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Chirashi madness at Sushiro with this Bara Chirashi Don [$12.80] • And I totally get the hype of this very value for money chirashi don!

No wonder I've been hearing good things about this place. The sashimi was fresh and juicy, every mouth makes my tastebuds jumping in euphoria. 😂 Goodness gracious me, this bowl was so sexy that I couldn't resist. I think I need another visit.

Bara Chirashi Don & Salmon Sushi Naguri Set

Look at the how generous the Chef has to all their customers! Do you know the bowl is full n the way they slices their sashimi on top is excellent. You can taste the freshness of their ingredients. N is pretty affordable for a nice & very filling meal. Must try. The bars chirashi don is only $12.80 & the salmon sushi naguri set is $9.80.

| 🍱
Quality speaks for itself、
And Customers will return by themselves。 ...

Salmon Belly Teriyaki Don - $18.8
Teriyaki glazed Salmon Belly on sushi rice. Sound meh but it's bliss in every bite! Salmon lovers can rejoice and not just indulge in their fresh salmon sashimi, but give their donburi items a try! No Regrets

Bara-Chirashi Don

Comes with generous portions of octopus, prawn, salmon, salmon roe and tuna cubes on sushi rice 》 $12.80

Tamago Mentai ($3.80) and Sake Belly Aburi ($5.80)

Strangely, what should have been an appetiser arrived last, only when we were almost done with our rice bowls. Nothing to fault about its taste though—the salmon belly practically melted in the mouth, and the tamago-mentai combination never fails to please. Each order is served in twos.

Bara-Chirashi Don ($12.80)

Undoubtedly the claim to Sushiro's fame and still the most popular dish here. Fresh, chunky sashimi cubes (salmon, tuna, ikura, prawn, and octopus) generously heaped above a moist and flavourful bed of rice, at only $12.80? This is crazy worth it and good things come to those who wait—will gladly get in line for this again.

Hamachi Teriyaki Don ($16.80)

I was warned that queues form here as early as 5+. Indeed, we ended up with an hour's wait from 6.30pm on a Saturday, but thankfully, it was well justified by the quality & portions served here. It seems that the menu has since expanded (they shifted to a bigger outlet within the same mall) to include more varieties of rice bowls, like this yellowtail version.

The fish was aburi-ed (flame-seared) to release those delicious oils, and I appreciate the light-handedness with the teriyaki glaze, which allowed the freshness of the fish to shine. A good alternative for non-sashimi eaters.

Best Budget Japanese Food!

The premium chirashi is a definite must when you come here! Mountainous portion of chopped sashimi doused in sweet, savory saucy goodness over a bowl of vinegary grains of Japanese rice! Another must-order is the tamago mantaiko that honestly blew me away. Just a little disappointed with the quality of rice when I visited as it was overcooked till the point of mushy. (But then again, most of my other visits have really been more than awesome so it might just have been a bad day) overall, do yourself a favor and get your cheap Japanese fixes here!

Bara Chirashi Don

So fresh and full of flavour. Given the price point vs the freshness it's a value for money. Even if I had to spend my valuable time q-ing, it was worth every cent 😊

Best Bara Chirashi Don Ever

This is definitely worth the q. No regrets. Will be back for more.

Bara Chirashi Don ($12.90)
 Really great value!

It's not hard to see why they have snaking queues. The seasoning is great and the portions are just nice for me. 😋 #burpple

Affordable Chirashidon

Most value-for-money Bara Chirashidon that I've eaten so far! Seeing these colors makes me a happy child!

Value For $ Bara Chirashi Don

Value for $$ bara chirashi don ($12.80). Ordered both premium and normal. Premium consist of 1 more prawn and a bit more filling but double the price of the original. The salmon belly teriyaki don is extremely nice! Melt in your mouth salmon belly! Yums!

Premium Kaisen Don

Premium Kaisen Don (S$24.80)
Widespread sliced assortment of seafood on sushi rice
Available at @SushiroSingapore
The queue was not too bad, with less than 10 paxs in front of me. However of the standard of food seems to have dropped. The texture of the sushi rice was uneven with bites of undercooked rice. The marinated ikura was too salty.
Sushiro 寿司一口
Address 🏠 : 301 Upper Thomson Road, # 01-22/30 Thomson Plaza, Singapore 🇸🇬 574 408
Tel ☎ : 9450 1020
Open 💈 : Wed - Mon : 11.45am - 2.15pm, 5.45pm - 9.15pm
MRT 🚇 : Marymount (CC16)
Cuisine 🍽 : Japanese
Note 📝 : Water 💦 is chargeable at S$0.20.

I Want To Eat This Again

Mentaiko salmon don!
We came primarily for the barachirashi, ordered this for my kiddo.
It's so delicious oh my!
Generous slab of salmon blanketed with mentaiko! My fav!
Ooo lalalaaaaa fantastic 💦💦💦

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