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Singapore 168733

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I need a break from work.

Bring me back to the days of stuffing my face with my favorite foods like $1 oysters and shiok soba noodles.

For $1.50 Oysters in Tiong Bahru

Do not - we repeat - do not come to Teru Sushi with your friends not expecting a wait. But it won’t be hard to convince your friends that it’s worth it — the affordably priced, plump and juicy Oysters ($1.50) are enough assurance. Alternatively, find a day where you and your friends end work early and head straight to Teru at Tiong Bahru (they open at 6pm) to snag a table. Start the meal with some melt-in-your-mouth Sashimi slices ($12) before moving on to the oysters. For some carbs, go for the Shiok Maki ($20). It is an Unagi sushi roll blanketed with mayo, before being torched for a nice smoky finish. As for heartier eats, know that the menu is full of classed up versions of Japanese classics everyone will love. To put it simply, this is a group dinner slam-dunk.
Avg price: $20 per person
Photo by Burppler Emily S

Japanese Delights

From left to right: Sashimi Salad ($12), Canadian Oysters ($1.50 each oyster), Shabu Shabu ($90) & Shiok Maki ($20) Tasty and well presented. Love every single dish. Staff attentive. Convenient parking behind the restaurant. Ambience a bit lacking. Total bill for 2pax: Abt $150. Quite pricey but worth it.

Better Than That Other One

Shiok Maki ($20++): Eel, avocado, salmon, "special sauce".

Deeeeelicious. IMHO better than the one from that other place that everyone goes to. The special sauce is less cheesy & overpowering in this one, which I really like; it was well balanced.

Plump & Juicy!

Hiroshima Oysters - I think this is what everyone comes here for. At $1++ a pop, it was a steal, too. Party in my mouth! You can slurp it with Tabasco Sauce, but I just squeezed lemon over it.

Queue started coming in at 6:30PM (they open for dinner at 6) & within minutes, it was really crowded. Also, the waitstaff kept speaking to me in Chinese which REALLY stresses me out. Like, please, stop. I don't even know what oysters are in Chinese.

Is this shiok maki ($21) shiok?

Yes. Of course. The creator of this dish owns this place with them $1 oysters and half priced salmon sashimi!
🚇TIONG BAHRU. 50 Tiong Bahru Road. Singapore 168733.

Opening hours:
12 to 2.30pm (lunch)
6.30pm to 10.30pm (dinner)

$1++ oysters.

CAN YOU RESIST? NO I CANNOT. PLUMP AND FRESH OYSTERS. OH MY. Available EVERYDAY only at Teru Sushi! 🚇TIONG BAHRU. 50 Tiong Bahru Road. Singapore 168733.

Opening hours:
12 to 2.30pm (lunch)
6.30pm to 10.30pm (dinner)

And dinner was 😍.

$1++ JUICY PLUMP SUCCULENT OYSTERS, shiok maki, and ooooh half priced sashimi!


Fresh Raw Oysters ($1++/pc)

The fact that I was having this twice within 16 hours means that I am officially an oyster-maniac. With drips of lime juice and tabasco, these fresh plump oysters are just divine. Probably these are not the best oysters around, but with such a friendly price and above average quality, it's worth every cent spent.

Shiok Maki ($20 ++)

Reminded me of the similar overrated maki from the forever-crowded Japanese outlet at Wisma Atria, this was a great surprise on the table. Far from being so jelat, the amount of Japanese mayo was just right. What I loved the most was the unagi, perfectly blow-torched so much so it gave a strong fragrant and taste.

Some things are better served cold.

One of which is this plate of fresh raw oysters. With drops of tabasco and lemon, the tangy zingy flavour will hit one's tastebuds right as one slurps the oyster effortlessly.

Oyster ($1++)

Let's blame the greedy boyfriend for dragging me here after lunch. I was giving in to temptation and we ordered 12 oysters (only) in total. Oysters were fresh. Definitely worth the buck(s).

$1 Oysters

Though it made for a good picture, the oysters were plump but not so fresh! I heard they ship it in every Tuesday; might be the best day to visit for oysters.

It's called the shiok maki, too.

Wonder who came up with all these versions and made them shiok. Regardless of it, let's tuck in!

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