Located at 136 Neil Road, The Lokal is a classic Aussie cafe with a twist, as we take pride in making a lot of ingredients in-house like smoked salmon, ricotta, sirarcha & ketchup, kaya and more! Muffins and cakes are also freshly baked daily, best paired with our coffee from Common Man Roasters to give you that caffeine buzz to power through the day. The Lokal is opened daily for brunch and opened for dinners as well on Tuesdays to Saturdays.

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Grilled Mortadella Ciabatta ($15)

So, the single kale leaf is quite sad. However, how loaded is this with mortadella slices? This was super meaty and the cured meat went very nicely with the onion jam and asiago cheese. Good but I struggled to finish it.

Lobster Roll

The only lobster roll worth talking (I'm not raving) about. No complex mayo-dressing, just simple honest ingredients, Lokal-style to bring out the sweetness of the crustacean's natural flavours, complimented by the tangy fresh purple cabbage slaw and diced gherkins.

Porchetta Di Testa

Weekend special: Sheered pig's head roulade with kale/ carrot coleslaw and Victorian fresh truffle shavings, served with toasted sour dough.

Roast Beef On Wholemeal Bun ($19)

I really enjoyed this! A good amount of beef. The mustard spread, avocado and caramelized onions are all nice complimentary flavours.

On my previous visit I tried the Pimp my Breakfast option and all of the elements were good. (Especially the chicken and the pumpkin!)

Weekend Brunch at The Lokal

Vegetarian friendly Aussie-inspired cafe with rustic feel. Awesome homemade breads, yoghurt, dips, condiments etc. made from scratch. Quite crowded for a weekend brunch. We have had Toastie of The Day (buttery toasts filled with mashed spinach, cheese, mushroom), Cream of Pumpkin (Soupy, I personally prefer creamier & thicker soup base), homemade Vanilla yoghurt (Yum!), homemade kimchi (Drool), custom-made brunch plate, Healing Garden herbal tea. Overall a wonderful brunch experience with cozy ambience!

Sticky Date Pudding 10+

The sticky sauce was superb and it went really well with the ice cream and the cake. Absolutely stunning! Just get this and dont question.

P.S. make sure to share though as the sauce might be too sweet for 1 person to finish the dessert

Roasted Half Kampong Chicken 26++

Really satisfying half chicken with good flavour and tenderness. The king ouster mushroom had an amazing smokiness and the potatoes mopped up the fabulous sauce well. Overall really value for money compared to some of the other mains

Catch Of The Day!! (32++)

Red snapper with flower crab, clams and mild laksa. Red snapper had a crispy salty skin but the flesh in contrast had no taste. And it was slightly dry as well. The floeer crab was really fresh and sweet, with massive amounts of roe. Laksa broth was way too mild for us and more attuned to the taste of their target customers.

Always wanted to try this cafe, and I realize #entertainerapp have them!

Its another reason to visit! Didnt made any reservation on a fri night, but we were lucky, we got a counter seat. Enjoyed watching the chef preparing our food. Ordered Grouper fish and chips ($28++) and slipper lobster pasta ($26++). Both were so good! This is so worth it. We end our night with dessert - sticky date pudding with vanilla icecream ($10++) and an additional scoop of Hocky pokey icecream ($4++)
Some might find it rather sweet, but i like the sweetness level. πŸ‘πŸ»4/5
βœ”οΈGoing to use finish the entertainer discount before this year end!!
πŸ“136 Neil Road #yybffoutrampark

Slipper Lobster Linguine ($26)

I love a good seafood pasta and this one did not disappoint. The tomatoey shellfish stock was rich, briny and umami packed - but not sickening. This coupled with buttery linguine was so good, I could eat this for days.


Braised Beef Cheek ($28)

In desperate need of comfort food, I went for the beef cheek on the sole basis that it came with mashed potatoes. This beautiful dish not only delivered super buttery & creamy mash, it came with roasted carrots, pickled shallots and a large hunk of braised beef cheek, all doused in thick beefy gravy. The beef was rich & deep in flavour, and so meltingly tender you could eat it with a spoon.

I wiped that plate clean.


Cured Salmon Soba Salad

There is no photoshop of filters used here. The cured salmon are crimson red or blood orange in colour. The curing is done to perfection (in-house, most certainly) preserving the tenderness of the fish and yet doesn't get overwhelmingly saltish when compared to smoked salmon. Goes very well with the chilled soba in soy dressing and sprinkled on with sesame. Perhaps a little more dressing and some greens might give more dimension to the freshness of this dish!

Our usual Sunday brunch routine πŸ’‘.

I liked how we can customise our own breakfasts here. I had 2 poached eggs, wholegrain toast and wilted spinach, while he had sunny side ups instead, and added whole slipper lobster tail! You can even pick your preferred spread (butter/jam/vegemite etc). Everything I had was excellent, and the service was great too. If not for the insane crowds, I will definitely come here often!

Indulgence Worth Every Calorie

Superb sticky date pudding ($10) that is perfectly balanced between lightness and density accompanied by a wonderful and creamy vanilla ice cream to balance the sweetness of the dish. Sweetest end to a perfect meal (& literally a bit too sweet for my friends)

Always A Good Time

Ordered the Lokal Ricotta ($20), Toastie of the day ($14.90), Steak and Eggs ($26) and shared truffle fries ($10) and the sticky date pudding ($10). So much love for this place knowing that there's hardly anything that will disappoint! Fantastic stuff with great service and a bustling energy that doesn't get too noisy or intrusive.

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