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From the Burpple community

Toast was bland and unimpressive. But was crispy with a nice chewy layer of rice cake. Could do with a thicker layer of cheese. The sauces and coconut ice cream came well together and made this snack enjoyable overall.


Small shop space that was half opened (?) on a Sunday afternoon. I was quite surprised by the quality of the bingsu. Fine shaven ice, aromatic green tea ice cream, fragrant black sesame powder and roasted almond shavings. Very comparable to Nunsongyee's. The ice didn't seem to melt, resulting in a rather dry-ish feel. Price wise also very steep, this was $16.90.


Two slices of toast with Korean rice cake in the centre and cheese on top, topped with a scoop of coconut ice cream and lots of nuts. Very run of the mill, and I think you're paying mostly for the novelty factor. The toast isn't anything special, probably just gardenia bread. Couldn't really taste the cheese as there was so much else going on. I think you're better off ordering their bingsu.


Still not entirely convinced about this whole bingsu craze as it is just essentially fine shaved ice. Anyway, for a bingsu, the one here is not bad. The ice was quite fine, and the green tea ice cream complimented the milky taste of the ice. It was a little on the "dry" side though, as there were no fillings below the ice. All in all, still nothing to make me fork out $16-$19 (!) for this glorified Korean ice kachang.


Besides having Bingsu, this place also have a selection of toasts and no-bake desserts! This Caramel Pudding ($6.90) is soft and smooth! Popping candy is sprinkled on top of the pudding that triggers a sizzling mouthfeel in every few mouthfuls! On top of the caramel flavour, there is also a chocolate taste to the pudding due to the Oreo powder added!


From Nunkkot, a Korean dessert cafe replacing Beegurt at Thomson V Two that serves Bingsu and Pudding. One of the new items that they are trying out, the flower pot pudding comes with popping candy and Oreo crumbs as soil while caramel pudding hides within, complementing the loud explosive popping candy and chocolatey flavours with a sweet, eggy custard. Perhaps this could be garnished with a faux flower stuck in between to up the visual factor.