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From the Burpple community

From Chai Chee Pork Porridge
Cantonese style porridge, generous amount of pork ingredients inside.
Occasionally, the queue is a bit longer, approximately 30 minutes waiting.

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🌞 Was at this hawker centre on Saturday and came across this stall; saw a few people eating this so decided to give it a try. Ordered the S$5 portion.

Dish was tasty and its the saucy type which I prefer. My parents who also tried it said its not bad and that the chilli is nice. Prawns were fresh, came with some crispy fried pork lard.

Can eat this again if I'm in the area πŸ‘πŸ‘

This stall was originally selling chicken rice but now selling Hokkien Mee?

Yong Huat Chicken Rice (01-12)
Tampines Round Market & Food Centre
137 Tampines St.11
Singapore 522137

Xiong Kee is a pretty renowned carrot cake stall at Tampines Round Market hawker centre and it's run by a father and son duo. We bought from the father's stall (#01-17) and decided to order the large serving of black carrot cake! The large serving was only $4.50 but it had a very generous serving of radish cake and eggs and surprisingly, there was more-than-expected cai por in the dish too.

Do note that for the black carrot cake, the taste of the eggs and radish are a lot less obvious as they are generally overpowered by the sweetness of the dark soya sauce. However, we really like the sweetness of the dish. For those of you who really want to taste the radish cake, we suggest you get the white carrot cake instead, which is priced the same and seems to be more popular among the breakfast crowd.

One thing to note if you are planning to order the spicy version is that their chilli is rather spicy. Hence, you may wish to tell them to reduce the spice level if your tolerance for spicy food isn't that high. 😰

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The queue for House of Dessert at Tampines Round Market & Food Centre is always very long and we saw that most of its customers go for the tao suan here! We decided to do the same and we ordered a bowl for ourselves!

We felt that the most distinctive feature of this tao suan dessert is that it isn't too sweet or thick, hence it wouldn't make you feel too gelat as a result. However, we felt that the beans could be steamed for a while longer as they were still slightly tough! That being said, the tao suan was still a pretty heartwarming dessert for a cooling morning.

Do visit the stall early in the day because there is a high likelihood that they would have been sold out by the afternoon!

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From Sarawak Kolo Mee
Delicious bowl of Kolo Mee with handmade wanton and slow cooked spare rib with mushrooms.
Stir in to enjoy.
Highly recommended to return for it.
Addictive soft texture of pork.


From 137 Lor Mee
Breakfast with this satisfying portion of savoury sauce covered yellow flat noodles.
Taste better than it looked.
Highly recommended.

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