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From the Burpple community

Finally come to the end of my 2 weeks Japan and conclude my meal here with something healthy.

Vegetarian restaurants are definitely on the rise specifically in Tokyo, and Ain Soph is one of the name that you would find when searching for meatless foods here.

Ain Soph has a few outlets so you could find them easily, with one just located at Shinjuku.

The green curry is Ain Soph’s style of saag paneer made with spinach and spices, serving with brown rice and salad.

It is a very simple meal, so I would recommend you to add on cutlet made from wheat soy.

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This place at Shinjuku is one of the popular spot for some pretty decent shaved ice you can find.

茶寮 億万 はなれ may be very hard to find as they are located at the basement of the building with no visible signage. So you may have to use Google Map to find the exact location and look for the correct lift with the directory showing the shop’s signage.

They have a few options of shaved ice in different toppings. I definitely would go with their matcha flavours. The shaved ice is really soft and melt immediately in your mouth. Mix the shaved ice with the matcha, red bean or milk to enjoy the taste.

There’s also a piece of jelly inside it.

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Featured is Tokyo Sushi Ten.
The dinner omakase is priced at ¥7000 (SGD$83.40) while the lunch set is offered at ¥3500 (SGD$41.70). There is also a simpler breakfast Omakase at 1500yen (SGD$17.90), At first I thought I heard wrongly (plus there is no menu), as sushi meals are typically expensive in Tokyo.
There were like 17-20 items. SUPER worth it #DFDTokyo

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Each slice is cut generously and served in three different fat levels. Brought in daily from Tsukiji market. Any tuna specialty places in sg?

So naturally I went for the crumbly goodies 👅
This tasted even better than the triple matcha-kinako-vanilla soft serve posted yesterday despite it coming from a shop that sells tea leaves from all over Japan + coffee+ seaweed. You can even fill up your mineral bottle with their ice green tea with just a small charge.

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