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9 Rochester Park
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Kinda ex for salmon and rice, but the coconut rice was really fragrant and the Vietnamese caramel drizzled over the rice was interesting. Might skip this next time tho as it's not the most value-for-money imo!

Nosh is the perfect hideout among lush greenery both on the outside and it's interior wallpapers. Rustic chill accompanied by food that lives up to its good looks makes for a return visit. If not for the humidity and heat, you may actually forget you're in singapore 😅

Throwback to our hearty brunch at this idyllic restaurant as we dig in the comforting Shakshouka, or nibble on small bites like Garlic Fries and Chicken Karaage.

Super stoked to have finally met @chiwaicafe's top friend @munchingmarc who has an exceptional taste for good food (and great friends!). Brunch at Nosh certainly made my belly happy but more than that, it was the company that made my heart happy!

Also, thanks Marc for the pretty photo of all of us! 😁❤

Take me back to weekends with this shakshuka ($19) from Nosh – Two baked eggs, with the yolks still wiggling and ready to flow with the merest suggestion of contact with my fork., red peppers and tomato sauce, generously sprinkled with goats cheese and topped with several eggplant fritters.

Zesty lemon curd filling, billowy meringue and crusty base, it's a classic dessert to end your meal with.

You'll also be glad to know there will be live band performance every Sunday from 2pm-5pm with Happy Hour 🍻 time to drop by soon!

Address: 9 Rochester Park, Singapore 139220
#noshsg #nosheryatnosh

Good food and conversation in a cosy ambience amidst lush greenery feat. the shrimp laksa tagliatelle ($19), which was light (not jelat at all) with a tingly spice that slowly builds up. My favourite component was the dried tau kwa (fried beancurd) chunks that added a certain texture + dimension to the dish. The duck confit pappardelle ($19) fared even better in all its creamy and fragrant goodness (shoutout to the red coconut curry) with a hint of sweetness, although I would've liked sweeter roasted pumpkin, and for the duck to be less salty.

Good morning everyone! Saturday mornings are my favorite times of the week 😊
Had brunch at Nosh which is such a beautiful place.. we sat outdoors and felt right within nature with all the trees around. Pictured are:
Orange Beetroot Cured Salmon** ($19)
Yoghurt Pot with Honey Comb** ($8)
Full Monty* ($26)
Nosh Burger with Egg ($24)
Mac n Cheese ($6)
Truffle Fries ($7)
Strawberry Shortcake* ($8)

* Recommended ** Highly Recommended

A decently sized portion of salmon that has been marinated in a Vietnamese caramel to give it a lovely smokey, slightly sweet flavour, sitting atop a bed of light, long-grained rice which has been infused with coconut oil for a delicious aroma. #burpple #brunch #breakfast

#throwback to #brunch on Good Friday where we had this amazing Crab Benedict ($20) from @noshsg. Why go for the regular eggs benny when you can have crab cakes instead! The best part? Top it off with piquant coconut curry hollandaise that complemented the flavours in the crab patties perfectly! #burpple #breakfast

Finally tried the brunch fare @noshsg. We enjoyed the curry hollandaise and hint of curry leaves in the crab cake Benedict. The seemingly dry and plain pancakes turned out to be delicious! Super buttery and fragrant with the maple syrup. Counting down to more brunch food this long weekend. And spending all my time with bae in a new city. 😍

Weekend brunch goals set in the lush greenery of Rochester Park. My picks are the Crab Benedict, Three-Stack Pancakes, and a cup of well-brewed flat white!

Our pick will definitely be the Crab Benedicts ($18) - perfectly poached eggs (even after all the long shooting, they stayed flowy!!) sitting on crab cakes and slathered with Coconut Curry Hollandaise - definitely brunch done right 👍🏻 Other items:
Full Monty ($26)
Pancakes ($14)
Mac & Cheese ($6)
Truffle Fries ($7)

Prices for pretty reasonable, with the prettiest space ❤

not a big fan of eggs ben but damn i am luvin this crab benedict!!!! egg was done perfect, super runny super creamy :-) the crab cakes definitely gets all the credit! the flavor balance was on point and you can really taste the crab meat in thereeeee; pancakes were nothing extraordinary though. luvin the vibes at this crazy cozy place

Sundays are made for indulgent brunches, and Nosh sure proves an excellent choice for starting the day right. Hearty dishes can be had in a quaint dining room setting, or alfresco—a gorgeous, breezy verandah decked out with white-washed wooden tables and chairs, as well as powerful fans to combat the heat.

Their signature brunch item—one that dates back to a couple of years ago when Nosh was Krish—features perfectly poached eggs dressed with coconut curry hollandaise, a sweeter, Southeast Asian-inspired riff on the classic. The experience culminates when molten yolk lava meets the no-nonsense crab cakes—crisp patties of unadulterated crustacean goodness—on the perfect canvas that is the beautifully-toasted, chewy English muffin.

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