Springleaf Prata Place (Springleaf Garden)

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*Halal-certified Closed every first Mon of the month

1 Thong Soon Avenue
Springleaf Garden
Singapore 787431

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08:00am - 11:00pm

08:00am - 11:00pm

08:00am - 11:00pm

08:00am - 11:00pm

08:00am - 11:00pm

08:00am - 11:00pm

08:00am - 11:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Went to the OG Springleaf Prata Place at Springleaf Garden on a Saturday night for a late dinner and to catch up with friends. Having discovered this gem many years ago, I've returned countless times. It's one of the most popular prata spots in Singapore, not just for their yearly specialty prata creations, but because their prata is consistently top-notch, always leaving me in awe. There's something special about their dough—it’s perfectly fragrant, with an ideal balance of chewiness and a crisp finish.

The dining environment is comfortable, with air-conditioned seating inside that doesn’t compromise the authentic ambience of a local prata place.

During my most recent visit, I ordered two of my all-time favorites: the Murtaburger and Roti Bomb. The Murtaburger, part of their ultimate series, is inspired by the famous Ramly burger. It features lamb patties and various sauces, all executed perfectly, with a generous portion size. The Roti Bomb is the best sweet prata choice, with perfectly melted sugar glazed over their perfect prata dough—truly a life-changing experience.

Beyond these two, I highly recommend some of my other favorites. The cheese prata is excellent with a huge portion size, while their specialty series Plaster Blaster offers a unique experience with poached egg and hollandaise sauce over prata. If prata isn’t your thing, their other mains such as Mutton Briyani and Maggi goreng are seriously good too.

While they used to be open until the early hours, they now close at 11 pm due to operational changes. The queue can get extremely long, especially on weekends and some weekday nights, so plan for some additional waiting time. However, the food is served relatively quite quickly once ordered.

In my opinion, Springleaf Prata Place truly stands at the top. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a unique yet authentic prata and dining experience.

The folks at Springleaf Prata Place really deserves a mention whenever it comes to their fusion Roti Prata offerings — with items such as the Umami-50 (i.e. a Murtabak featuring chicken luncheon, chicken floss, mozzarella and Japanese Mayo) and the Plaster Blaster (i.e. their unique take of a fusion of Roti Prata and Eggs Benedict) on their menu, we do really applaud their efforts in launching really fun and creative, modern interpretations of Roti Prata that would appeal to the masses. Being one of their latest creations, the Shiok Shiok Ah line-up was only introduced into their menu fairly recently — offering several versions that include the Original, Sausage, Cheese and the Sausage & Cheese variants, the Shiok Shiok Ah line-up is a fusion Roti Prata that sees the Shakshuka combined with the Roti Prata; all items from this line-up are served in a cast iron skillet as one would expect usually for a shakshuka, though with the Roti Prata being hidden at the bottom of the skillet rather than served on the side to be dipped into the skillet containing the other ingredients.

Making our trip to their original outlet at Springleaf Gardens for the Shiok Shiok Ah Sausage & Cheese, it is noted that the Roti Prata served in the Shiok Shiok Ah line-up does seem to be sized a little smaller than their usual plain Roti Prata — perhaps due to them having to be really precise on having to fit the Roti Prata into the skillet nicely. That being said, the plain Roti Prata that is hiding beneath all the stuff that is going on the Shakshuka bears the same consistency as what one would have expected from their usual plain Roti Prata — one that is still crisp on the outside, but not totally cracker-esque crisp given how their usual plain Roti Prata tends to still carry a good tension when one attempts to pull it apart. The Roti Prata also carries a good flavour from the flour that they have used; that being said, the main part of the Shiok Shiok Ah would be where the fusion element with the Shakshuka lies — coming with a tomato sauce that comes with capsicums, we like how the sauce wasn’t too runny so as to refrain from making the Roti Prata too soggy unintentionally; a detail that they seemed to have nailed there. The tomato sauce that came with capsicums provides much of the refreshing tang that one would associate with the bell pepper sauce of the Shakshuka, while the egg came with a molten egg yolk — something which we wouldn’t really expect mamak-style restaurants to do too well; but yet another detail that they have looked into here. The sausage that came with the Shiok Shiok Ah Sausage & Cheese Prata comes with a slightly crusted casing from the grilling process — does add to the textural aspect of things here; but otherwise, the sausage used here provides a really meaty bite that is quite unlike that of chicken sausages though interestingly doesn’t carry any undesirable gamey notes. We were not served with any curries from the self-service kiosk when the Shiok Shiok Ah Sausage & Cheese Prata came to our table — though having tried, the Shiok Shiok Ah Sausage & Cheese Prata with the Fish Curry which we helped ourselves to, we do think that the Shiok Shiok Ah Sausage & Cheese Prata doesn’t really quite need the curries and does well enough on its own in terms of how it tastes.

