Salted & Hung will feature a menu that has a selection of meat that is derived from all parts of an animal.

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The menu calls this 'bacon chop and roasted pineapple'.

I assure you this dish is nothing as underwhelming as its name. It is a tender, charred and smokey house cured bacon chop, that is not overly salty like your supermarket variants. Pairs really well with the sweet, caramelized pineapple. So good, we had 2 serves of it even though we were so full. #burpple #saltedandhung

Squid ($12).

It's so good that I ordered a second serving at the end of my meal.
So many things done right here - First, the squid was perfectly grilled by their josper grill, so there was a thin layer of charcoal smokiness on the exterior, yet the squid remains really tender. Second, the two sauces were made each other, as they balanced each other in terms of both flavour and texture. The darker, richer, very umami squid ink miso was perfect match for the lighter, citrus yuzu dressing.
Now, mix them up in your desired ratio and have it with the charcoal grilled tender squid.. Just close your eyes and let time stand still!

Set Lunch Main (25++ For 2 Course, 35++ For 3 Course)

Incredibly flaky barramundi with a great texture. There's something about the barramundi that tastes really meaty and satisfying, though the skin could have been more crispy. While the sweet and sour sauce was good, there wasn't really enough to complement the fish

Pineapple Coconut Sorbet And Pistachio (Dessert Of Set Lunch)

Pineapple was decent only but the coconut sorbet was very refreshing. Cold, smooth and creamy, it was good on its own but didn't really go with the pineapple. Pistachio was inconspicuous but the crisp was pretty nice, whatever it was

Wagyu Neck Sanga 16++

A mystery how McDonald's is not out of business when this burger exists, and at this price point. The brioche bun was toasted until some parts were crispy and flaky, all while enclosing the superbly smoky and tangy BBQ sauce and soft meat. We licked our plates clean

Cured Pork Shoulder And Duck Rillette 13++

The sangas here are a steal. Perfectly toasted bread with a burst of umami in every bite and appreciable meatiness. The mayo was pretty good too.

Squid @ $12

Absolutely delicious grilled squid with squid ink dip at the side. Tender, umami filled and value for money.

Black Truffle, Coppa and Confit Egg ($26).

Don't miss their cured meats when you're here. There's a reason why they're called "salted and hung", which is literally what they do when they cure their meats.
This dish surprised all of us when it was served because of the generous amount of black truffles on it. And these truffles were thick, so they maintained their shape till the end of the meal. Thick enough for me to taste the nuttiness in these truffles, when when you eat it with the thick confit egg yolk mixed into the coppa. So much flavour and fragrance in one mouth, with a good intensity of the coppa that's not too salty.
I wouldn't have known of this gem if Chef @drewnocente hadn't sent this plate over as a gesture of friendship when I dined with @nantheless. Such a wonderful dinner that kept me happy throughout the evening. I'll review other dishes here too.

Just when we thought we couldn't eat anymore, this amazing dessert was sent to our table.

Gooseberry semifredo, lychee foam and almond crisps. Light and refreshing, there was total silence on our table as everyone tucked in with contentment on their face. Thanks, Chef @drewnocente for this sweet treat!

Pasta lovers alert!

You've got to try this. Amazing pasta, of course, I should have expected this as Chef Drew has Italian blood in him. The texture was so good, al dente, the way I like it. This pasta was cut in circles, which allows you to scoop a spoonful of the hearty Wagyu Ragu, beef fat (yes, those crispy bits) and pumpkin purée into each of them to make that perfect bite. Love, love, love this.

A special which made it to the main menu!

Ordered a portion to share and so glad that everyone enjoyed it as much as I do. This is an all time favourite for me.

With all the lovely new items on their menu, I just couldn't resist temptation and so we headed back here for lunch today.

I had the smoked eel pate which was one of the starters on their weekly lunch menu. This was so excellent! Crazy creamy and buttery, it was so good with their crusty sourdough. Truly enjoyed this.

Kids, you will want to eat these vegetables.

Why? Because they easily rival the meats and seafood here in terms of fullness of flavour and deliciousness.
The Corn ($10++) has sweet kernels swirled in a chives-speckled light creaminess from manchego cheese. Fluttery bonito flakes complete the equation with a touch of the sea-voury.
The Brussels Sprouts ($12++) sees the crunchy vegetable grilled, then tossed with guanciale (an Italian cured pork) and a miso ricotta. I find this combination really quite spectacular. So even if you've always avoided brussels sprouts like the plague, I say: Give this a go. It might change your mind about the much-maligned vegetable.

Great Main Course Option In The Set Lunch (2-course: $25++)

Just like "The Barden Bellas" gunning for a capella victory in "Pitch Perfect", every element on this plate harmonised like a champion.
The al dente discs of pasta, tender Wagyu beef ragu, smooth pumpkin mash and crunchy beef fat crumbs sure made some beautiful music together.
This winner of a main dish was part of my 2-course set lunch.

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