Two-Michelin starred Odette is a collaboration between Chef-Owner Julien Royer and The Lo & Behold Group. Located at National Gallery Singapore, the restaurant serves Modern French cuisine guided by Royer’s lifelong respect for seasonality, terroir and artisanal produce sourced from boutique producers aroundthe world. Odette is named in tribute to Royer’s grandmother who taught him how some of the most remarkable dishes can come from the purest ingredients, and believed in ensuring that the fundamental pleasures of enjoying a meal are delivered in the most thoughtful, welcoming and hospitable manner. This ethos has directed every aspect of the Odette experience. The space has been designed by London-based Universal Design Studio, with overall creative direction led by Singaporean artist Dawn Ng.

1 St Andrew's Road
#01-04 National Gallery Singapore
Singapore 178957

12:00pm - 01:30pm
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12:00pm - 01:30pm
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12:00pm - 01:30pm
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Reviews at Odette

Reviews of good food at Odette
dramatic eggs

The stunning showstopper, the Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg, is a must-order. I was engulfed in a cloud of dry ice even before it reached the table. I live for such theatrics.

The result of the egg (sous vide for 55 mins at 65.3°C, possessing a delightfully oozy yolk - such precision!!) being cracked into a dome of smoked potato syphon, chorizo iberico, and buckwheat was a harmonious medley of flavours. The light, fluffy foam that melded together with the creamy egg, saltiness of the chorizo and crunchy buckwheat......simply sublime in its execution.

Signature Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg

Congrats to @odetterestaurant and another fantastic year for the team! Can't wait to see what they might dish out.

In meantime, let's savour their Signature Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg. Sous vide at precise 65.3 degrees celsius for 55 minute, just to get the perfect thick yet runny egg. Mixed in with smoked potato syphon, chorizo iberico and crunchy buckwheat, imparts a rich flavour that made us go gaga over!

Miyazaki Mango

This mini mango tartelette is possibly the most amazing representation of Mango I've ever had in my entire life -- and that is quite a long time 😳

The Japanese do not harvest these mangos instead, they wait lovingly for these babies to fully ripen and fall from the tree into nets that they construct at the bottom to softly catch these mangoes to prevent bruising and damage.

The flavour is intense and rich but not sickeningly sweet. Mind blowing! It is made with kaffir lime and served with coconut sorbet

Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg

smoked potato, chorizo, buckwheat

(Part of the 6 Course Lunch Menu)

Crispy Skinned Kinmedai

confit fennel, cupidon tomato, bouillabaisse

(Part of the 6 Course Lunch Menu)

Atlantic Whiting 'Esprit Thai' from the S/S Menu

Never expected to have something inspired by Thai cuisine here at Odette but Chef Julien has done it again! This dish has possibly made its way into my heart. The subtle hint of Thai yellow curry with lime leaves pairs exceptionally well with the fish and sakura ebi while the kabocha pumpkin adds that touch of sweetness.

Reservations tel: 6385 0498
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Returned to Odette and the meal was better than ever.

Shall let the video do the talking #DFDMichelin #DFDSingapore

Celebrate our work anniversary!

This year we stay in town so we made a reservation at Odette, a two-star Michelin restaurant. Ushered into a private dining room, we were awestruck by the simple yet elegant interior and cos we weren't expecting it.

Various amuse-bouche served and one that delights us all was the Mushroom Tea, a concoction of ceps sabayon topped with wild mushroom broth. Earthy broth paired with buttery brioche, we soon polished them off.

Highlight of the day was that we met @chef_julien! Though sadly we have forgotten to ask for a photo together.

Highest Debutant on the Asia Best 50 list.

Julian Royer's rise continues after winning 2 Michelin stars. Odette is the highest debutant at 9th place this year. With a refined approach in European cuisine, dining here is simply exquisite. Here is Chef Julian's signature 55 degree eggs. The theatrical way it's served with dry ice will elicit oohs and aahs from all at the table. All in all, it's been a fantastic year for Chef Julian Royer and Odette!

55' smoked organic egg has always been my favourite at both @jaansg and @odetterestaurant .

It's the whole experience starting from the moment they bring you that smokin egg crate to the pouring of the delicate egg into the bowl and savoring it as you cut through that egg revealing a bright orange yolk. 😩😩😩 I want more

Charred Iberico pork neck, smoked cabbage, organic corn, sage jus.

This was probably my favorite course at @odetterestaurant . I'm not the biggest pork fan but the meat was tender, perfectly charred and blended so well with sage jus.

55' Rosemary Smoked Organic egg, smoked potato emulsion, buckwheat and Cep mushroom
My all time fav dish by Chef Julien, an organic egg cooked for 55 min sous vide at 65.3 degree precisely.

The egg was served in an egg carton with dry ice flowing underneath, the rest part of was served in a double-walled glass bowl on the side, with rosemary still smoking underneath. Then just gently pour the soft egg into the bowl...
Odette, Singapore (Apr.28.2016)

Canapés: polenta crisp with confit claims to, charcoal crispy pita with hummus, 'cheese cake' with candied walnut, cumin tart with oat and lentils
Odette, the first and the only (new) restaurant I really keen to try after I come back in Singapore.

After Chef Julien Royer left JAAN, possibly the top French eateries in Singapore, he finally opened his own restaurant housed in the historical National Gallery. I never expected a long wait to get a table in Singapore, which brought my expectations to a higher level. And yes, Chef Julien made it, again. Honestly the most satisfying meal I have had recently, even myself cannot believe I made a second visit in a few days..
Odette, Singapore

Always end your meal with desserts such as with these amazing petit fours from Odette.

Yes, I seriously wouldn't mind some of these right now. The torched marshmallow, canelé, coconut petit four and salted caramel candy was a great end to an excellent lunch meal.

What a spectacle!

Dining at Odette is like watching a magician putting up a show and creating memorable experiences for his audiences. Take for example, this particular dish of Rosemary Smoked Organic Egg, which is making its grand entrance in the most dramatic way possible, none other than by dry ice.
When the curtain falls, the resulting smoked egg is dropped into a bowl; further smoked by Rosemary, consisting of smoked potato, chorizo and buckwheat. This is a feast not only for the eyes but for the smell and taste.
Address: 1, St Andrew's Rd, National Gallery Singapore, Unit 01-04, Singapore 178957

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