Roadhouse is an American-style modern diner serving all-American comfort food in a rustic yet contemporary setting.

13 Dempsey Road
Singapore 249674

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Finally Friday date night w the busy guy, @timchee ☺️ He insisted that his 'Fabulous foie gras' looked better than my 'Hot Mama' and should be in the foreground of my photo.

😂 Indeed I was feeling I should have ordered his burger when I saw him eating his amazing burger with onion relish, mango chutney, red cheddar, rocket and medium rare wagyu w a huge ass foie gras..while I was having my Hot Mama w a meh salsa and cheddar that overpowered the guacamole and sour cream. 😪 #burpple #datenight #roadhouse #foiegras

Bacon Marinated, Shrooms Burger

Meat was really juicy, caramelised onions were the bomb, and I loved the fries too! (Had cheese fries while the boyfriend went for truffle, if only they gave more cheese.) Also loved the decor!

A typical afternoon..

With a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Truffle fries and "high on shrooms" burger. It's nice!

Bacon Marinated Burger

Perfect medium rare and super juicy (spot the meat juices on the board!). Fries were also hot and crispy, and coleslaw refreshing. Would have liked a few more mushrooms though.

Simply Brie-vine

Decided to have a burger during the last day of the jubilee weekend. 170g wagyu patty, grilled brie, sundried tomatoes, pear and rocket. The sundried tomatoes gave a nice tart flavour to complement the beef patty. However if you prefer something heavier, go for the foie gras burger. At $33, you get a pretty big slice of foie gras! Burgers here are good in quality and totally worth it!

Roadhouse is definitely my favourite burger bar.

Famed for its Terminator Challenge, where you get to wolf down a 1kg burger within 20 minutes and your meal is free, madness yeah.

Finish 6 wagyu beef patties, fries and coleslaw in 20 minutes and you're up on their wall of fame. I can't exactly remember what's the timing of the fastest challenger, but it was insane, prolly a patty in less than a minute(?) Anyway, do check my snapchat @ jonathanloongpl as I'm making 2 chocolate entremet live now😁


built my own burger today! the wagyu beef patty was grilled to perfection (medium rare) and together with the red cheddar cheese, sautéed mushrooms and garlic was amazing. the garlic parmesan buffalo wings were good as well and you can choose the level of spiciness! only con about my meal today was the heavily floured onion rings :( but other than that... it was an awesome meal. very fulfilling and would definitely come back again!

Roadhouse Burgers - Terminated...

Home to the famous 'Terminator Challenge'. I was gloriously defeated by this challenge, overestimating my appetite. They have a new challenge, the 'Red Hot Terminator Burger' which features spicy jalapeños and hot sauce. If you're up for a challenge, there's definitely one worthy to be conquered here...

Mac & Cheese

Really good personal size for a starter. At $5 you would NOT think twice about ordering. And the rest is history.

Triple buyer threat.

Breakfast of Champions. High on Shrooms. Bacon Marinated Burger. #yum #burp #burger

Decent, edible, nothing to shout about

At $22++, Roadhouse's Pulled Pork Burger was decent and really not too bad; but of course if they could screw up a sauce ridden burger they deserve to be smacked. Pork was tender enough, flavourful, but the BBQ sauce was overly sweet and one-dimensional. Delicious at the first bites, jelak after half a burger. 

May be a one-off, but it was the worst burger I've had

Had the worst burger in my 21 years of life at Roadhouse few days back. The eggs I added to my burger was served on a separate plate, beef was overcooked and ridden with specks of rubbery fat; but the worst was the patties that had an awful stench to it ie it stank. I've had good burgers there so it was disappointing that it sucks so bad this round.

So the girlfriend cannot resist the temptation of yet another utterly delicious burger and here we are at the roadhouse once again!

Building our burger one at a time. Wagyu beef patty, caramelized onions and honey baked ham. Not forgetting the enormous onion rings and delectable truffle fries to pair with the main course. My Sunday is complete 😋

Modern American diner serving sinfully good American burgers!

We are building our own kind of burgers. Wagyu beef patty, with caramelized onions, sautéed mushroom, sunny side up, cheese and gigantic onion rings. We are all going to have a very good night sleep tonight! 😋

The Butt-Naked

Long last day at work and all I'm craving for is this bread-less "burger" with a massive beef patty SMOTHERED in the tastiest cheesey Mexican sauce with salsa and sour cream and jalapeño. The buns are replaced with a side of nachos and all I can say is, corn chips > bread. This comes with a side of fries and coleslaw too. Ohhhhh yeahhhhhhh..

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