Strait Jacket (Haji Lane)

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From the Burpple community

Was scrolling through social media one day and found out about the new Strait Jacket that had recently sprouted up around Haji Lane. Turns out, Strait Jacket takes over the former premises of what used to be Emporium by Wassies, being situated at the second level of the shophouse located at 48 Haji Lane. The space had seen some sort of revamp since its days being Emporium by Wassies — gone would be the NFT-themed elements and the space seems to have undergone a more “underground” look with posters and graffiti art adorning its walls instead. The seating for dine-in customers are a mix-and-match of various kinds of furniture; from couch seatings matched with coffee tables to proper dining tables and chairs as well as bean bags — a bit of a rebellious character that is fun when all comes together. Strait Jacket is essentially a retail-cum-cafe concept; the retail section featuring a small selection of streetwear and is segregated somewhat away from the espresso bar and the food preparation area. Considering the lack of a proper kitchen space at Strait Jacket, they do actually serve up a small variety of soufflé pancakes and waffles for those whom are feeling peckish. Otherwise, the drinks menu comprises of a variety of Chai, drinking chocolate and espresso-based specialty coffee offerings. Some notable offerings are Strait Jacket includes a Chilli Chocolate, Chilli Mocha, Orange Mocha and a Lemonade Espresso — just to name a few.

Since we were still hungry when we arrived Strait Jacket in the afternoon, it was needless to say that we were going to give their soufflé pancake offerings a try. Strait Jacket does offer a small variety of two different types of soufflé pancakes on their menu — the Big Ol’ OG Pancake and Berry Creamy Pancake. It is noted that the soufflé pancakes are items which require a wait time of around 15minutes per order; a rather standard requirement especially for soufflé pancakes that are made on the spot. The batter is whipped on the spot upon the order being made at the counter — the Big Ol’ OG Pancake being an item which is being described to come with elements such as soufflé pancakes, honey and butter based on what is being mentioned on the menu. Simple as it may look on first sight, but it also does carry a really indulgent aesthetic considering how it has been drenched with honey and comes with a strip of butter over the top. We wouldn’t say that this was the lightest soufflé pancakes we have ever had; that being said, the soufflé pancakes here are definitely moist enough and slightly on the dense side of things — still satisfying fluffy whilst also carrying an evident eggy note as well. The generous drizzling of honey and knob of butter provided much of the flavour that the Big Ol’ OG Pancake needs; just sweet enough with a slight hint of savouriness — quite the indulgence without being over the top. We also gave their Espresso Tonic a go — that tonic water providing a slight sweetness and tanginess to the espresso shot; all that with a bit of carbonation to spruce things up a little. Make use of their Lunch Combo deal that runs between 11am to 2pm that allows one to order the Big Ol’ OG Pancake with any drink on the drinks menu at $10.90; definitely a unique location that is a hideout from the hustle and bustle along the ground level of Haji Lane that is worth checking out if in the area.