Tastemakers Guide To Best Supper Spots in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Late Night Tastemakers Guide To Best Supper Spots in Singapore Suppers have a way of bringing people closer together and making food taste a little better. Add a dose of spontaneity to your life and wrestle for Yong Tau Foo at the stroke of midnight, share tasty Northern Chinese dishes with your friends for the first time or have a comforting bowl of peppery Bak Kut Teh after a long day at work. Our Tastemakers have trawled the island to uncover the tastiest places to eat after dark, so go on, quieten that growling belly of yours with this definitive guide to the best supper spots!
New Restaurants, Cafes And Bars In Singapore: May 2017
Burpple Guides, Newly Opened New Restaurants, Cafes And Bars In Singapore: May 2017 Gather a group of friends and be ready to eat your way through the month of May! With new openings along Boat Quay for wagyu lovers, cafe grub in Boon Lay and ramen under $8 in Hougang, this month promises a gastronomical journey from East to West!
15 Best Zi Char Places in Singapore
Burpple Guides, Zi Char 15 Best Zi Char Places in Singapore No matter the occasion, there is always reliable zi char to fall back on. The menus are extensive enough to cater to the pickiest eater and seating is aplenty — great for gathering in large groups! From a Muslim-friendly spot in the East to a hidden gem along Mandai Road, arm yourself with this guide when planning for family meals and group celebrations.
Tastemakers Guide To Jalan Besar Hawkers
Burpple Guides, Hawker Fare Tastemakers Guide To Jalan Besar Hawkers A trip down the famous food haven of Jalan Besar is not complete until you've checked all these places off your list. Laksa with fresh cockles? Comforting pig organs soup with a side order of mei cai? Gravy ladened scissors cut rice? Check, check and check. Follow our Tastemaker's recommendations for a guaranteed happy belly!

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Musubi – Caramelised Luncheon Meat Sushi
Musubi is luncheon meat coated with the most addictive super-secret sauce and served à la sushi style with sushi rice.

The result is the most delicious bite of luncheon meat that you would have ever tasted in your whole life. One serving of musubi comes with six pieces for S$11.
See full review at http://thehungrygeek.com/2016/02/19/aloha-poke-hawaiian-deliciousness/

My favourite flavour in this yummy poke bowl is the mentaiko seasonal salmon!

The spicy salmon comes in close second :) that said, the poke served At @alohapokesg is Super fresh. This bowl has 3 scoops of poke (I.e the largest bowl) because 1 scoop is never enough 😝

Exactly What A Burger Should Be

No-frills Cheeseburger ($18 for double cheeseburger)

When you're here, skip the mains and go for their burger.

It's perhaps the most authentic American cheeseburger I've eaten in Singapore - two cheese slices on each patty, huge juicy patties, soft brioche bun, and the classic tomatoes and lettuce. Sometimes, the simpler it is, the better, and this burger is testament to that ideal.

Bless my arteries, but I'm already craving for it again. This was the best burger I've ever had.

水晶球 Crystal Ball Dumpling

This has been one of the most iconic dim sum on Li Bai's menu, literally meaning crystal ball when translated. Whenever my family mentions Li Bai's dim sum it is synonymous with 水晶球; hence 2 servings are also never quite enough. I recall we have even told the restaurant manager that if they ever need to remove items from the dim sum menu, they can remove Siu Mai 燒賣 or Ha Gao 蝦餃 but never to remove this item!!! It's been so long we've been back and it's still as good as they were some 14/15 years ago! It's easy to tell why the name as you gaze into magical crystal ball's translucent steamed cassava flour skin which engulfs fillings including diced turnip, water chestnut, pod pea, bean curd (豆干), mushroom & dried shrimps. So much flavours in this vegetarian dim sum item. I wouldn't miss this for anything else on the menu!

傳統肉粽 Traditional Glutinous Dumpling

This hefty bak chang weighs over 400g, filled with shiitake mushroom, braised pork belly, chestnut, salted egg, lotus seed, muang beans and dried scallops, it can literally feed four! The glutinous rice has that nice steamed rice & lotus leaf fragrance when served and you can see from each grain of rice the starch glistening * bling bling * The dumpling whilst big in serving is not greasy and doesn't give that mass produced texture which, if not careful, you might easily conquer the entire "mount bak chang". Price: $42!

Akaebi Prawn with Moshio Salt

Flavoured with ancient style seaweed flavoured sea salt from Awaji island of Japan. The prawn was so crunchy, so chewy, I cannot even describe it properly in words. All I can say is, it ain't no shrimple affair (pun intended) 👆🏼

Uni Sushi Rice Bowl

A last but definitely not least item on chef Roy's Omakase. Usually served with the $98 set meal. It's a yummy highlight and great end to the whole course. My friend who chose not to have the highest set meal now wants to return to try the uni dishes. 👍👍👍