Ola Beach Club

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Have a taste of Hawaii with great Hawaiian-inspired cuisine and refreshing tipples by the beach! Home to Singapore's first and only hydroflight sports - the only place you can experience the JetPack and JetBlade - as well as exciting paddlesports, banana boat and donut ride!

46 Siloso Beach Walk, Sentosa Island
Singapore 099005

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10:00am - 09:00pm

10:00am - 09:00pm

10:00am - 10:00pm

09:00am - 10:00pm

09:00am - 09:00pm

10:00am - 09:00pm

10:00am - 09:00pm

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From the Burpple community

Went to Ola Beach Club last month and ordered their Ola Chips ($18), aPizza - cant recall the name (~$18), Strawberry Smoothie ($8) and a Mocktail - cant rmb the name (~$10)!😇 They were having a promo of 20% off after 5pm if im not wrong and the total bill came out to be about $25 each for 2 pax!

Overall ratings 8/10 as food is good and we have used the daybeds for about 3-4 hours🤣 Good for a relaxing day at the beach!😇

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Posting the photo of the only item that is of any good at this place - Kalua Pulled Pork ($30). It is very flavourful and putting it in the pineapple added an extra flavour that complemented the entire dish very well.

What made this a disappointing experience include:
- Made a reservation and requested for indoor space, but the only seats left were under the beach umbrella and the service staff told us the seats may be wet as it was raining. Well, we don't have much choice, do we?
- Asked the service staff if the fish was raw or cooked, but she wasn't sure and was seen going around asking 2 or 3 people before she came back to us.
- We were told there's 1for1 promotion this month and it's applicable for Main and Bowl. But when we placed order for 1 main + 1 bowl and other sides, they told us it had to be from the same category. We were okay to pay the full price but the service staff kept asking if we want one more main or one more bowl. So we changed our orders to 4 mains instead.
- When the staff put the food down on our table, it didn't look anything like what we might have ordered, so we asked what was it. Surprisingly she didn't know what is it and had to go check with the kitchen.
- When we finally asked for the bill, they did not key in the 1for1 discounts and charged us full bill. When we asked about it, the staff started questioning one another - why was the order keyed in like this? Is the 1for1 applicable for mains?

The food might have been mediocre, but the service was really terrible. Some staff training might help salvage the situation. Or maybe it's just us, the other customers looked quite happy with their beers and bar bites.

Other food include:
- Fish and chips ($25)
- Huli Huli Chicken ($20, but it's just chicken in teriyaki sauce, though the grilled zucchini is excellent)
- Hapu U Pu ($25, a very very small portion of sea bass)

The aglio olio with pulled pork (they have it with scallops too) was our fav!!! It was spicy and super shiok, and the pulled pork had rly nice flavours. Was expecting them to serve the aglio olio in the usual spaghetti but they used angels hair instead which gave the dish an interesting texture.

Fish & chips were ok. Battered dory and fries were crispy and satisfying :)

They have 1-for-1 offer for all of their items (but have to order within the same category) on wed and thu so it’s super worth it!! Think we paid $18 for both the mains. Offer applies to cocktails too so you can get 2 cocktails at around $16-$20.

Special shout-out to the staff at Ola beach club! They were all very friendly and approachable 👍🏻

Do take note that if you’re going there for dinner (which you should, you can catch a lovely view of the sunset if you’re lucky), they close at 8pm on weekdays.

Wagyu patty, kombu rice, panko 🍳, seasonal veggies and fries. Aww. That Spanish Asian fusion that appeals to the inner Asian palate. So, what’s kombu? What’s the craze about all-things-kombu? Kombu rice, kombucha. Yada yada. Hmms🤔 Kombu rice here doesn’t have anything much to do with fermented rice tho. But more of seaweed! Kombu is apparently an algae? And here, as pictured, is a disc of rice mixed with seaweed. Interesting combi 😋 And... what about panko? Panko’s a type of Japanese bread crumbs. So yes, the eggy here is deep fried in bread crumbs 🤩 I’m wowed - it’s a fusion of Spanish, Japanese ... and Chinese

Very, very difficult-to-pronounce item on the menu but oh well, just point. This is not the typical burger that you find. Between the ciabatta buns:

Wagyu patty 150g, grilled 🍍, poached 🥚, guacamole 🥑 and, *li hing mui* powder. What’s that?!

Here’s what wiki says-
“Li hing mui, known as huamei in Mainland China, is salty dried plum. It has a strong, distinctive flavor and is often said to be an acquired taste, as it has a combination of sweet, sour, and salty taste. It has also been described as tart and even tangy.”

Also served on the side: seasonal veggies and fries 🥔

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Day out with buddies n 6 kiddos. Order lotsa foods n alcohol. Everything's great. Kids in the in-house pool n adults enjoying our drinks. Then we add-on ordered the Mushroom Pasta (the green one in the pic is not it) it was so good that it didn't even make it for us to take a pic. First plate, 2nd plate n 3rd plate. All of us asked for more. Will definitely be back just for that stuff. It's ADDICTIVE!!!

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