301 Upper Thomson Road
#01-22/30 Thomson Plaza
Singapore 574408

11:30am - 02:30pm
05:30pm - 09:30pm

11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
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11:30am - 02:30pm
05:30pm - 09:30pm

11:30am - 02:30pm
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Bara Chirashi Don

Tried the cheapest Bara Chirashi Don in Singapore ✔️
It's definitely worth it (just look at those fat chunks of sashimi 😋) but I'd enjoy it more if there are no hints of wasabi at all. So I'm planning to come back and enjoy it without the overpowering wasabi taste 🙂
💲: $12.80

Chirashi Don

It isn't unfair to say that sashimi bowl lovers would know of this one - Sushiro's $12.90 Chirashi. Salmon, tuna, ikura (salmon roe), amaebi (prawn), hotate (scallop) and octopus on a bed of sushi rice. The ratio of fish chunks to rice is 1:1. Unwilling to say because it is already so hyped, but yes, no wonder the queue.
Slow on the bandwagon, but glad I tried - even if in a takeaway bowl, because we didn't have all day to join the queue of 10 people at weekend lunch. Fun fact: you can try your luck queueing for the bowl at it's sister shop at the same level opp the food court, but chances are, both will have snaking lines. xD Just get the takeaway bowl otherwise.

A Bowl Of Goodness

Bara Chirashi Don (12.80$) - Really awesome bowl of Sashimi. Waited for 30 mins to be seated and we got served within 5 mins! Pleasantly surprised by their service :)

Bara Chirashi Don ($12.80) 🍣
⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
🍴This popular restaurant deserves the hype for its value-for-money sushi bowls.

While the sushi isn't of the best quality, it's still real yummy and seasoned well
⚠️ Would recommend going slightly before the opening time ~11.20am to make the first batch of seating as the queue gets really long by 11.40 or going for a late lunch ~1+
[email protected], Thompson Plaza #01-22/30, 301 Upper Thompson Road S574408

Premium Chirashi Don

Lots of Salmon Roe...the bits were falling off the bowl, so should have asked for another bowl to move the fish off the bowl

Torched To Perfection

Such a creative dish yet I still enjoy inari in its simplicity, with the sweet bean curd skin wrapping the seasoned sushi rice. The idea of adding the mentai is sure to satisfy mentaiko lovers though, highly recommended for those who want a mentaiko fix!!!

Worth The Wait

We arrived at 11.25am to be the first ones bc we thought the place opened at 11.30am. Turns out it opened at 11.45am but thank goodness we went early because the queues formed so quickly that we were 3rd in a line of 20 over people. Ordered the famous bars chirashi ($12.80) and tamago, salmon and inari mentai (comes in pairs, photos to follow). We paid $20 each, how worth is that? So thankful we skipped the waiting and went straight to filling our famished bellies with fresh and quality Japanese food yet light on the wallet 😛😛 will come again on days that I have time to wait around for a Japanese fix.

Once you Sushiro, you can't turn back!

I love the fact that they place out these take away bowls by the cashier in the sushi showcase so just grab and go! No need to queue or wait for food and at $12.80, I'm amazed at the thick cubes of fish I get here!
Anyone else here a Sushiro fan?

For A Price-worthy Bara Chirashi Don ($12.80)

Sushiro's Bara Chirashi Don really impressed me the other day. It came within a minute of our order, which meant that it had probably been prepared in advance, but the assorted seafood and sashimi cubes still retained a hint of coldness and freshness which was a welcome change over some other chirashi dons i've had at other outlets where the sashimi was warm. Not only that, the salmon and tuna sashimi cubes were delicious and came in rather large chunks along with equally generous servings of salmon ikura roe, octopus and prawn something that may not be apparent at first due to the small size of the serving bowl. At just $12.80 nett, this is really an affordable and price-worthy bara chirashi don compared to so many others out there!! A must try, although you should be prepared to queue at least a good 20 to 30 minutes or so... #burpplesushimonth

Huge Bowl Of Fresh Goodness

This is the premium bowl that's about 20 ish?
Really fresh and it's overflowing w fish. While that makes it hard to eat, it's so satisfying! For the first time ever, I had too much raw fish for lunch!

Sushiro has a new home at Thomson Plaza!

The best thing is, their Bara Chirashi Don is going at $12.80 NETT. No surprise that this highly-raved and wallet-friendly dish is the most popular on the menu! If you’re not a fan of sashimi, give their Glazed Duck Don with Onsen Egg ($14.80) a go.
Full review at
Writer: @tamscratches
Photographer: @ngyiyang

Bara Chirashi Don & Glazed Duck with Onsen Egg

The Bara Chirashi Don ($12.90) was awesome! (10/10 for price and taste!) For the Glazed Duck with Onsen Egg ($14.80), the duck wasn't soft enough but still tasted pretty yummy. There was a 30-45min queue when we visited today but I thought it was well worth the wait! :-)

Chirashi Don

$12.90 Chirashi Don! Huge chunks of fresh seafood! Soft Sticky fragrant rice decorated with seaweed! Worth every cent!

Chirashi madness at Sushiro with this Bara Chirashi Don [$12.80] • And I totally get the hype of this very value for money chirashi don!

No wonder I've been hearing good things about this place. The sashimi was fresh and juicy, every mouth makes my tastebuds jumping in euphoria. 😂 Goodness gracious me, this bowl was so sexy that I couldn't resist. I think I need another visit.

Bara Chirashi Don & Salmon Sushi Naguri Set

Look at the how generous the Chef has to all their customers! Do you know the bowl is full n the way they slices their sashimi on top is excellent. You can taste the freshness of their ingredients. N is pretty affordable for a nice & very filling meal. Must try. The bars chirashi don is only $12.80 & the salmon sushi naguri set is $9.80.

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