One thing for certain though — the Shiok Shiok Ah Sausage & Cheese Prata despite its innovative and unique take on a fusion Roti Prata with a modern twist, can be said as an item that is slightly on the pricier side; priced at $8.90, the slightly smaller size of the plain Roti Prata here is a little bit of a drawback of the dish though they are also probably restricted to having the Roti Prata sized in a way that the skillet would be able to contain it. However, the slightly higher price for the dish could also be justified somewhat for the use of more premium ingredients such as that of the sausage, and the overall labour on the dish such as that of the molten egg yolk for the egg which they have seemed to have executed well. For those who are also looking for something quick to have, the Shiok Shiok Ah Sausage & Cheese Prata also does involves a longer waiting time as compared to most of their simpler Roti Prata offerings due to how it is made — something which is worth considering for those who are looking to have a fast meal here. That being said, the Shiok Shiok Ah Sausage & Cheese Prata is still a novelty item that we would say that is definitely worth trying at least once to experience their take of a fusion between Roti Prata and Shakshuka. As always, we would be looking forward to what these creative folks behind Springleaf Prata Place would be coming up with next — the possibilities just seem to be endless with these folks here!

THE place to get your prata fix.


THIS. WAS. SO. GOOD. i love it!! was like $6+ for this? (cant rlly rmb) but wahi never knew u cld fusion egg ben and prata and have it taste the bombz!

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If there is one thing that sets Springleaf Prata Place apart from your usual neighbourhood Roti Prata establishments around, it is probably on how creative they are with their creations. Perhaps best known for their Plaster Blaster — a spinoff on the Plaster Prata where a poached egg is being served with ham and hollandaise sauce above a plain Prata (or some may call, Egg Benedict in Roti Prata form), Springleaf Prata Place also do serve up quite a number of interesting Prata creations as listed in their “Ultimate Series” section on the menu.

Being one of the more pricier items on the Ultimate Series section on the menu, the Däs Prätwürst is Springleaf Prata Place’s answer to the Roti Prata with a German fusion (who would have though that this is possible?). The item is described to come with elements such as home-made chicken sausage, seasoned sauteed onions, currywurst
sauce, sauerkraut and a pinch of curry powder — all of them being presented in a form that one would say is fairly similar to that of a murtabak, though slightly thicker considering the round nature of the chicken sausage. The Roti Prata is pretty much consistent as the standard plain rendition here — it’s crisp whilst being a little dense for some, though does have a little tension when pulled apart. Pulling the Prata apart reveals all of the listed elements in the menu; all that as well as the melted mozzarella that actually binds everything here altogether; oozy, gooey and stretchy — a crowd pleaser no doubt. I was actually pretty impressed with how the home-made chicken sausage went; not sure if these are made in-house by Springleaf Prata Place but these do carry a firm meaty bite with bits of meat to chew that I would usually associate with pork or beef sausages — the choice of chicken here as opposed to the standard pork-based sausage for bratwursts is due to Springleaf Prata Place being a halal-certified establishment. The bits of seasoned sauteed onions provides for a soft crunch; similar to that found in Onion Prata. Drizzled with currywurst sauce, the currywurst sauce felt like a tomato-based sauce spiked with curry powder; the curry powder sprinkled over the top adds on to that touch. As though there isn’t enough curry to go around with this, they also do serve their usual fish curry on the side — works well for those who may think that the currywurst sauce isn’t something quite for them, though it does overwhelm the currywurst sauce if had together. Also liked how the folks at Springleaf Prata Place hadn’t forgotten about the sauerkraut here; the sauerkraut providing a crunchy tang that resets the taste buds if all gets too heavy in the Däs Prätwürst.

Something I especially love in Springleaf Prata Place is not only how innovative they are with the classic Roti Prata and Murtabak to be able to come up with so many inventive variations of the local favourite dish, but also how consistent they are where quality is concerned. The queues at the Springleaf outlet had since subsided on weekday evenings now that the neighbouring Springleaf MRT Station had been in operation for a while — probably just about right to head there to give the other crazy Prata creations a go considering our proximity to the outlet!


It is tasty. The quality of prata here is very good, worth every calories. I only eat prata here at Springleaf.