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Cheap but errrr I would rather go have bibimbap at Hyang Yeon. Ingredients were okay - there’s spinach, seaweed, beansprouts, zucchini, carrots, egg, and beef. Nothing was bad but everything was very average. The rice tho, was terribly mushy - I don’t know if it’s an off-day or what but it was ridiculous, we’ve never had such mushy rice anywhere 😢 The hot stone bowl was really good tho, it kept my food steaming hot (not warm but hot) throughout the meal, and allowed a crust to develop like in claypot rice. That was the only portion of the rice worth eating. The mushy rice I managed to eat was so that I wouldn’t waste food.

Banchan was average as well, there’s seasoned potatoes, beansprouts, kimchi, pickled radish, broccoli, and macaroni. This is definitely one of the least impressive Korean restaurants I’ve been to. Oh well, at least it was cheaper than usual - $14 after service charge and gst.

Honestly one of the best seafood pakcakes eaten!! Its really crispy but thick at the same time🤣 Please see my previous burpple post for Singkoba's review!!

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Went to Singkoba for lunch a few days ago and ordered their Stir Fried Chicken lunch set ($10.90), Kimchi Tuna Stew Set ($13), both with soup and rice included, a small seafood pancake ($15) and free banchan!😇 Portions were very filling for 2 pax and food was delicious!😍

Overall ratings 10/10 because of how affordable and yet yummy their food is! Would definitely come back for other lunch items (spoiled for options😅)!!


Dry af and the meat does not taste good at all

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Not too shabby

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pretty affordable lunch sets where you get to pick a soup and a main + rice for $17.

there’s 3 stew options to choose from - kimchi stew, soft tofu stew and bean paste stew. we opted for the first two. soft tofu stew was slightly more spicy than the kimchi stew.

As for the mains, we chose the stir fried pork and pork bulgogi which was non- spicy. serving portion was generous this time round.

Also added on an ala carte seafood pancake!! pancake was not oily and was pretty thick.

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