Sunday Folks is an independent dessert café based in Singapore and nestled in a quiet corner of the neighbourhood. Its name takes inspiration that one could enjoy a moment of laid-back Sunday vibe - to savour a tête-à-tête over handcrafted desserts such as fresh churned ice creams, Belgian waffles, cakes, and a curated range of beverages such as artisan teas, specialty coffees and craft beers. From the selection of premium ingredients to the making of homemade toppings, we take pride in concocting our own original recipes and paying homage to the freshness and tastefulness of our desserts. Note: Last order at 930pm (subject to crowd volume at point of order)

44 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-52 Chip Bee Gardens
Singapore 278116

01:00pm - 10:00pm

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Ice Cream Waffles

We ordered 4 servings of ice cream with waffles and got the earl grey lavender, hazelnut, pistachio and chocolate. The soft serve ice cream comes in a generous serving and the waffle is crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The earl grey flavour is super strong! Plus, it comes with drizzled honey, biscotti and customised toppings depending on the flavour you ordered. Quite the perfect dessert which explains the constant queues 👍👍

A Summer Picnic

While Sunday Folks is the go-to place for most for incredibly good soft serve and waffles, I do find myself coming back every season also to check out their plated desserts. For Summer '17, A Summer Picnic is available in limited portions daily — a deconstructed dessert that comes with elements such as 55% Dark Chocolate Couverture, Watermelon Cubes, Balsamic Jelly, Pistachio Sponge and Mango Petals as well as Kogiku Chrysanthemum Petals, Kuromitsu Sauce, Mango Coulis and Raspberry Chips. An incredibly extravagant dessert meant to serve as a visual and theatrical affair, the staff first lines up a piece of paper on the table just slightly before bringing out the chocolate sphere that encases all the elements and the sauces on a tray. As soon as it arrives, the chocolate sphere gets smashed to reveal all the elements within, while the sauces and petals get drizzled/sprinkled atop one-by-one — not only it is a show happening in front of your eyes, but the making of the dessert at the table would probably also be the centre of attention of the entire shop (yes, almost everyone including the other patrons) for the moment. Something that's worth paying for if you are into dramatic plated desserts that is worth the video/Instagram.

Sunday Folks

Tried their sea salt Gula Melaka soft serve and it was awesome! Able to choose between cone or cup at $8++

Sunday Folks

Sea Salt Gula Melaka - the Asian sibling of salted caramel ice cream reminded me of buttery brown sugar and freshly baked cookies. Topped by crunchy caramel roasted almonds mikado and fluffy Gula Melaka mochi, it was the perfect sinful indulgence.

Hazelnut milk chocolate, on the other hand, was a rich creamy affair. I absolutely loved the almond thins and honey toasted granola crumbles.

Earl Grey Lavender ($7.90)

What a massive cone🍦The soft serves at Sunday Folks are a much welcome change from the overbearing sweetness of other ice creams. The flavour is subtle and delicate- not too overstated but definitely tastes just like earl grey tea.

A little pricey but I would say that it's worth it considering the quality of the ice cream and toppings. Plus the vibes are 🌸

P.S. Their sea salt honeycomb topping is to die for.

It's only Monday but I already need an Espresso Tonic.

The Raspberry Torched Meringue cake was delicious and the sponge was soft, but I found myself wishing that the flavor from the layer of raspberries was less muted. #burpple #sundayfolkssg

Sunday can't come any Faster @wearesunday Sunday Folks - Fresh Baked Waffles Petite (Single slice of Waffle) with Ice Cream (💵S$10 - 1 Topping, plus S$2 for each topping) 🥞
I believe this place needs no further introduction.

Run by the same folks behind Creamier @creamier_sg (One of my Favourite Ice Cream Bar, there are a few like & etc) 🍦
One can judge how well a Ice Cream Bar is by having their Roasted Pistachio, it's gotta be Fragrant, Smooth with just the right amount of sweetness. 🤤

ACAMASTIPS & GTK💮: Soft Serve is a type of ice cream that is softer than your normal ice creams due to the result of air being introduced during freezing. 🍨
Personally I prefer regular Ice Cream due to its texture & richness. But recently, places like @wearesunday & @matchayasg had me looking & definitely tasting Soft Serve in a different light. 🖖🏻

Sunday Folks - Cakes & Treats - Lemon Lavender Cake (💵S$7.90 per slice, S$60 Whole Cake) 🍰
A Classic Summer Citrus Butter Cake, concocted with Homemade Lavender Butter.

