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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Hello there, The core of this little shop is made up of solid dreams, true passion and an addiction to crafting. The desserts would be familiar and comforting (it will make you happy), but promise me to keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable; allow the possibility to feed your soul. A whole lot of love, Suzette

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I really miss their waffle and ice cream so yes I’m getting the waffle with cookies and cream ice cream 😍
💲: SGD 12


Raspberry cake was actually raspberry flavored instead of having raspberry or have raspberyy mousse or some sort. Lemon curd gives that freshness 4/5
Tart was biscuit like, filling was sweeter kind og chocolate, did not really taste thr baileys in it


I know there are tons of places that offer visually attractive waffles but sometimes the taste doesn’t live up to its appearance. This one looks pretty simple but you’ll know how good it is when you try it 👌🏼

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Refreshing tea with bits of strawberries and passion fruit, and is topped with “sakura” petals!

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Earl Grey Banana Cake: I like the strong but not overpowering earl gray aroma, banana are found in between the sponge cake.
Cinnamon Cheesecake: I didn’t manage to taste any cheese, might be due to overpowering of cinnamon, disappointing.
Baileys Cream Chocolate Cake: I like the flavor of the dense chocolate and it complements well with light baileys cream on the tart.
Overall, their tarts are definitely nicer than their cakes!


Sometimes all you need is pretty waffles on a quiet afternoon by the marina bay. Also looking pretty here is the Suzette Signature Iced Tea ($8) filled with passionfruit jelly and strawberries. I love the drink, maybe cos of the jellies!