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South Union Park

Weekend Breakfast: French Toast @ $14

1. Weekend Breakfast runs from 9-12pm 2. Last order 11.45am

South Union Park

Weekend Breakfast: Baked Eggs @ $15

1. Weekend Breakfast runs from 9-12pm 2. Last order 11.45am

South Union Park

Weekend Breakfast: SUPer Breakfast @ $15

1. Weekend Breakfast runs from 9-12pm 2. Last order 11.45am

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Its difficult to get good risotto in Singapore.

There I said it.

To make risotto properly is not difficult, but the most important ingredient is patience -- few restaurants are going to devote a precious burner and 25 minutes of a chef's time to a single dish. Also, If the risotto comes with large amounts of seafood, it is almost guaranteed to be overcooked.

BUT. The food at south union park took so long to come that I’m quite certain that this was the culprit. The squid ink risotto ($26) came topped with clams, shrimp and octopus and it was actually really really good. And although the seafood was a tad overdone, the brininess and sweetness of the entire dish totally made up for it. The blackened risotto itself was slightly chewy which was perfect in my book.

Duck confit tagliatelle ($22).

Finally managed to pay a visit to south union park! This came highly recommended and it didn't disappoint. Homemade al-dente pasta, sautéed spinach, duck and hazelnut cream was a winning combo.

I'd recommend this for sharing as the cream can get a bit rich after a while but it's really super flavorful and definitely was a crowd favorite.

The adage that good things comes to those who wait rang true as the only issue I had with south union park is that we had to wait foreverrrr for our food. 😩😩

Big big big breakfast .

I had never been a fan of big breakfast. However @southunionpark had changed my mind. In house made muffin, cranberry sauce and harsh brown! This set the golden standard for all big breakfast in Town! .
Please go try it!!!!

Ultimate French Toast ($14) .

In house made toast coated with egg and pan fried till light golden. Contrast of sweet and savory between the maple syrup and bacon. Lovely and tasted like Christmas.

Gravlax Egg Toast ($16) .

Semi cured salmon laid on a layer of egg dill mayo and pickled cucumber. Really well balanced dish. Every bite hit the right note of the palate which created the prefect melody.

Tara Flambé ($15) .

Morning pizza. Super comfort food with earthy mushroom, savory bacon and sweet onion. Great for sharing. Not advisable to finish alone.

Superb Lunch Sets

Super awesome food sold here. The beef rice bowl was flavorful with tender beef slices. The salmon rice bowl has generous slices of melt-in-your-mouth salmon (usually I don't like cooked fish because I don't like the "fish taste" but this doesn't have at all) and small seaweed bits in their rice which gives it a nice chewy texture. Honey chicken and crab cakes are also a must-try.

A good breakfast fuels you up and gets you ready for the day.

So if you have not made any plans for this coming weekend, why not pop by @southunionpark and try their breakfast menu! I did and pretty early too.

Taking pride in what they serve, most of the ingredients are painstakingly made from scratch! Plus it's hardly your common breakfast menu. Like SUPer Breakfast ($15) consisting of sausage patty, scrambled eggs, housemuffins, butter lettuce salad and hand made in-house tater tots. While the patties might not be perfectly shaped, it's juicy and tenderness had us craving for more. And those tater tots are just WOW! Understand from Chef, they had R&D for a while to perfect these crispy potato gems.

Note: their breakfast menu is only available on weekend from 9am to 12pm, last ordering at 11.45am.

South Union Park
Address:101 Jalan Kembangan, Singapore 419139


For those with a sweet tooth, the French Toast might be your choice of breakfast at South Union Park. It's topped with caramelized apples and some crispy bacon for a contrast in flavors and texture. Do keep an eye on the organic maple syrup - we might have been too greedy with it and that caused our bread to be a little too soggy!

SUPer Breakfast ($15)

South Union Park prides itself in making most of its ingredients from scratch, and we could easily tell when we tried the dishes.

Take for example the SUPer Breakfast, the house muffin, sausage patties and tater tots are all freshly made in-house. The tater tots are one of the most amazing ones I've had — creamy smooth potatoes on the inside with a perfect ring of crispy skin on the outside. It took Chef Terence quite awhile to perfect it and I absolutely loved the end product!

The breakfast menu is now available on weekends from 0900-1200 (last order at 1145)!


Knowing that customers might not want to have raw sashimi during the first meal of the day, Chef Terence lightly cured the chunks of salmon to give it a subtle flavor so that we can still taste its freshness (definitely not those overly salty ones). Of course, the bread is freshly baked in-house as South Union Park strives to make most of the ingredients from scratch.

Toast, egg full mayonnaise, salmon with pickled cucumbers and red onions — the Gravlax Egg Toast is the perfect way to kick start your weekends with South Union Park's breakfast on Sat & Sun 9-12pm ☀️

SUPer Breakfast ($15)

Who wouldn't love to wake up to this? Fluffy scrambled eggs, juicy hamburg patties, a chewy muffin bun and potato fritters that are to-die-for! Best thing is that EVERYTHING on this plate is made in-house! 😆

Those shy potato fritters hiding under the lettuce is one of the best things I've ever had for breakfast. Thin crispy layer on the outside but somehow soft and almost mashed on the inside. You'll just keep popping them till they're all gone... 😩Come early as their last order for brunch is at 11:45am!

Gravlax Egg Toast ($16)

Breakfast has never been this sexy. South Union Park's new breakfast menu is out and might just be your new reason to get up on the weekends! 😛

Everything on this plate was made in their kitchen. From their toast, to the pickled cucumbers and red onions and even the cured salmon! Chef Terance kept the curing light just to impart a slight saltiness to the salmon which went great with the dill egg mayo and crisp toast. Make sure you get up early for this as their last order for their breakfast menu ends at 11:45am! 🌞

Trying The New Menu Out!

Trying the slightly pricier south union park. Had the salmon and the gnocchi. Welcomed the broccoli and the squash addition to the gnocchi, but preferred the older iteration of the salmon! With the price increase, and the main portions not as filling, definitely a place to come less often and just a treat once in a while. Had the lemon tart ($6) as well and that was great. Still a great place for a solid meal!

Lemon Tart ($6 nett)

Luscious, zingy lemon custard on a crunchy base is the kind of dessert I'll never tire of. The caramelised surface of this one at @southunionpark added a fragrant, sweet crisp that made their version extra delightful. Only $6 nett for a large slice? Take my money already.

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