients used to the sublime sumptuousness of this dish.

This Hokkien Mee strikes a delicate balance between the super sapid stock & the heady wok hei, with neither eclipsing the other. The unbelievable umami of the seafood stock fabulously flavours everything, and the smokiness of the wok augments all of those delightful flavours. There’s lots of fresh prawns & squid in this pile of flawlessly fried noodles, and the pork slices you’d normally get with a Hokkien Mee have gotten a glow up. It’s big cuts of roast pork, baby! Sure, the rind on the roast pork absorbed all that delicious stock and has gone soft, and it should be served on the side instead, but this thirty dollar plate of Hokkien Mee is truly well worth every penny.

Thank you so much for sending us your noods, @thelobbyloungesg, and thanks for organising this terrific tasting @accela.comms!

The Flaming Tightrope ($22++) was promising, with the inclusion of Nikka whisky, toasted rice, basil syrup, lemon juice, chili and soda water. Unfortunately, as I had discovered elsewhere with another spicy chili cocktail elsewhere years ago, spice requires salt to execute properly. Otherwise you’ll get a spicy drink that somehow just rings hollow, and that was the sad case with the Flaming Tightrope. I did enjoy the basil aromatics in the background of this fizzy, spicy cocktail though, but it definitely needs some salt around the rim, a-la margarita, and perhaps a bit more Nikka whisky as the whisky was lost in the cacophony of the cocktail.⠀

Still, I’d definitely return to the Lobby Lounge for a (hopefully) improved version of the Flaming Tightrope, and a cocktail flight. Thank you for hosting us @thelobbyloungesg, and thanks for the invite @accela.comms!

And now we go back to @thelobbyloungesg cocktails, both of which are inspired by the elegance of @interconsin itself. First up, the Legacy Eighty ($22++) is a beautiful cocktail worthy of representing Intercontinental Singapore. The vivid hue comes courtesy of the blue pea infused white vermouth, which is mixed with Bobby’s Gin, champagne, orange bitters and tamarind for the aromatics and a little extra flavour.⠀

As with all other champagne cocktails like the French 75 & mimosa, this dainty little thing is alluringly lethal. The Legacy Eighty is splendidly sweet, with the bitterness from the gin & vermouth helping to restrain the sugar, while the sweet & sour properties of the tamarind juice made the drink more fully fleshed out, and the orange bitters perfumed the drink with its charming citrus notes.. The effervescence of the champagne made the Legacy Eighty ravishingly refreshing, and is the perfect cocktail for a day-drinking session.⠀

Thank you for hosting us @thelobbyloungesg, and thanks for the invite @accela.comms!