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Singapore 574408

11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
05:30pm - 09:30pm

11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
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Its a rainy day and I rlly wanted something warm, so had this Salmon Mentaiyaki ($13.6). The amount of mentaiko sauce is just nice for the salmon and overall, it taste good, but would have appreciated if there were abit more roe in the mentaiko sauce for the crunch. Sushiro still hasn’t failed after so long!

An over-the-top (literally), colossal, red carpet event of a bara chirashi - the dish is even served with its own special placemat - and essentially what the doctor ordered if you wish to be absolutely done with marinated bara chirashi for a period of at least two months. 3.9/5

Other than that, its super affordable and great for its price. There’s a few sizes but for best fish to rice ratio, this one ($12.80) is your best bet.


The secret to a good barachirashi is the seasoning and rice. Sushiro’s seasoning was fantastic. It was flavourful yet not too overpowering, so you could still taste the freshness of fish bites. The ikura was plump and firm too. The rice however, was a little disappointing. I’m not sure what rice they used, but it doesn’t seem like Japanese rice, and it was a little too moist.

Read more about Sushiro on my site here:

Actually the standard size is quite small but good for my kids, they can finish one on their own.
Place is very small. Queue started even before it's opened.

And having it for the first time, I went straight for their signature Bara Chirashi Don ($12.80). Located quite prominently and within sight of the mall’s entrance, Sushiro is difficult to miss especially with the long-forming line extending out to the far end of the floor during lunch. Hence not expecting the snaking queue on an early Wednesday afternoon, I was famished by the time I was seated. But of course well-worth the 20-minutes wait, the star of the show - the palm-sized sushi rice bowl piled generously with assorted chunks of seafood saved the day.

Loving the small hill of salmon, tuna, octopus, prawn and shiny ikura pops; the ingredients were all really sweet and firm. Not overpowered by the seasoning and cut into perfect bite-sized cubes for easy consumption, the sashimi used were able to remain their original flavours and I particularly enjoyed the chewy texture of the fresh octopus with a light refreshing hint of lemon. Lending an extra oomph was also a good sprinkle of sesame seeds and sesame oil, giving the entire umami bowl a fragrant finish.

Ordered the upsized bara-chirashi ($18.80). Was good and worth it, just that the sauce was slightly too sweet for me. Loved the different textures in the bowl. Go early to skip the queue!

It’s the middle of the Christmas festive month and I have busted my budget.
Where else to go for cheap and good Bara-Chirashi Don? It’s Sushiro, of course. (Above food image courtesy of my makan companion ‘cause my version has no spring onions and wasabi.) 😉


Really affordable and delicious. The portion is just right, not too much and not too little! Comes with prawn, octopus, tuna, salmon and ikura. If I'm not mistaken, the rice is sushi rice and so so addictive. Well worth a try. But be warned, it's a very popular store so it's very likely there will be a long snaking queue. And don't trust Google when it comes to figuring out the estimated waiting time! HAHA.

Bara-Chirashi Don ·
Assortment of seafood cubes on sushi rice. The long Q is still there but my portion have somehow shrunk. Quite disappointing. Nonetheless their anniversary is coming this month and I will be revisiting. Their Salmon Belly Teriyaki is a MUST TRY

I queued 2.5 hours for a table and I was starving by the time I got to order. I ordered the premium version and was definitely not disappointed.😍 it was so delicious; fresh and thick slices of sashimi. Generous portions of tobiko fish roe. Very well-seasoned too! 100% coming back for more, but maybe the next time, I'll come to queue even before the opening hours 😅 would appreciate it if they could expand their sitting areas to cater to the crowd~

According to Burpple Tastemaker Zhihui Lim, this cosy joint in Thomson Plaza serves one of the more affordable and value-for-money chirashi dons in Singapore. Priced at $12.80, the Bara Chirashi Don has a spot-on rice to sashimi ratio, which means you get satisfying bites of seafood with every mouthful. Burppler Hazel Low likes that the sashimi are thick and fresh, while Zhihui describes the sesame-flavoured rice to come topped with fresh portions of perfectly seasoned prawns, salmon, tuna, octopus and ikura. If you're in the mood to indulge without burning a hole in your pocket, the Premium Bara Chirashi Don ($24.80) sees a lot more (a mountain of it, in fact) of the fresh seafood — on pay day, perhaps? Sushiro's charms often garner a crowd, so be prepared to queue, even outside of peak mealtimes. Pro tip: Flash your Burpple app to enjoy Sushiro's set lunch specials for all rice bowls — add on $3 for soup and salad, or $5 for sashimi, soup and salad.
Avg Price: $15 per person
Photo by Burppler Jacelyn See

At $12.80, this is probably one of the more affordable, value-for-money barachirashi around, and I like the sashimi/rice ratio.

Just nice for a satisfying lunch without feeling like I over ate, and still had space for chawanmushi ($3.20, smooth and tasty but could do with a little more ingredients - only had a mushroom slice and shrimp)

Chunks of prawns/ salmon/ tuna/ octopus with ikura were relatively fresh, evenly mixed and not overly seasoned, and I loved the sesame flavour of the rice. All was good except some of the tuna cut didn’t seem quite right with the tendon(?) present, which was too tough to chew so the texture was ruined for me when it came to those pieces. Quite a pity but I’d say it was still a satisfyingly decent bowl overall without burning a hole in your wallet so I get why there was still a queue past-lunch. I didn’t have to queue so it was quite shiok 😂

Whilst massively renown for their oceanic endeavours, Sushiro has began introducing new beefy arsenal into their (seasonal and rotational) repertoire such as this steak bowl and their Spicy Yakiniku Don. The Classic Steak Don is a promising start, with each slice of steak walking the tightrope between roasty and baby tender soft with proficiency and surprising poise.

Everything in that glorious bowl was so good. The maguro was not fishy and they were so well tossed in a sweet tangy sauce. Maybe a little too much sauce. Other than that, it was awesome. Minus the queue, I don't have anything to fault this place on 👌

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