Burpple Guides, Healthy, Vegetarian Best Places for Vegetarian in Singapore 2017 Keep this guide in your back pocket if you're a vegetarian, and if you're not, for times when you're dining with a vegetarian, or when you simply feel like going meat-free — it's great for the environment AND your tummy! We've put together the best spots in Singapore to inspire you to get your green on, from well-loved vegan burgers to super affordable vegetarian hawker fare and hearty Korean plates. We've even scoured the island for vegan treats, including dairy-free ice cream and scrumptious vegan cakes!
Travel, Cheap & Good, European Travel Stop: (Poor Man's) Poland - Warsaw Poland, where things are considerably cheaper compared to the Scandinavian countries. Food here feels like second-rate German.
Healthy, Vegetarian, Cafe For the Vegans / Vegetarians! a list of vegan / vegetarian eateries, some so good it left a meat-lover like me craving for more!!!!