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Reviews at Teochew Handmade Pau (Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre)

Reviews of good food at Teochew Handmade Pau (Toa Payoh West Market & Food Centre)
Lotus Longevity Pau

Although these 🍑 peach-shaped paus were already unbelievably cute, it was this tear shot which made it form a ❤️ heart shape which truly made me go 'Awwww'. It's rare to come across handmade paus nowadays, but they always (in my opinion) taste better than the packaged ones. I think it really is the effort and love the Uncle puts in to make the pau that makes it taste good. The paus here are really tiny tho - so be sure to get a couple to fill you up!

Sometimes joy comes in small sizes.

Small minute baos that you can pop into your mouth in one bite! The lotus paste ones are really fragrant! The char siew and big Bao was really tasty 😋😋 Although the size of their big baos are equivalent to other people's normal Bao 😂 #burpple

Teochew Handmade Pau will be serving an assortment of mini pau at this year's Ultimate Hawker Fest.

Richard, the second generation hawker, gave up his mechanical engineering job to continue this family business. Read about it at

迷你包, Mini Bao

Every morning they hand made all the bao from the scrap.

Most of their bao are just a single mouthful. For those who have a bigger appetite, you might need a dozen to be full.
My personal preference.
1. 扣肉包 - The bao just need a soft bite, everything will fall apart.
2. 莲蓉包 - The filling won't stick to the teeth. To make such a good filling, must use lard.

3. 叉烧包 - Savory pork but it is lacking of some fragrant.
豆沙包 and 肉包 are worth a try.
Teochew Handmade Pau Pte Ltd
Blk127 Toa Payoh
Lor 1 #02-02
Tel: 6254 2053 / 6659 5786
Tue to Sun: 6am - 2pm

Breakfast today with the usual suspects 糯米饭, 大肉包 and my fav boy.

// Hearsay the temperatures are going to hit a sweltering 35 degrees today, so remember to stay hydrated y'all! #whati8today #onthetable #eatoutsg #instafood_sg #foodporn #ssfoodtrail #teochewhandmadepau #burpple #pickatSG #jiaklocal


Morning bounty! Gonna eat until puke! Eat you heart out @oslaught ! This is what you don't get for not coming! Bwhahha! #lovefood #teochewpau #goodchinesefood #breakfast #toapayohfood #handmadefood #teochewhandmadepau

Weekly must-have.

Checked! Have a good Tuesday! #breakfast #brunch #dimsum #hk #hongkong #asian #streetfood #teochew

Good Morning Tuesday!

It's gonna be a great day(: Believe! #breakfast #brunch #hk #hongkong #dimsum #streetfood #asian

Off Day!

Hence, comfort food for Breakfast(: Happy midweek all! #breakfast #asian #streetfood #hk #hongkong #dimsum #comfortfood #carbs

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