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From the Burpple community

With a longstanding history, they're bound to be good! As this is my first time, I ordered the classic Seolleongtang at 12000 yen. This comes with 3 mandus. Here's how you're gonna eat this: Take a few sips of the soup first before pouring the rice into the soup. Add some salt and pepper as seasoning, if you like or eat this together with the kimchi.

The bowl of soup is served in a Korean iron bowl with green onions as garnishing. It has a homely feel to it. The beef is thinly sliced and is not the most tender out there. What is so brilliant about this soup is in the recipe itself. Seolleongtang is actually a soup made from bovine bones, cow's head, limbs, meat and innards cooked for more than 10 hours. The color of the soup is cloudy and almost look white as snow, thus having the name of "雪濃湯".
The piping hot ox-bone soup feels exceptionally comforting and belly-warming during the winter season, not to mention how nourishing it is! Kimchi and radishes are readily available at the tables for customers to eat. The soup is different from the Japanese's ramen soup and is quite light on the palate but has that subtle sweetness. Surprisingly I can finish up the soup. In addition to the snowy soup, this huge dumpling is also something to look out for. The traditional Korean dumplings with minced meat, onions, and dang hoon are included. The mandus in Korea is totally different from the wonton or dumplings here in Singapore. It is larger in size and more generous in the ingredients inside. Definitely feels more substantial and moreish.