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From the Burpple community

A kind of common food found in Hong Kong despite not being very local. There are a few major brands of restaurants selling the same thing at around the same price tasting almost the same, difference isn't huge to tourists but makes a world of difference to locals in terms of their soup, meat and veggies provided. At 30 HKD, this is one food that the office crowd eat during lunch time as it is filling and provides good food at a relatively cheap price. Rice vermicelli were pretty standard but the soup was really nice to drink! Another special part about hk is the choices they offer with their food. They allowed the choice of sour spicy or numb spicy(酸辣/麻辣), degree of spiciness and also a variety of add ons, again from all kinds of meat to all kinds of balls... Overall it was pretty good and I would always eat it when I'm really hungry.