*38cm tarts have to be ordered two days in advance

1 Scotts Road
#01-12 Shaw Centre
Singapore 238868

10:30am - 07:30pm

10:30am - 07:30pm

10:30am - 07:30pm

10:30am - 07:30pm

10:30am - 07:30pm

10:30am - 07:30pm

10:30am - 07:30pm



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Black Forest from Tarte By Cheryl Koh.

Essentially a creamy, pillowy smother, with wet and pleasurable shocks of tart, alcoholic cherry electricity. 3.8/5

Blackforest Tart

Rainy mornings dictate a seduction act by Blackforest Tart. Think crunchy dark chocolate base, cream-lined fluffiness within, complete with cherries and kirsch.

Been wanting to try these tarts for foreverrr!

Great excuse to try them, bought to celebrate with family on first day at my new job. Last time I went after 7PM and found out they close early, only recently they extended the opening hours. Coffee creme burelee and blueberries tarts ($9/each), not overly sweet and base curst is not too think and right texture. Want to try all other flavours. 😌 #celebration #tarts #dessert #sgfood #burpple #igsg

Cheese Tart

Hadn't been back to Tarte by Cheryl Koh in a while and they seem to have quite a few new varieties available. The Cheese Tart might sound expensive and pricey as compared to the likes of BAKE and others at $9, but the cheese tart itself targets a different crowd similar to that who may find now-defunct Kki Sweet's version appealing. The Mascarpone Cream Cheese filling was creamy, suitably cheesy yet not too dense so it's relatively easy to finish though what I found most intriguing was the torched layer over the top much like a Creme Brûlée in terms of flavour though without the crackling. Absolutely luxurious and a great treat for dessert, absolutely when all that smooth cream cheese comes within the thin yet crisp tart shell beneath.

Seasonal Special: Clementine ($9)

It only takes two main components to form the scrumptious whole. There's the in-season Spanish clementines represented as a marmalade and fresh, bursting-point-juicy segments, plus a fabulous crisp "sugar dough" pastry base.
It sounds like the simplest of formulae but that doesn't lessen the ability it has to stun.

Seasonal Cherry Tart 🍒 ($9)

Was looking through Burpple's Hot 100 and realized I haven't tried Tarte by Cheryl Koh (gasps!). I'm glad that I finally have, cause while pricy, it's definitely worth a try! 😋

Of course the cherries were a no brainer. On it's own, it was a little tart and made me pucker up with each piece, but coupled with the luscious cream and buttery base, it took all my effort to stop me from inhaling the whole thing. 😂 (Behind is the houjicha tart which was creamy and divine 👌)

Simple And Delicious

You'll definitely take some time to pick which tart to try when you're here. Settled on cherry (seasonal tart) and hojicha. The cherry was very refreshing while the hojicha had a very rich and fragrant taste. Loved both, but the hojicha was definitely more unique. Definitely worth a try if you're in the area!

The Price For A Dream

$9 for a tart this tiny, it's not longer just about watching your waistline! Tried the Hojicha Creme Brulee tart & the Pistachio Frangipane tart (as shown here). A small price to pay if your dreams haven't been so sweet lately.

Asia's best party chef Cheryl Koh certainly didn't disappoint.

Her flagship store: Tarte by Cheryl Koh at Shaw Centre serves one of most delectable tart desserts one palette could crave for.

We had the Tarte Bourdaloure($9) & Hojicha creme Brulee($9) for desserts, accompanied with Earl Grey Latte ($6.50) & Chocolate Mint Latte($6.50) from Caveau Bar. It has certainly elevated our afternoon tea experience.
#tamjiakteo #tamjiakcouplegoals

Seasonal Cherry Tart

I finally understand why the tarts here are spoken of in hushed tones of reverence. This seasonal cherry one was heavenly. Love how the sweet fruit, chilled vanilla custard cream and crisp buttery base came together in supreme perfection.

For Divine Tarts by Asia's Best Pastry Chef

Helmed by Les Amis Restaurant's pastry chef and Asia's Best Pastry Chef 2016 Cheryl Koh, Tarte is a crowd favourite pastry shop in town. You'll find no fancy, over-the-top decorations here, just "the best version of the simplest desserts". There are two tart sizes available, with seasonal flavours appearing occasionally. If you know the particular flavour the birthday girl or boy wants, call ahead to pre-order a large tart ($38 for 16cm). If not, order a good array of the smaller tarts ($9 for 8cm) to share. Go for the best-selling Pistachio ($9) — velvety smooth, creamy filling full of nutty goodness encased in a thin but sturdy buttery tart shell, with a garnish of crushed pistachios. Also look out for the seasonal tarts like the Tasmanian Cherry, Alphonso Mango and the luscious Passionfruit. If you're planning to swing by for a particular flavour, though, it's worth calling ahead, as they run out pretty quickly.
*38cm tarts have to be ordered two days in advance
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Nobelle Liew

Cavaillon Melon (melon panna cotta with French melon) from Tarte by Cheryl Koh.

The luscious mini melon balls have a sweet, disarmingly sincere juiciness that never borders on watery, whilst elsewhere the milky panna cotta wobbles with a tightrope walker's confident steadiness and the softly firm crust surrenders unyieldingly to the side of your fork without crumbling. 4.2/5

Pistachio Tart + Financiers

Iranian pistachio frangipane with light pistachio cream (Delivered by @Uber_SING #UberEATS; use 'eats-uberbryandmlee' for $10 off your first order!)

Best Birthday "Cake" Ever 💛: Mango Tart (Regular, $38) + Passion Fruit Tart (Small, $9)

There are times when a whole cake's just too much for a celebration, and that's when these divine pastries come in. These are also perfect when you're looking for something light(er) but still a crowd-pleaser.

They only make a few flavours for the regular-sized (16cm) ones daily compared to the full range of small (8cm) tarts, so make sure you pre-order ahead if you have a specific flavour in mind!

You can request for a message to be scribbled on a chocolate disc when you pre-order, but a DIY two-tiered stack works too, especially when the two flavours are complementary. 👌🏼

Tarte By Cheryl Koh

I heart all her tarts! The dark cherry and pistachio are my favorites. Love love love!

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