Sunday Folks is an independent dessert café based in Singapore and nestled in a quiet corner of the neighbourhood. Its name takes inspiration that one could enjoy a moment of laid-back Sunday vibe - to savour a tête-à-tête over handcrafted desserts such as fresh churned ice creams, Belgian waffles, cakes, and a curated range of beverages such as artisan teas, specialty coffees and craft beers. From the selection of premium ingredients to the making of homemade toppings, we take pride in concocting our own original recipes and paying homage to the freshness and tastefulness of our desserts. Note: Last order at 930pm (subject to crowd volume at point of order)

44 Jalan Merah Saga
#01-52 Chip Bee Gardens
Singapore 278116

01:00pm - 10:00pm

01:00pm - 10:00pm

12:00pm - 11:00pm

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01:00pm - 10:00pm



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For $10, may be a little pricey for this warm waffles and lavender Earl Grey icecream. Still, it's a delicate dessert piece and a perfect place to kill some time in a lazy afternoon

Priced at $18, comes with 2 waffles and 2 ice cream. Ordered the dark chocolate ferrero and sea salt gula melaka is served on a separate cup. Still prefer the other 2 crowd favourites (earl grey lavender and pistacio). Quality for waffles still remains the same 😁👍🏼

🍦🍦🍦 .

This place remain my favorite for some Ice Cream Waffles. .

Highly Recommend their Roasted Pistachio and Dark Chocolate Ice Cream 😍

#onthetable #igdaily

With toasted marshmallows! Preferred the hazelnut one but they only have selected flavours each day, do note that they don’t serve waffles in the afternoon too 😔

Had pistachio ice cream with single waffle ($10.7). First they served me pistachio ice cream with cone and i had to show them my receipt that i ordered a waffle instead. They finally served me the waffle after 10 mins wait and it is so good, though the pistachio soft serve is in a melting stage when it was served.

The table reservation system however was in a mess - lots of empty tables but the waiters never asked the customers who are waiting to go in so it takes a long while for them to wait.

Save for an extra large chunk of ice that was at the bottom of the entire drink, I actually pretty much loved this. The Slushie is largely thick and smooth — churned using Sunday Folks' very own Earl Grey soft-serve with chocolate infused, topped with mascarpone cream and chocolate shavings. Didn't expect how Chocolate could go with Earl Grey, but I loved how the Earl Grey provided a bright finish that lifts the flavour of the otherwise thick and rich chocolate. To say the least, the combination of both flavours was so intriguing I actually finished the Slushie in no time.

Refusing to call this a cake because it's actually jelly on top of jelly. That aside, this would work particularly great for those whom enjoy fruity desserts — the white peach base (the pink layer) comes somewhat sweet yet tart, with the Chardonnay jelly on the top cutting the tartness with a light whiff of alcoholic touch. Not a big fan of the Lavender petals that is included in the Chardonnay layer for how it seemed to have interfered with the jelly texturally, but he does provide a light floral aroma to the jelly itself. The white grape provides a bite to the jelly, providing a flavour that is somewhat neutral to the peach jelly, but complimenting to the Chardonnay Jelly above.

If you're not a fan of waffles, Sunday Folks also serve their ice cream in a cup with delicious toppings that were probably specifically chosen to match the flavours of the ice cream. You won't be disappointed!

Quite comfortable dessert cafe. Think they dont even serve savory food, but the dessert options do look appetizing. Tried the Gula Malaka Waffle ($10.7), crispy and fluffy, the toppings was good as well. Would have been better if waffle is hot 4.25/5

The roasted pistachio ain’t as robust & fragrant compared to the last time I came & the Earl Grey Lavender was a little, how shall it put it.. ‘watery’? 🥄
Nonetheless it still has a strong loyal following & the Waffles was one of the redeeming factor, as well as the company. Maybe it’s time to visit Creamier. 🔖

Tasted Waffles and drinks from the Sunday Folks at holland Village! We got an waffle topped with earl grey Ice cream and i got myself a hot chocolate topped with marshmellow! Earl grey scent was strong and on point! Ice cream texture was soft and melts upon a bite! Hot chocolate was definitely fragrant, chocolate taste and bits are surrounding the cup of hot chocolate! It was also milky! Marshmellow indeed enhance the hot chocolate by creating a soft bite and touch upon drinking in! Plating was done being very detailed. Effort and taste were there for us to enjoy! Love it

I've always loved this place for churning out consistently good waffles and soft serve, but unfortunately this time it was more of a miss for me.
Although I still loved the texture of the softserve, the earl grey flavour was too intense and greatly overwhelmed the lavender. I found myself missing the subtle floral notes of the latter which I loved the flavour combination for. Waffle texture remained crispy and fluffly on the inside, but didn't have much of a flavour. For once, I was grateful for the maple syrup drizzled onto the plate so I could add some sweetness to the waffle.
Menu and pricing seems to have changed too, this time you can't choose the toppings (pre-allocated according to your softserve flavour) and the double waffle option comes with an extra serving of softserve in a cup, which means it's more expensive than previously too. Portion of the softserve was really generous, but honestly, it's all alot of food so I would recommend for a party of at least 3 to share.

Hand-held happiness is Sunday Folk’s Hazelnut Milk Chocolate Softserve with crazy addictive almond thins to beat the heat. Just as good as I remembered, the luscious smooth ice cream was a perfect balance of delectable milk chocolate and nutty hazelnut. And pair that with the caramel brittle crunch packed full of home toasted sliced almonds, it certainly makes for a nice treat (though note the combination is a little sweet).

Had roasted pistachio and hazelnut milk chocolate. Both were good, but my fave is the pistachio. The toppings were really sweet though!

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