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From the Burpple community

The meat platter is good! Tasty grilled chicken and pork. The black roll is with minced beef inside. Dipped in the three diff sauces to give u refreshing, salty or milky taste.

The spicy noodle soup is meh... Not spicy at all. Pls do not order. Lol.

The milk foam on top is with sugar, milk and egg. If you don't like it too sweet, you can try it with black coffee.

Love the spring rolls. Should eat it fast so they won't stick tgt. The dry noodle is refreshing and come in very big portion.

Loved the presentation! Great tasty soup and condiments with thick slices of wagu goodness!

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Love it. Just right amount of the crunchiness, the vege and the meat. Not sure why it came with so much of soy sauce thou. Do people eat with soy sauce?

Can opt to upgrade to a set as well.


Been here more than 5 times. I always end up ordering this all in 1 pho. Has meat slices, egg, prawn, spring roll and veggies. Hits the spot and is a pretty balanced meal if you close an eye that the spring roll is fried. I think they missed out on the cracker though. $12.90 for this. Wish there was more soup.

First time trying the Bahn Mi here. It’s good but wayyyyy too spicy. The huge slices of chilli inside it are booby traps! Plus the spicy sauce inside, it’s not for those who can’t take spicy.