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Saba Fish
Uni on Blow-torched Fish
Baked Baby Taro
Salted Edamame

Assorted Sashimi
Deep Fried Salmon (Oyster Replacement)
Sushi Roll - Minced fatty tuna with ikura and crispy bits (Palm size for Females, full length for Males)

\\ Omakase Main Course

After years… Teppei is finally off my wishlist. Teppei is a 18 seater restaurant located at Orchid Hotel, serving a total of 17 course meal. I was lucky enough to see available seats in their online reservation system, just in time for porky's birthday meal. Their menu changes all the time and we wouldn’t know what we will be getting (it’s omakase!)

The potions are small, good enough to have a taste of everything and feel exploding full at the end of the 17 (incl small sticks) course meal. Comes with free flow roasted green tea. It’s worth every penny with premium quality food served to me.

Salmon with Salmon Roe
Refreshing Citrusy Carrot & Cucumber
Marinated Squid
Fish Cake
Homemade Tofu in Balloon
Fried Wonton

A small restaurant with counter seats, you get to see them preparing your food while waiting eagerly for it. Lunch set prices - Aburi salmon don ($17.60), Kaisen don (bara) ($14.80) and unagi (ala carte). My favourite is the unagi which is the same standard as the one at Man Man Unagi Restaurant by Teppei.

#burpple #burpplesg

Each with a fresh catch that literally melted in the mouth.
Like my friend described, felt like waves of the sea rolling. 🌊🌊🌊

Tried the Omakase at night and the variety of food provided really surprised me. Im particularly impressed by all the dishes with sashimi (especially those with toro) which is fresh and the portion is generous. Worth trying!

Because you don’t get to choose your dish but only indicate your dietary restrictions.
Omakase (aka Chef’s tasting menu) is a not a new trend in Singapore but its popularity still pretty much remains. Priced at $80, one gets to taste a wide variety (more than 10, but I lost count) of courses prepared with seasonal ingredients...or basically what the chef wants you to.
You are able to choose 1 main dish though, and I had wagyu beef cube fried rice (pictured). Take a spoonful of the fried rice, which every grain is evenly coated with a bit of oil and consistent flavour yet it is not too oily. Slowly savour the wagyu beef cubes which are moist and juicy and enjoy the burst of flavours in your mouth!

freshly grated wasabi is always a good sign and sashimi this fatty is a sin. the omakase spread was definitely sumptuous with insanely fresh fatty cuts of fish. but i cant agree with some of their cooked stuff though. nevertheless, if you wanna splurge $80 for some incredible fish months ahead, then this is one place to think of!

It is $80/pax and you have to book online, however, the slots only open the month before.
I thought the price was worth it for the amount of food I got and I even got to try some barnacle 😂 The staff were friendly and funny as well, no wonder this place is always fully booked. 🍣

The side dish before you have the food your ordered is good (so good that im willing to pay extra for it). Fresh, delicious, satisfying lunch with a bowl of it.

The uni was undoubtedly sweet which was evident from the beautiful hue of gold, but the rest were equally pleasant to the tastebuds. My favourite sashimi, hamachi, shone through with a little dollop of grated ginger (in shoyu) on top, giving more nuanced flavour to the buttery flesh. I was also surprised with the quality of the chutoro and otoro that instantaneously melted in my mouth, making it an effortless journey to cloud nine. The addition of caviar and truffle paste, respectively, gave more magic to the already-heavenly piece of nigiri.

With a sprinkle of sea salt on top, this brought me straight to cloud nine. Both the foie gras and ice cream immediately melted in my mouth letting the subtle cinnamon and soya sauce slowly soak into my tastebuds. I wish I could have this again, and again, and again — just too good to be true.

Back here for the 2nd time after getting seats using Teppei's new online reservation system at! It's so much more convenient and fuss-free, plus it's a live system hence updates are made immediately. Seats for the month opens for reservations the month before. Check out Teppei on Facebook for more details!

@riinns and I were lucky (although it required some kind of strategy too 😎) to be assigned the best seats right in the middle, where we got to watch all the cooking action! Pictured here is 12 out of the 18 items we had and my favourites were the negitoro roll, sashimi, torched uni with tuna belly and 4 types of nigiri. Everything, especially the sashimi was so fresh and packed with their natural sweetness and flavours. The best part of all though was the whole vibe and atmosphere with Teppei-san's playful way of interacting with diners.

Do take note that Teppei's omakase now has only one option of $80++ per pax instead of the choice of 3 different price points.

This is just one of the many appetizers. Omakase within budget ($80 before gst) for a very awesome experience. We get to sit right in front of chef teppei preparing every dish for us all. I felt more like i was watching a show instead of dining.. he was more than a chef, also an entertainer just to make this omakase experience a very wonderful one. Only downside is that the seats are alittle too cozy. Bear with the space and enjoy the dinner! Definitely recommend this to first timers, make an advanced booking online to get a seat. Check out their fb page!

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