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10:30am - 09:30pm

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Love The Banana Loaf

Has banana loaf & espresso with tonic water here. Definitely will be back for banana loaf! Love the combination of the banana loaf with peanut butter on top. The espresso with tonic water is a bit odd but good to have a try.

Flat White, Chocolate & Almond Croissant

The coffee amateur I am would describe this as aromatic coffee with a nutty after taste; to be defined as legit and well worth my $5 for the largest sized oz.
The variety of croissants pairs well with your cuppa coffee- although I'd appreciate if the layering of the French pastry but more pronounced and less cluttered towards the middle & bottom. But considering the standalone cafe profile, these were alright.

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On a Sweeter Note。 ...

Honey almond walnut cake - $7
Soft spongy cake with the crisp all sprinkled at the top. Ended off with choco sauce

Pandan Kaya Croissant

Being a Kaya Toast lover, this definitely caught my attention sometime back but I am always intrigued by other items that I end up skipping on it. It's a pretty buttery croissant, and since there is a layer of Kaya spread at the bottom, it does give that Kaya Butter Toast vibe quite like what I have expected, though albeit more flaky perhaps. Thought this was actually less filling than having the classic local variant too, but that's perhaps just me.

Banana Loaf

Slathered with a thick layer of Hunters’ Kitchenette almond nut butter, Percolate’s Banana Loaf ($9) is the ideal midday perk-me-up. The hearty loaf, great for sharing, was a nice balance of textures with a firm slightly dense bite and moist center. Creamy and rich, the blanket of almond nut butter can however get a little overwhelming at the end. Hence with the dollop of mascarpone cream cheese and berries on the side, they were able to break the strong nuttiness of the quality spread. And what’s more, aside from the items off their All Day Menu, the cafe proves to be a good spot to rewind with pastries and coffee.

Seems like a good place for small groups and camping.

Came by on a Saturday afternoon for some coffee and cake, and this trending café appears to be popular among small groups and students. I was here for almost an hour; it seems the people who came before me enjoyed spending a lot of time here.

Anyways, I got for myself a Yuzu Matcha Cake and a Coco Latte. The Yuzu Matcha Cake was not too heavy in terms of Matcha taste. At my first mouthful, I thought that the Yuzu taste from the layer of jam was overpowering, but a few more mouthfuls actually changed my opinion of this cake: it's kind of refreshing actually.

The coconut-inspired Coco Latte, on the other hand, won my thumbs up, because the aroma of coffee seems to blend pretty well with the fragrance of coconut. Just another beverage that coconut water lovers should try.

For Coffee and Quiet in the East

A gem of a cafe in the east, this rustic cafe in the Bedok North neighbourhood tops our list for a quiet afternoon with a friend, or for some alone time with a good book. True to its name, Percolate does its coffee really well (they use beans from Nylon roasters); the bonus is that their light bites are pretty tasty too! If you're up for something new, go for their Espresso Tonic ($5.50), which combines double shots of espresso with tonic water and lime for a fizzy, refreshing drink. Otherwise, play it safe with the well-balanced Iced White ($5.50). While you linger, order the moist Banana Date Loaf ($8.50) to nibble on — the velvety layers of almond butter and mascarpone are what elevate the cake to something truly extraordinary. The Burpple community also loves the Curry Egg Mayo Croissant ($8.50), which is a comforting marriage of buttery croissant with rich, curried egg mayo.
Avg Price: $15 per person
Photo by Burpple Tastemaker Zul Latiff

Matcha Azuki with Ice-Cream

Dropped by for coffee and noticed they seemed to have a few new food items since my last visit (either that or I wasn't paying attention to the menu the other time). This features a scoop of vanilla ice-cream with matcha cake and Azuki atop served with matcha sauce on the side to drizzle. Pretty decent for Matcha lovers, though the matcha cake was a little lacking in terms of flavour — it's sweet but felt closer to a marble/butter cake rather than a Matcha cake. Ice-cream is all smooth and creamy, though I would advise to go easy when drizzling the Matcha sauce — pretty similar to those one would get from Matcha lava cakes and can get a little too bitter and jelat if one gets too ambitious with it.

Still feeling the festive cheers with @percolatecoffee's CNY Menu (available till next Monday) - Pineapple Chicken Flossants ($13 for 3) which I guess meant floss bread + croissant?

Their buttery croissant was spread with pineapple jam on the inside while topped with generous amount of chicken floss. Interesting flavours but could really get heavy to finish all 3 of them. Best to share them if you aren't the biggest floss fan.
If you can't make it by @percolatecoffee by next Monday, they have a non-festive version in their regular menu without the pineapple jam ($7).

Orange Mocha as part of their CNY menu 🍊☕️
Usually, I prefer plain mocha.

But as adventurous as I am, I wanted to try mocha with orange. As expected, a citrusy drink with bitterness and sweetness. At my first sip, it tasted weird because of the different flavours lingering in my mouth. But as I sip continuously, the orange flavour blended well with the mocha which made the drink more interesting! ☺️
#burpple #simplejoys #orangemocha

Curry Egg Mayo Croissant 🥐 
Flaky and crisp.

Filling and satisfying. Innovative and creative concept of incorporating curry with egg mayo which just tasted sooo good! 👌🏻 I just wish, it is served warm.
The place is cozy that you wouldn't feel awkward eating alone. Some more, I ate with my hands! Easier and more convenient than using fork and knife. HAHA 😂 Caveman, dude!

Finally, after months of being in my wishlist, I checked it off! 😉 Yeyy!
#burpple #simplejoys #sundaytreat #percolate

Coffee & Matcha Yuzu Cake

Nubbad coffee in this Neighbourhood joint. Beans from Nylon! The cake left me feeling rather undecided.

Banana Date Loaf ($8.50)

Let's rewind a little to my time at Percolate. On top of their mains, I also tried one of the widely-recommended items, the Banana Date Loaf.

This comprises an unbelievably moist banana loaf that melts in your mouth into quite a divine sensation. It is veiled with a layer of almond butter and a dollop of mascarpone cream cheese. You might find it to be overwhelmingly rich at parts, but the permeating taste from the loaf and the lightness and the neutrality of the mascarpone brings everything together and make it bearable, if not really gratifying. Most importantly, it will have your palette dancing with flair. It's also worth mentioning that the berries were fresh and sweet.

Truly an jet-setting experience, this one! (8.5/10)

Percolating with Happiness!

One of the gems of the East! Pictured here are (in clockwise): Curry Egg Mayo Croissant ($8.50), Iced Orange Chocolate ($7), Chocolate Praline Crossaint ($5.50) and Plain Crossiant ($5).

I'm head over heels for both their Curry Egg Mayo and Iced Orange Chocolate (part of their CNY menu). Typically, egg mayo is known to be slightly sharp in its sourness, while the flavour of curry spice tends to be warmer and heavier. It's a pairing that fits like a jigsaw puzzle, which made it so delicious. I understand why other reviewers pointed out about the lack of the curry egg-mayo, but I thought it was a good amount. Best eaten with hands too, if you ask me.

Their iced orange chocolate had such pronounced, yet nicely restrained flavours of orange among the richness of the chocolate. And it stayed that way from top to bottom of the drink.

As the title says, this place truly had me percolating with happiness! (8/10)

Found another nice cafe in the East.

Think I should move to the east soon...all the good food is there!

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