Drizzled with a much needed Lemon icing, a generous sprinkling of lightly roasted Almonds slices & French Lavender Blossoms. 💐
Served Warm, a good pairing with the Soft Serve. 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: Getting a seat here during the weekends especially with the Folks on Sundays (Just come at me Puns) is like fighting your way through a Mega Sale in a mall with all those aunties trying to grab the $5 panties & bra.
So do yourself a favour & do a reservation instead via @burpple or @chopesg. 🖖🏻

| 🍦
It is Sunday Folks、
Right at Sunday Folks。 ...

Fresh Baked Waffles
Petite with Ice Cream +1 topping - $10
Crispy and fragrant Belgian waffle, drizzled with maple syrup and hazelnut sauce. Smooth Hazelnut Milk Chocolate was a pleasure. Added Sea Salt Chocolate Honeycomb for additional texture
Sunday Folks

It's Monday alr?!

I'm still dreaming about this Adzuki & Madagascan vanilla trifle from last week 🤤 I usually avoid trifles because there's nothing exciting abt cream layers. But if it's SOFT SERVE layers, I'm totally down for it! 🍴
The adzuki taste could be a bit stronger but if milky soft serve is your thing, it is definitely milky enough! The matcha white chocolate and fresh strawberries 😋😋 in the kuromitsu sauce was just sooooo good!
#burpple #sundayfolks #mondayblues #softserve

Hummingbird Cake

This cake (S$7.90) appears to be inspired from a carrot cake, except that the chef from Sunday Folks used sweet pineapples and bananas to replace the carrots, and give this style of cake a different definition. On the whole, it is not as sweet as typical carrot cakes, but the comment I have is... "I did not seem to taste the sweet pineapples."

Regular Fresh Baked Waffles with Ice Cream

After I tell the world that I wish to come here for desserts, I finally checked off my wishlist of Sunday Folks.

I got for myself a stack of waffles with Adzuki ice cream and three toppings (S$17.00): Burnt Viennese Cookies, Handmade Japanese Dango with Gula Melaka Sauce, and Fresh Blueberries.

The Adzuki flavour contains a strong taste of milk, perhaps stronger than the taste of red beans. I like the colour though, because it has a faint shade of pink. The waffles are basically crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside, going perfectly with the soft serve be it frozen or melted.

With its popularity among hipsters and non-locals, no wonder the queues can get ridiculously crazy during weekends. Thank goodness I reserved my seat through the Chope app.

Earl grey lavender ice cream

This is one of my favourite ice cream flavours and it is truly fragrant and delicious too!

Pistachio ice cream

Their waffles and ice cream are truly one of the best indeed!

Spring Medley

Headed to Sunday Folks to try and grab my grubby hands on the Adzuki Soft Serve but saw that they had this plated dessert on their menu which is limited to 10 portions daily — knew I had to get one since it's been quite a while since the last time I had played dessert.

Adzuki ice-cream gateau, Kuromitsu sago, Hazelnut Milk Chocolate ice-cream, Black Sesame Financier, Orange Marmalade, Coconut Milk Foam, Matcha Soil and Edible Flowers. Despite the numerous components that goes into the dessert, it doesn't seem to get messy and felt like a good infusion of Japanese-y elements with bright flavours of spring. The Adzuki ice-cream felt like a more refined version of the red bean potong ice-cream we grew up with, but the deep, mellow sweetness of Kuromitsu made it pretty alluring and leaning more on the Japanese side as a result. The surrounding elements such as the coconut foam and orange marmalade gives it a tropical flavour; bright and tangy while the sesame cake was warm with light, roasty flavours (I would prefer stronger, but if one were to nitpick, it does feel a wee bit lonely here with the other elements). The Hazelnut Chocolate ice-cream is perfect though; smooth with a very rich nutty and slight chocolatey flavour that is hard to resist. Admittedly the price tag of $16 does make it seem a little pricey as compared to the waffle which is also more substantial in portion size, but this is a showcase of what the people behind Sunday Folks is capable of doing out of the waffles and soft-serve that they are already very well-known for.

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