Opened by the folks behind The Plain and The Bravery, expect nothing less than exceptional coffee and excellent sandwiches in this gorgeous new cafe.
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17 Hong Kong Street
Singapore 059660

08:00am - 06:00pm

08:00am - 06:00pm

08:00am - 06:00pm

08:00am - 06:00pm

08:00am - 06:00pm

08:00am - 06:00pm

08:00am - 06:00pm




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For Excellent Scrambled Eggs

While sister concept PUNCH draws in the crowd with its laidback vibes and Instagrammable backyard, it's RONIN that checks off all the boxes on our Best Cafes list. The hard-to-find storefront along Hong Kong Street, the dimly lit space and the lack of menus (there's only one hanging on the wall to refer to) doesn't seem to faze our Burpple community β€” and it shouldn't stop you either! Seating is limited, so swing by for brunch with a small group of friends. As evident on every table, you should go for the beautifully made Scrambled Eggs on Toast ($9) β€” creamy, velvety folds of egg with a dash of coarse sea salt flakes, served on two types of toast. Add on portobello mushroom ($3.50) and avocado ($3) for a more substantial meal. The French Toast ($15) with braised apples, crispy bacon and hazelnut butter (so darn good) is also by far one of the best in town. Don't leave without a cup of Wicked Mocha ($5.50/$7.50 for iced) β€” coffee with a heap of peppermint chocolate for a minty finish.
Avg Price: $20 per person
Photo by Burppler Veronica Phua

Yummy French Toast

Imagine: thick yet soft brioche, shallowly browned with egg dip, topped with generous dollop of honey-flavoured mascarpone cream, drizzle of fruit compote and spread of nutty crumble. This is what we had at Ronin. One of the best around!!

Wicked Mocha

Served with a sprig of mint leaf, this drink is, truly, WICKED.

Eggs On Toast [$11]

Finally get to try the brunch here~ πŸ˜‹ Add on portobello mushroom [$3.50] + Bacon [$4]

The Fluffy Scramble Eggs

If you a person who like to sit in the dark with noise around you. This will be the perfect place for you. Once you enter the cafe, you will not know whether is day or night.

Ordered Egg On Toast at S$11, you can choose to have poach eggs or scramble egg. Added on to a pork sausage at S$5!

The presentation of the food is nice, the food wise the portion is huge. The taste for the food for me I will rate 3/5. Doesn't really like the pork sausage as it give me a very strong pork smell. The eggs and toast were not too bad.

Is worth a try still! ☺️

Toast With Scrambled Eggs

This has got to be the silkiest scrambled eggs I've ever had! Buttery, silky, add on those juicy mushrooms and here's a breakfast that will never let you down.

Prosciutto Sandwich ($15)

Nothing beat a comforting plate of sandwich of Prosciutto and Brie. The melted cheese and saltiness of the ham is simply beautiful. Great for a hangover, I reckon, although many may think that it's not intense enough. The lightly, peppered tomatoes, and the fresh basil is enough to keep you going.

This Should Be Placed In An Art Musuem

Peppermint Mocha and coffee were decent but what really impressed me was that coffee art. Kudos to the amazingly talented baristas behind the counter! I'm not one who usually cares for art on my coffee but this, this I had to appreciate for a full minute before drinking.

The place was a little hard to get to because there was no signboard, but that just added to the mystique of this cafe. Kinda like a secret hideout, where you'll be rewarded with wonderfully friendly service and good food (though I have yet to try) when you've found it.

Ronin white

Located at HongKong st, stepping into the cafe a dark significant.

 In My Opinion, The Best Scrambled Eggs In Singapore.

This is where the eggs are disguised as silk. And every bite of it makes me want weep with joy.

Savory French Toast ($16 Nett)

They have upped the price but so did the portion; 3 humongous slabs of fluffy egg-soaked toast with seared apples and loads of bacon (albeit slightly burnt). Truly satisfying!

WICKED Mocha And Matcha Tonr

Light minted mocha great balance. Matcha is creamy and nice. 100 marks for looks

Good Sandwiches

Nice decor, good sandwiches. Very lively and crowded during Saturday brunch.

Affogato makes after lunch sessions so much better.

Glorious scoot of vanilla ice cream sitting on a hot pool of espresso. So good.

Savoury French Toasts

Very quaint place. There wasn't much in their menu but i decided to give their well-known french toasts a try. The bacon was tender as well as the french toasts and the apples were quite sweet! I would rate it 7/10

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