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From the Burpple community

Pig organ soup with good servings of ingredients such as meatballs, tofu, lean meat, pork belly, pig stomach, liver and salted vegetables while the special order has additional small intestine & kidney. The soup is flavourful and peppery with a tinge of salty and sourness from the salted vegetables. Not forgetting their awesome and well-balanced chilli with hints of sourness yet not overly spicy to go along with the ingredients. Very satisfying to have these on a cool evening or rainy day.

The steamed minced meat with chestnut and salted fish is a must-order. The meat was soft and tender with the saltiness from salted fish and crunchy bits of water chestnut. It is packed with flavours and textures that go very well with rice.

Signature Pig Organ Soup 》$7
Steamed Minced Meat with Chestnut & Salted Fish 》$3

Very comforting pig organ soup that was on the less peppery but sweeter side. Extremely flavourful with a good amount of ingredients, and affordably priced as well. It gets better knowing that the store opens til late, so you now have a new supper option for real comfort food on a bad night🥹 they also have very delightful classic sides, like steam minced meat with salted fish and pork trotters to pair with!


The small and big bowl goes for $4.70 and $6.70 respectively. The ingredients are way more than normal! The soup base was also on the sweeter side, not peppery, which was a refreshing take, perfect for supper on a cold night.

Read more at: kopiwaffles.com/cheng-mun-chee-kee-pig-organ-soup-supper/#

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Hua diao wine chicken with ginger @ $3
Stir fried cabbage @ $3
Pig's organ soup + small intestines @ $6.40
Rice @ $0.60

The signature dish here is the Pig's organ soup which has preserved vegetables in it and the taste is quite strong so not everybody will like it but it's good and refreshing for us. There's also good amount of ingredients inside which was good for sharing with the additional dishes we got.

The cabbage was quite normal while the chicken was not bad though there can be more ginger taste.

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Yummy! The soup here was so fragrant and the pigs organs were fresh. Each spoonful was flavourful, satisfying and so comforting. If you’re a fan of pig’s organ soup, I would highly recommend for you to give this place a go!

It’s very reasonably priced as well - you can get free refills of the soup if you need. Definitely worth the price.

We visited on a weekday evening and it was fairly busy, but we managed to get seats for two as we were slightly earlier than the usual dinner crowd.

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Honestly, one of the best bowls of pig organ soup I've had so far. The Signature Pig's Organ Soup ($4.20) had a wonderful variety of ingredients, and all of them are really fresh. The soup is really good as well, with a deep bold yet refreshing flavour that is had to forget. I always believe that chilli is important for this dish as well, and the one from this restaurant did not disappoint. The chilli was perfectly sour and spicy at the same time, alleviating the dish to a new level!

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