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Reviews of good food at Park Bench Deli
The folks at @parkbenchdeli have new and updated #sandwiches!

The buttermilk #friedchicken one now features juicy fried chicken thigh, aji verde cabbage #slaw, and kewpie #Sriracha mayo, on soft onion #bread. I swear it feels like there's more meat than bread when you're eating it! #parkbenchdeli

Chicken Katsu $15

Each bite is packed with an amalgamation of flavors and textures, which makes the calories of this Chicken Katsu sandwich worthwhile! A symphony in the mouth is what it is!

The shredded cabbage and Japanese cucumber provide the necessary crunch while the pickled Japanese cucumber balances the oiliness of the well-fried chicken katsu, making you crave for more instead of leaving you with a mouth full of grease. The tangy tonkatsu sauce paired with the kewpie gives the perfect finishing touch to the sandwich.

Best part is that all sandwiches are served in 2 massive portions. So grab a friend to share 2 sandwiches and you literally get the best of both worlds(sandwiches)

Peanut Butter & Jelly

My childhood fave made 100 times even more indulgent with chocolate-flavoured milk bread crusted in cornflakes and fried till golden-brown and impossibly crunchy on the exterior.

Within, those all-too-familiar flavours of sticky peanut butter and tangy berry jam deliver all the nostalgia and comfort that the inner kid in me demands.

Best Veg Sub

It's a 'Vegetarian'($15)'s cheat meal la, fried eggs, grilled cheese, guac, pickled spicy Mexican-style slaw stuffed in a hoagie roll. EVERY non-believer that I recommended this became a fan. Tip: drizzle sirarcha for that spice on spice.

Vegetarian Sub

I know this may sound really weird, but this sandwich was juicy, wet and sloppy but an absolute delight to eat! The best part is simply receiving this piping hot and devouring it immediately upon arrival to your table. Didn't even have time to take a decent photo because I was so excited to eat this hahaha.

Vegetarian Sub and Hot Butter Ball

Think: mind blowingly delicious sandwiches. I do not kid. Every single flavour was spot on and absolutely delightful. I absolutely loved the Vegetarian Sub, which was nothing like your stereotypical vegetarian food which gets such a bad rep for being 'tasteless'. This sub was dripping wet in sauce, slathered in cheese and guac, whilst encasing two well fried eggs and coleslaw which was nothing short of sublime. Wouldn't mind travelling to CBD again just for this.

This beaut is probably the best sandwich this festive season.

@parkbenchdeli's Porchetta ($16) is filled with loads of crispy pork belly, garlic aioli, arangula between toasty ciabatta. Finding the skin of the pork belly has got to be like a mini treasure hunt, with surprises every now & then.
Top up another $10 for chips & a can of Modern Times Fortunate Island, cause beer can be drunk all day errday.
Merry Christmas errbady 🎉🎅🏼

On my quest to try all the sandwiches Park Bench Deli have to offer, I'm on my 7th so far.

Homeboy now baby. 🍞

Porchetta (💵S$16) : Roasted Pork Belly, Roasted Garlic Aioli, Caramelised Onions, Arugula & Ciabatta. 🐷
I'm such a slut for Roasted Pork Belly & PBD does it pretty well, along with the Roasted Garlic Aioli & Caramelised Onions... just take my money already 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: Part of the Festive Menu for the Christmas month, along with Hot Butter Ball (💵S$16) : sous vide Turkey, Rye Bread, Bread Stuffing, Cranberry & Truffled Chicken Jus. Grab it before it's gone. 🖖🏻

Are you Team Hot Butter Ball or Team Porchetta?

To celebrate this festive season; the iconic, the splendid, the all-time favorite Park Bench Deli proudly brings to you two specially created sandwiches. Between the two, my heart and soul falls for the Porchetta ($16, right), a ciabatta sandwich that's stuffed with roasted pork belly (😱😱😱), caramelized onion, arugula and finished with a roasted garlic aioli. Such a magnificent combination and this feels all Christmasy already. For all of your sandwich fix, look no further than Park Bench Deli.

Park Bench Deli
Address: 179, Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068627 #yoursingapore #visitsingapore #singapore #burpproved #buzzfeast #buzzfeedfood #makansutra #sedapteam #cafehopping #cafesg #sgcafes #parkbenchdeli #porchetta

[SG] Park Bench Deli, a site of pilgrimage for sandwich lovers rolled out their festive menu recently.

The hot butter ball was one and the other, in addition to a slightly revamped menu was the Porchetta sandwich ($16). Well seasoned pork belly that came with rocket, caramelized onions and roasted garlic aioli tucked into a dense ciabatta made a fragrant meal— rustic in the sense that it is a plate full of meat juices, sauce and bread. the kind that gets your hands dirty and in which every bite might differ from the last. The crispy skin is the crowning achievement, and you tend to portion it so you can have some with every bite.

The festive menu lasts till the end of the year so you still have about 2 weeks to enjoy it.
Also, rumour has it they’re gonna revamp their menu again with changes to their vegetarian sandwich and the cubano..

Latte & Americano

Coffee after lunch to fight off that looming food coma~ ☕️☁️ balanced & strong.

Pork Belly Porchetta

Pork belly was great -- tender and juicy meat w crispy skin. The sandwich wasn't very heavy with flavour from sauces and what not so I helped myself out with Sriracha for every mouth 🌝

So glad that I finally made it to @parkbenchdeli for lunch and had the chance to try their festive menu!

🎄 the Hot Butter Ball ($16) was rye bread stuffed with turkey that had been tenderly sous vide, and it was evident in the amazing fluffy texture. It came topped with a sweet cranberry sauce and spiced bread stuffing for Christmas-y flavours. The Porchetta ($16) was a unanimous favourite between us, with roasted pork belly and a crisply fried skin that delivered a satisfying crunch, paired with caramelized onions and roasted garlic aioli sandwiched in ciabatta. So sinful, but oh so good 😲 #burpple #parkbenchdeli

I went to the counter to order a pint of beer, and after paying.

A staff came up to me and said: I think you might know someone in the kitchen! I was surprised. So I looked in, I have so many eyes looking me!!! I was wondering which person do I know!!!!!! Until I saw this dude looking at me, a face that looks pretty familiar and almost couldn't recognise with the new hairstyle. Hahaha! So glad to see him doing well in this place. As a Chef, I'm very proud of him! I always find familiar faces in different restaurants and cafes. Chef industry is so small!

Porcetta Sandwich ($16 nett)

[New Festive Menu] Mind blown. We love our SG sio bak, but the I discovered Park Bench can do really really good Italian sio bak too with this rendition of fennel marinated porcetta in warm soft ciabatta.
Melty and juicy pork belly contrasted sharply in texture by the crispy but crumbly cackling skin, well-creamed with roasted garlic aioli with hints of smokiness, flavoured with caramelized onions and balanced fresh arugula.. I wish every month is Christmas month because this is only available in December!

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