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From the Burpple community

[Vegan, London] Snowflake’s Avolato was one of the items I’d been meaning to try in London. It may look like your ordinary avocado, but take a closer look and you’ll realise something’s a little off. That’s because it’s an avocado gelato which is made from the fruit’s flesh and then transferred back into the fruit’s shell!

And because putting the stone/seed back in would be a fruitless (yes, this was a deliberate choice of word) move, they’ve instead substituted it with a edible frozen sphere made from peanut butter, flax seeds, almonds, walnuts and soya milk. 🌱

This was slightly refreshing, especially since the avocado gelato had a surprise touch of tartness to it. The spherical, dairy-free gelato added a jab of boldness (or at least a savoury element) to it, as you’ll find that the nuttiness in the flavour is prominent, yet still pleasant to the taste.

With that said though, this sadly didn’t leave an impression on me. I highly suspect it’s because I paid over S$16 for this which was…good at best. It certainly left more to be desired. But still, credit where it’s due - the workmanship and the resulting aesthetics of this are pretty immaculate. Like who wouldn’t be curious enough to try an avocado gelato…IN AN AVOCADO SHELL, am I right?! 🤔🥑 (7/10)