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From the Burpple community

Besides offering an affordable ($13.90) bowl of beef + amazing rice, it's the interactive concept with my food that won me over. E.g. live cooking of my beef by my chef, whisking my onsen egg, pouring my onsen egg over my mountain of beef, adjusting the level of sweetness with my bowl of sukiyaki sauce. Time to plan another visit.

What Keisuke-san can’t do? Probably nothing, taking each concept, one store at a time in Tanjong Pagar. With his latest venture, it will be his 15th restaurant in town, it’s sooner or later he’ll be representing Tanjong Pagar as a MP and sure as hell I’ll vote for him. .
What’s looks like an exclusive, sleek and modern high end sukiyaki restaurant with just 14 seats can surprise you when it comes to the price of each bowl - either its US Prime Beef (S$13.90) or Wagyu (S$29.90) here everything is cook in front of you table side. .
The best thing about this bowl is every component mixed up in that bowl. For the price you pay, you get a perfectly cooked beef along with the sweet and savoury sukiyaki sauce. There’s even a block of creamy tofu, shirataki and to top it all, an onsen egg. If your wallet permits you to have the Wagyu version, I implore you to get that instead. You might not get the same quality and version for the same value anywhere else.
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Adding to the Japanese restaurants-dominated area, Keisuke’s latest concept at Onze marries two classic dishes — beef sukiyaki and gyu don.

Tucked at the corner of the estate, hidden behind Tanjong Pagar Plaza and a short walking distance from the MRT, Beef Sukiyaki Don Keisuke is a compact 14-seater restaurant with an even more concised menu. With just two items, the Beef Sukiyaki Don ($13.90) was more than decent but their Kiwami Wagyu Sukiyaki Don ($29.90) simply stole the show with the premium cut’s luxe mouthfeel.

Prepared a la minute with leeks and a small bit of chilli padi, the proteins were cooked to the ideal shade of pink yet having tried both, the US Prime beef was certainly leaner and tougher in texture. Thus, I would highly recommend the Wagyu Don held in the dazzling golden bowl despite the damage to the wallet. Well-worth the splurge, the tender and juicy slices had just the right amount of fattiness. The special sukiyaki sauce too was nicely balanced - not overly sweet or salty.

Stacked on steamed koshihikari rice, shimeji mushrooms, shirataki noodles, crunchy cabbage and a silky braised tofu, the succulent heap was a beef lover’s dream come true. The substantial donburi also came with side servings of handmade mochi-like sesame tofu coated in dashi ankake sauce, a savoury onsen egg for dipping, traditional miso soup and assorted pickles on the counter to cut the richness.


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Offering Japanese brewed teas, tea lattes, and ceremonial teas. Cakes are also sold.

Have been here a couple of times but yesterday was my first time trying the Ceremonial Kaze Matcha, priced at $8.80. The freshly brewed Kaze does not disappoint, and the crockery used for this makes for a grand drink. The kaze has a refreshing taste, and has the right balance of matcha, retaining umami notes and not being too strong.

Also had the Earl Grey Cheesecake. Unfortunately, this cake was not as satisfactory in taste unlike their Sweet Potato or Sesame cakes. The earl grey felt really jelly-like, which does not do justice to the crunchy bits at the bottom.

Hvala also has their other branches at CHIJMES and 313 (take-away). .
Tanjong Pagar, Singapore
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They offer US Prime Beef ($13.90) and Yonezawa A4 Wagyu ($29.90) options. Those who tell you they can’t taste the difference are lying, the wagyu is amazingly marbled and flavourful in comparison and they do give you a generous portion of it. The cooking is done a la minute in front of you and the beautiful beef is topped on a golden bowl of koshihikari rice, tofu, leeks and mushrooms. The sweet soy sauce and onsen egg complete the experience. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this, it is as good as the stellar sukiyaki meals I’ve had in Japan :) 10/10! Keisuke san truly has the Midas touch, and his imagination knows no bounds. #foodie #foodsg #foodiesg #foodgasm #foodporn #sgfood #sgfoodies #sgfoodporn #instafood #instafood_sg #burpple #hungrygowhere #delicious #delish #whati8today #sukiyaki