Two-Michelin starred Odette is a collaboration between Chef-Owner Julien Royer and The Lo & Behold Group. Located at National Gallery Singapore, the restaurant serves Modern French cuisine guided by Royer’s lifelong respect for seasonality, terroir and artisanal produce sourced from boutique producers aroundthe world. Odette is named in tribute to Royer’s grandmother who taught him how some of the most remarkable dishes can come from the purest ingredients, and believed in ensuring that the fundamental pleasures of enjoying a meal are delivered in the most thoughtful, welcoming and hospitable manner. This ethos has directed every aspect of the Odette experience. The space has been designed by London-based Universal Design Studio, with overall creative direction led by Singaporean artist Dawn Ng.

1 St Andrew's Road
#01-04 National Gallery Singapore
Singapore 178957

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FOIE GRAS ‘COMME UN PHO’ - Japanese Abalone, Smoked Eel Dashi & Yuzu

WILD ATLANTIC TURBOT - Majestic Oyster, Spinach Coulis & Seaweed Butter

ROASTED VENISON SADDLE - Mulled Wine Pear, Charred Cereliac & Sauce ‘Poivrade’

PIGEON FABIEN DENEOUR 3 Services - Porcini Crust, Confit Leg & Liver Parfait

LEMON TART - Sable Breton, Meyer Lemon & Basil


Part 2

The Foie Gras dish was interesting, each piece of Foie Gras lump creamy in the broth. However, the Vietnamese pho element did not come across to me at all. Perhaps I like my Foie Gras seared more than it consumed within a broth.

The Atlantic turbot was moist but I find that the fish lacked in flavor. The majestic oyster on top was however really fleshy and succulent, naturally sweet on its own without being briny at all.

As I was not a fan of pigeon, the chef prepared a dish of venison saddle that was decent but not outstanding.

My hubs who had the pigeon said it was good. Not gamey at all, moist and super tender.

Last but not least the dessert. The lemon tart reminds me of an appetizer dish at Jaan’s in terms of the design. It was exactly the same in terms of visual though what was hidden within was a complementary pairing of lemon and basil. It was a great palate cleanser and I finished all of it. However, I would say I had better desserts from Jaan.

Overall, the meal was very enjoyable and the service crew was attentive and friendly. Chef Julien also came by to say hello. As a feedback, I wished a bit more thought and creativity was put into the chef’s menu as I noticed many of the dishes were exactly the same as the 6 acts and 4 acts. Even the dessert served was the same as the menu with fewer courses.

We paid $570 for 2 pax. Would we come again? Yes, but hopefully to experience a different menu!

The chef’s menu comprises of 8 acts, where the chef presents dishes based on seasonal produce.

Snackings + Signature Mushroom Tea

HOKKAIDO UNI - Scallop tartare, Mussel Cloud & Oscietra Caviar

XL MOZAMBIQUE LANGOUSTINE - Jerusalem Artichoke, Bergamot & Shiso

HEIRLOOM BEETROOT VARIATION - Salt baked Beetroot, Stracciatella Artigiana & Honeycomb

ROSEMARY SMOKED ORGANIC EGG - Smoked Potato Syphon, Chorizo Iberico & Meunière

Part 1

The start of the meal was accompanied by tasty snackings followed by a delicious mushroom tea which to me, bears an overlapping taste similar to the signature smoked eggs.

The signature rosemary smoked egg was delicious as ever, when I first tasted this when Julien was still with Jaan. It was also a visual treat as the servers will always send this dish out with a display that surrounds you with mist for a moment!

The heirloom beetroot was a deviation from the signature heirloom tomatoes at Jaan. This rendition was refreshing though I personally prefer the heirloom tomatoes to beetroot.

Prelude to the mains, the XL langoustine was exceptionally well executed. The flesh was done just right that it was so juicy and succulent. The touches of bergamot and shiso adds a playful element to the dish. This was my favorite dish of part 1 of the 4 acts.

[Lunch / 6 Acts : $148+]

This was simply a sight to behold the moment it left the kitchen. A sous vide organic egg is tipped into a beautiful glass bowl of potato purée and foam, iberico ham and crunchy toasted buckwheat. What made this extra special was the scent of torched rosemary underneath the bowl that added to the whole experience.

[Lunch / 6 Acts : $148+]

The most beautiful plate of salt-baked beetroot, stracciatella artigiana and a little drizzle of honeycomb over the top. I really loved the combination of the beets with cheese (described similar to a burrata) and the surprise of a dollop of horseradish. There's was also a rather earthy beetroot sorbet and sand which I'm not sure I really like. Everything else was ace and so nicely thought out.

[Lunch / 6 Acts : $148+]

This delightful mushroomy was served as a lovely amuse bouche. A super delicious mushroom tea served over a cep sabayon and little garlic toast on the side.

Having a six course lunch with many surprises. Every dish displays like an art piece. Very good service and waiters know the dish very well. The atmosphere is really nice as well. A very fulfilling experience though a bit expensive.

The stunning showstopper, the Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg, is a must-order. I was engulfed in a cloud of dry ice even before it reached the table. I live for such theatrics.

The result of the egg (sous vide for 55 mins at 65.3°C, possessing a delightfully oozy yolk - such precision!!) being cracked into a dome of smoked potato syphon, chorizo iberico, and buckwheat was a harmonious medley of flavours. The light, fluffy foam that melded together with the creamy egg, saltiness of the chorizo and crunchy buckwheat......simply sublime in its execution.

Congrats to @odetterestaurant and another fantastic year for the team! Can't wait to see what they might dish out.

In meantime, let's savour their Signature Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg. Sous vide at precise 65.3 degrees celsius for 55 minute, just to get the perfect thick yet runny egg. Mixed in with smoked potato syphon, chorizo iberico and crunchy buckwheat, imparts a rich flavour that made us go gaga over!

This mini mango tartelette is possibly the most amazing representation of Mango I've ever had in my entire life -- and that is quite a long time 😳

The Japanese do not harvest these mangos instead, they wait lovingly for these babies to fully ripen and fall from the tree into nets that they construct at the bottom to softly catch these mangoes to prevent bruising and damage.

The flavour is intense and rich but not sickeningly sweet. Mind blowing! It is made with kaffir lime and served with coconut sorbet

smoked potato, chorizo, buckwheat

(Part of the 6 Course Lunch Menu)

confit fennel, cupidon tomato, bouillabaisse

(Part of the 6 Course Lunch Menu)

Never expected to have something inspired by Thai cuisine here at Odette but Chef Julien has done it again! This dish has possibly made its way into my heart. The subtle hint of Thai yellow curry with lime leaves pairs exceptionally well with the fish and sakura ebi while the kabocha pumpkin adds that touch of sweetness.

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Shall let the video do the talking #DFDMichelin #DFDSingapore

Rich & creamy chocolate tart topped with vanilla ice cream. This is what chocolate dreams are made of.

The lamb in this dish was unreal. For those who shy away from having lamb because of its toughness and overpowering meaty smell, this dish serves to debunk all that. The meat was soft, tender and paired really well with the glazed sauce which was not too overly sweet. The eggplant was also a good addition, although I personally would’ve preferred a much more crunchy vegetable. The spicy Harissa dollop of sauce also gave a good change in seasoning, especially for those who like to have variations in their sauces (guilty).

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