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Singapore 387503

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From the Burpple community

Quite chocolatey but yet not overly sweet, which was good. Chocolate was more towards milk chocolate. Somehow the cake was quite light despite all the chocolatey goodness so it was way too easy to gobble down.

Overall a pretty standard chocolate cake but definitely one that’s a notch above the average ones. It’s quite a steal for the price especially with Burpple 1-for-1. I’m glad I tried it but I probably wouldn’t specifically make a trip down to this shop just for the cakes. If I’m around the area I might get it only with the Burpple deal.

Dug in before the camera could get a good shot.. but hey, got the cross-section pretty nicely! This was a very, very light cheesecake - I couldn’t taste much cheese really and it felt more like vanilla cream. But I’m a huge fan of cream and vanilla, so it was right up my alley.

You might enjoy it if you can get behind the fact that it doesn’t taste like a cheesecake, and the mouthfeel being much lighter and fluffier (similar to that of fresh cream) than a typical dense cheesecake. Oreo and the chocolate sponge was not bad.

Overall pretty alright especially with the Burpple deal, making it quite a steal for the price! I’m glad I tried it but I probably wouldn’t specifically make a trip down to this shop just for the cakes. If I’m around the area I might get it only with the Burpple deal.

Their signature Etoile ($5.50) for a slice was marketed as “velvety bittersweet chocolate mousse between layers of sponge cake”. Their chocolate mouse was neither bittersweet nor velvety. Came across more like a firm King’s milk chocolate scooped ice cream between some breaded sponge that I would buy from the ice cream Uncle at orchard road.

Is it possible to resist this temptation? Absolutely yes.

ROI: 35%

* Note: my taste palate leans towards dark bitter chocolate at a sweet spot of 65%-72% cocoa. So please use that as a gauge of my taste perspective.

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My burpple lots over the weekend, and I was dismayed when my lemon roll had zilch trace of the actual fruit and tasted like it came food colouring.
The apple crumble also had a slightly stale tart base but a pleasantly tart apple filling.

The best item out of the trio was the chocolate slice with glossy smooth chocolate buttercream that was of a great ratio against the moist sponge cake, just the way I like my cakes 😶😬

Mum said that she thinks her 21st birthday cake was from this bakery that was in vogue during her time. Upon googling temptation cakes has been around since 1985 so I think there’s a possibility.
By the grace of Burpplebeyond I get to try the eclair and vanilla puff which had a filling to pastry ratio that was absolutely delightful.
My selected french influenced desserts were very comforting, not your upend fancy but homely and reliable.


Find this quaint dessert cafe along Joo Chiat Place for their Chocolate Eclairs ($2.40) and Signature Etoile Coco Chocolate Slice ($5.50) for a decadent velvety bittersweet Belgium chocolate mousse amongst layers of moist chocolate sponge cake. Whilst you're there, grab yourself some Assorted Muffins ($1.50) and warm buttery Scones ($3.40) for enjoying at home!

*Eligible for takeaway till 31 August 2021.