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From the Burpple community

The beef patty was juicy and flavourful, and I liked that they used a brioche bun. This was a delicious burger, it was satisfying! The fries are pretty good too, with a crisp outer and soft fluffy insides. Definitely a place to check out when in London!

The former consist of: Beef patty, cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickled onions, ketchup, smokey P&B mayo, Brioche (£8.50 takeaway).
Another contender as a worthy burger joint in London- my particular cheeseburger had a negligible absence of cheese for the beef patty sealed the deal. Soft from what we suspect bread and/egg mixed into the minced beef- the thick and flawlessly cooked patty we happily sunk our teeth into. The winning browned “disc” was smeared with sauces making it a messy affair but a worthwhile one as expected. The soft butter brioche buns here are noteworthy as well.

The latter comes with Smoked Jalepenos Butter Sauce, Fresh Chilli & Lime (£6 Take Away)
Its 2 plump chicken thighs were dry around the rim- unfortunate when the chunky meat proves to be easy to handle.
Also the otherwise brilliant sauce made the fried chicken skin soggy hence not as delightful as we would have liked.


The Short Review x HeartyTastyWorthy

Instagrammability: Low -
Loud music and dim lights make for a semi-club atmosphere.

Advice: Instead of braving the 'at least 30 min queue time' for eating in, opt to take-away your burger (takes less than 10 mins) and head over to Selfridges Kitchen on the 4th floor of the mall.

'Smokey Robinson' Burger [£8.50]
Amazingly grilled beef patty which had an exterior taste of duck fat, with wonderful caramelised onions which were not too sweet. The special smokey P&B mayo was the clincher though that binded this bad boy together.

Hearty: 4/5
Tasty: 5/5
Worthy: 4/5

Chips with Roast Chicken Mayo and Chicken Skin Salt [£3.50]
Not in the picture, but the chips were really crispy, literally like chips. Mayo tasted heavily of chicken and fat, which was pretty tasty but made it slightly 'gelat'.

Hearty: 3/5
Tasty: 3/5
Worthy: 3/5

Come Here: Again

Referenced Cephas' Short Review format again for this review! Its much easier to document when I try more than 1 dish at a single venue. Find him @limjwc