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Duck Confit Tagliatelle ($22)

If you're in the mood for pasta, this is definitely one of the dishes to order here!

Lightly Smoked Salmon ($23)

The salmon was delightfully done and I enjoyed how well it went with the leek purée. The roasted cauliflower gave another dimension of texture to this easy going dish. Well done!

Expensive! Not full

Finally visiting a super trending cafe @southunionpark for once 😂 (im usually late in the game haha). Overall food is really good. Familar ingredients with a unique twist. But doubt i will ever become a regular patron. Not smth i will have mad cravings for.
Rating: 7.7/10
Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes
Pros: Fast service. Food was tasty, chef sure can cook! 👍 Well-complemented sides. Salmon larger than expected. Loved the yogurt ice cream atop the dessert.
Cons: Steep prices at such a location/venue AND wasn't full after my main dish 👎No outdoor seats (residential area), super noisy can't wait to leave. Food is not my "style", tad bit pretentious. Didn't like coconut polenta with the pork (i don't like coconut in general), don't feed me gruel 😢
P.S. lighting suxs
Price: S$63

Starters: Fried Chicken!

This place is a bit hard to access without a car, but this dish was worth the travel! Great way to kick off our meal🎉✌🏻

Roasted Pineapple and Coconut Parfait

Roasted Pineapple and Coconut Parfait ($11)

Don't leave @southunionpark without trying this! Everyone's gotta have dessert anyway right? 😂 Never knew roasted 🍍tasted so nice! The coconut parfait eaten with the butter cookie and the oat granola just felt so decadent. This dish vanished into our tummies really quick!

Mushroom Ravioli

Mushroom Ravioli ($20)

It comes as no surprise that the mushroom ravioli has been featured by so many people who have tried @southunionpark 's new menu! Each raviolo is stuffed with creamy mushroom and the dish is topped with basil🌱pesto and oven dried tomato. I love this pesto sauce! This dish scores in taste, texture and appearance!

Kurobuta Pork Cheek

Kurobuta Pork Cheek ($26)

This is probably the most beautifully plated dish I've had @southunionpark . Tender well-seasoned tamarind glazed pork cheek chunks resting on coconut polenta and garlic sprouts. It was interesting to try this polenta for the first time. My only issue was that it reminded me of baby food😂. Loved the chimichurri sauce too!

Lamb Shank Cavatelli

Lamb Shank Cavatelli ($22)

So @southunionpark has revamped their menu. This new dish, the housemade cavatelli served with edamame, parmesan and yoghurt tasted interesting and decent overall but I felt the pasta was a little doughy for me though it's likely a personal preference. The lamb shank was tender and delicious but I was hard-pressed to find sufficient pieces to accompany my pasta. Truth is, I'd pick their duck confit tagliatelle over this.

Lightly Smoked Salmon

Lightly Smoked Salmon ($23)

@southunionpark has always done salmon🐟 the way I love it! Still pink inside and really moist💦. This is a new version of their previous salmon dish which now comes in a larger serving! So great to know that they listen to their customers' feedback! I am also really impressed by that smooth cauliflower puree and roasted cauliflower pieces!

This dessert got me going bananas.

Not one to rest on their laurels, following up from their several successful dessert launches comes this Banana Chocolate Parfait ($8), a bowl that is constructed with chocolate and banana cakes, chocolate mousse and candied walnuts. The unique thing in this (and I am purely guessing) is the lime zest shavings that provides a different flavour profile to cut through the heaviness from the strong flavours coming from the bananas and chocolate.

South Union Park
Address: 101, Jalan Kembangan, Singapore 419139

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Cheeseburger ($22)

I had no idea South Union Park makes every part of their burger in-house, yes, even the buns! This was something I learned over a conversation I had with Chef Terence after the dinner crowd had cleared last Sunday. He shared with us the great lengths he and his team had gone through to in order to create their ideal cheeseburger. There were even photos on his phone showing how they did side-by-side comparisons of different formulations for their beef patty.
Well, I really appreciated all the effort they put in because their cheeseburger was one of the more memorable ones I've eaten.
As big as the Whopper from Burger King, there is nothing superfluous about it, just basics done very well.
So there I was, sinking my teeth into light, pillowy buns that'd been toasted and buttered, and a really juicy, thick beef patty. To be honest, I've always been quite picky about the texture of patties but theirs suited me well - the ground meat wasn't bound too tightly or loose. The only other additions in the burger were melted aged cheddar and raspberry vinegar-cooked onions. Loved how the latter brought a subtle acidity that helped to cut the richness. Ditto the lightly-dressed lettuce served on the side.

Passionfruit Carrot Fondant

If the Kurobuta Pork Cheek is the dish that defines the character of South Union Park's menu revision, the Passionfruit Carrot Fondant would be the dessert of the same calibre. It's an utterly inventive and creative approach of tearing down the familiar Carrot Cake and repackaging the soul of it in a different form. The cake comes with passionfruit white chocolate ganache within, while topped with Froyo (that itself was a textural galore — thick, dense but still able to melt; its hard to describe in words) and candied ginger and sitting atop a pool of carrot puree. It's interesting how everything works here — the spices flavours in the cake and candied ginger, crunchy sunflower seeds, the carrot puree and the zingy passionfruit-infused white chocolate cake; it's something familiar in flavour but not quite the usual that is still very well-executed. One of those desserts that works in terms of flavour and texture, but also fun to have especially with a group of friends as well!

NEW: Passionfruit Carrot Fondant ($14)

When asked which of the new desserts he is most proud of, Chef @terence_chuah replied, "the Passionfruit Carrot Fondant". He shared that he had spent a lot of time and effort in its creation.
I'd liken this to the lovechild of carrot cake and gingerbread as it brings qualities of both together. Moist in texture, the fondant contains a hint of cinnamon. Cut into it and a centre of sumptuous white chocolate and passionfruit ganache is revealed.
The fondant is presented in a pool of carrot ginger purée and crowned with frozen yoghurt and ginger-candied carrot - elements that not only enhance the aesthetics but also the taste.
And for some reason, maybe it's because of the colours, this dessert inspired me to think of autumn when I was eating it.

Roasted Pineapple & Coconut Parfait ($11)

One of the more unassuming dishes in their latest (and very adventurous) menu, this dessert came together perfectly to create a party in my mouth. 😜

The crumbly butter cookie with the coconut parfait would have been a great dessert on its own, but together with the juicy roasted pineapple and deep, flavourful butterscotch, really pushed this over into the realm of wonderful for us! 🙌

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