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From the Burpple community

The OGs came back for 1 day cos they needed people apparently. For once it was back at their original standard mostly, but they left soon afterwards

First time having their shuijiao, it's got the same filling as the small dumplings, plus one extra crystal prawn inside. It's abit dry because funnily enough their excellent skin grabs a lot of soup

Standards have inevitably dropped, the chili sauce has a raw chili taste instead of well rounded awesomeness. Char siew cmi also, flavour the same but the texture is not up to par

Not as good anymore, the char siew was tougher and the sauce isn't as deep anymore

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The 2 good young cooks are both gone, now 2 uncles. Thank god the standards didn't drop too much


Wanton mee are 4nett not, and each additional portion of charsiew is 1.2nett

Still very reasonable seeing how they are absolutely generous w the meat. Today char siew not caramelised enough tho

I keep trying to break my own record, but 4 and 3 doesn't seem like there's too much of a diff.

Come earlier for the wanton mee, maybe around 10 because the char siew does get a bit colder after some time. It's still good tho, the bite and some crunchy parts remain even at 11