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What's Your Beef

Pass - meat not over cooked and flavorful. Gives a feeling of a simple healthy meal.

Healthy Tummy is a Happy Tummy 😘My 2nd time trying “What’s your Beef” ($18) and it never disappoints.

Juicy beef with grilled corn furikake, sautéed mushrooms, onsen egg, glazed carrots and garlic chips! Perfect Combi I must say. We also tried the Waikiki Surf ($16) which was rather new on the menu: Yuzu marinated salmon poke, smashed avocado, sakura ebi and onsen egg. A decent refreshing dish. But I’ll still stick with my favorite Apoke theory for my poke fix. ❤️

[$18] Marvellous Matcha

essentially a giant matcha lava cake that's nicely executed! cutting into the crisp edge reveals the molten matcha lava hidden inside which just fills you with such warmth.

this dish comes with ricotta cheese, a biscuit crumble, azuki beans and yuzu peels! it gives you a lot of the japanese taste in a mouthful. the yuzu peels add a citrusy and tangy flavour which may not be to everyone's liking!

maybe i'm a prude but i would've loved the warm matcha hotcake with some cold ice cream on top instead 😅 then again, this was a really well thought out and executed dish.

[$18] Oceans of Mentaiko

honestly their grain bowls pale in comparison to this. the creamy sauce with a hint of mentaiko really ties in well with the fresh seafood! the scallops, prawns and mussels were all done perfectly and the crisp toast that came along with it was a great idea. there's only just enough sauce for the seafood and toast so i ended up scraping the bowl for every single drop that's left!!!

Crab Rosti ($18+)

Ninja Cut's tastes wasn't always spot on. I don't really fancy the onions in this dish and I think a little tartness could be added to the crab/maybe sour cream on the side to enhance flavor of the whole dish. The Marvellous Matcha overall was also sweet in a single dimension. But Ninja Cut is doing a great job with textures. I appreciate that the rosti and Marvellous Matcha were done crispy around the edges and fluffy inside which is worth commending.

Desserts Are Good

Will recommend this place for their marvellous matcha. The kaya toast got a little je-lat after a while.
Main dishes and drinks were average.

Kaya Toast ($16)
Brioche French toast stuffed with mochi cheese & homemade kaya, alongside sea salt mascarpone ice cream, gula melaka & crumbles.

Was told that this along with the rosti was sold out at 3pm the other day so we waited 30 minutes for them to get ready again. Pretty decent because we were legit starving but is it just me or are you guys upset with me that only mine doesn't have enough edible flowers 😭

Holy Mackerel! ($18)

Mentaiko cheese baked saba fish, on a bed of quinoa (add $3) and assorted veggies. Loved the cabbage slaw so much I wish the carrots were pickled too.

Contemplating on where to go for a good Sunday brunch?

Check out @theninjacut's brand new additions to their menu on the blog NOW, like this Kaya French toast!

Link up on bio!

Massive craving for brunch 🤤 namely eggs - @theninjacut!

Pretty comforting dish in this Beefy Patty Macaroni, but lacks a punch for myself. Great for this cuddle weather. 🤤

Stole some time to enjoy a hearty meal at @theninjacut with @post_eatz.

We tried some of the new dishes on their menu. 😋 .
1️⃣Beefy Patty Macaroni reminded me of a hearty bowl of macaroni soup, except it's better!😋 That homemade beef hamburg with cheese as well as their perfectly poached egg. 😌👌🏻 .
2️⃣don't-Cha-Wan-some-Mushi. I have to give it to the name. 😂👍🏻👍🏻 Think a combination of Japanese chawanmushi, cheese rice and Hokkaido scallops!🤤🤤 .
3️⃣Hello Ebi-Bardy. This name too. 😂😂 This is something I could eat everyday!😋

Marvellous Matcha

Can’t say you have been to The Ninja Cut without having their Marvellous Matcha ($18 *price has went up), especially if you are a matcha fan. Not just any matcha ‘hotcake’, the complex lava-filled dessert was complemented with chewy-soft homemade dango, a quenelle of ricotta cheese, decorative edible flowers, crunchy crumble, dollops of azuki beans and yuzu peel which lends a refreshing zing to the sweet sweet treat. Baked to order, the best parts would have to be the crispy edge and closely followed by the oozing warm molten centre. And though the flowing green tea fondant was not overly cloying, it lacked the strong bitter-sweetness and fragrance matcha usually carry. A well-executed ‘hotcake’nonetheless, it is best to share with 2 or more!

Yup, @theninjacut has outdone themselves again in this one - KAYA TOAST ($16).

Imagine that fluffy brioche toast stuffed with HOMEMADE Kaya and Mochi Cheese, and then served with gula meleka crumbles and a salted mascarpone ice cream. 🤤if this doesn't make you salivate, I don't know what does.


Yup, @theninjacut has outdone themselves again in this one - KAYA TOAST ($16).

Imagine that fluffy brioche toast stuffed with HOMEMADE Kaya and Mochi Cheese, and then served with gula meleka crumbles and a salted mascarpone ice cream. 🤤if this doesn't make you salivate, I don't know what does. 😢

Squid Fix, The Hot Cheek and What's Your Beef?

My first time trying out Ninja Cut's grain bowls and my favourite has to be The Hot Cheek because of that sweet-savoury beef cheek that has been braised for 24 hours, according to the menu. The squid however I find wasn't cleaned thoroughly enough (resulting in that slimy center) but the grill and the flavour on that was spot-on. I would definitely need to add the Ninja rice/soba for an additional $2, to soak up all the flavour of the sauces and of course, the runny onsen egg. It was a Saturday and we arrived at 12pm so thankfully we missed the lunch crowd at around 1pm!

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