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Marvellous Matcha ($16 nett)

The dish was pretty single dimensional. Most components- the matcha lava, azuki paste, candied zest and crumble were all sweet which made the whole dish jelak. Wished there were salty (sea salt in place of icing sugar) or bitter (in the lava) elements to create more contrasting flavors. Despite the flaws, I enjoyed the crispy edge the most.

For Protein-rich Grain Bowls in Town

Most healthy grain bowls are only available during lunch and are situated within the CBD, but this snazzy, hip space conveniently located in town serves its protein-rich grain bowls all day long — great for meeting up with that #eatclean friend of yours. Like its sister outlet Ninja Bowl in Duxton, you can choose to have soba, greens or Ninja Rice as your base ($2 each) — we recommend the latter that mixes brown and Japanese rice for a heartier meal. Every ingredient in their grain bowls, regardless of protein, is well-executed — the honey glazed carrots are soft and sweet, the moreish miso cucumbers add a nice crunch and the onsen eggs are wobbly, every single time. Go for the crowd favourite Squid Fix ($18) and What's Your Beef? ($18). The former features an entire Japanese squid, perfectly grilled on both sides and tender to the bite, while the latter comes with 150g of Australian rib-eye, roasted with a pink ring in the centre. Only 30 portions of the beef are available daily, so head down early! Wash it all down with a cup of Coffee (from $4.50) — they use a house blend of Colombian, Guatemalan and Ethiopian beans.
Avg Price: $25 per person
Photo by Burppler Mag Chow

Pork belly Peekaboo?

This was my second visit to Ninja Cut. Wanted to get the Char Siew Peekaboo initially but I was told that it wasn't available because there's no Char Siew, so I ordered the Polenta Mash but again it wasn't available since the meat used was also char siew. The staff offered to change the meat to pork belly, hence I requested for the Char Siew Peekaboo's meat to be changed to pork belly. To my dismay, the staff said no?? Like huh, why not when it can be done for the other Char Siew dish?? Reluctantly she did it for me eventually. Anyway, the pork belly was pretty good, not too fatty and oily. Ate it together with the pickled lotus root as the lotus roots were too sour and a lil spicy. The Sakura ebi, however, added a special twist to the dish as a whole.

Oh My Cod ($18+)

.. and truffle fries ($12+)
I feel the ingredients were too little for the price.
For Oh My Cod, there's no grains and to add on a small amount of quinoa, it's additional $3+.
The piece of cod was small and the dish is not filling at all. Taste was normal .
However, love the truffles fries and industrial setting 👍🏻

Ninja Cut - Marvellous Matcha (💵S$16) : Brunch All Day : Matcha 'Hotcake', Homemade Dango, sugar coated Yuzu peel, Ricotta Cheese, Digestive Biscuits Crumble & Azuki Beans.


I absolutely adore Matcha & I love sweet endings. Topped with Ricotta Cheese to balance the sweetness, Yuzu peel for that added tanginess, crumbed for the crunchy dimension, dango & azuki beans which god knows why (it's already damn sweet & green tea fondant (white chocolate & matcha powder) oozing out of the Matcha Lava cake, it's hard to resist. 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: Its like matching a girl from tinder, she looks nice, oozing with sexiness & confidence. But she's too sweet & for a while you get tired of it because she's playing it way too safe & you're looking for that feistiness in her but it never shows. 🖖🏻 *needs more Matcha (pun intended)

Lava Matcha Pancake

Great place for catch up, unwinding, reflection etc etc etc! Enjoyed both their cappuccino($5) and pancake($16 I think?)👍🏼✌🏻

Ninja Cut - "What's your Beef?"

Limited portions Daily (💵S$18) : Roast Beef Ribeye, Grilled Corn, Furikake, Sautéed Mushrooms, Onsen Egg, Honey-Glazed Carrots & Garlic Chips. 🐮

Limited to 30 plays, Beef is cooked medium like how it should be done. Sautéed mushrooms & Onsen Egg are the side casts that stand out. The rest played their part well but it's the threesome of the classic combination that is Beef, Onsen Egg & Sautéed Mushrooms that made the session kinda pleasurably memorable. 😋

ACAMASTIPS💮: Ninja Cuts are a healthier version of Ninja Bowl, it's part of Darren Wee's The Astronauts Group.
Another Beef dish will be from the Brunch section - Ninja's Steaks & Eggs (💵S$20) which is also limited portions. 🖖🏻

Ninja Cut - Waikiki Surf (💵S$16) : Yuzu-marinated Salmon poke, Aburi Avocado, Cherry Tomatoes, Onsen egg, Garden Greens & Sakura Ebi.


It's, let's face it, riding the poke bowl hype nowadays. With many many poke bowls around, Ninja Cut's version has nothing to shout about. 🏵
It's decent, the salmon poke is fresh & seasoned nicely with Yuzu. Wish there could be more Sakura Ebi though. 🥑

ACAMASTIPS💮: You have the choice to add an extra base such as ; (💵S$3) for Quinoa, (💵S$2) for Ninja Rice, Soba & Garden Greens for a complete meal. 🥗
Plus prices are Nett, No Service Charge, No GST. 🖖🏻

Matcha Hotcakes ($16)

The matcha hotcakes is the bomb: sweet matcha fluid flowing out of a nice squishy malay-kueh-like cake. Super amazing. $16 and more than enough for 2. Skip the mains at this place, they're pretty normal and we think Grain Traders or Daily Cut is better.

Ocean Of Mentaiko

The seafood soaked in cream mentaiko sauce was delicious and we enjoyed it very much.

The Cheeky Cheese  $18

24-hour braised Japanese curry beef cheek, garden greens, grilled cheese sandwich

Matcha Hotcakes

This warm matcha lava hotcakes was soft and moist. The matcha taste wasn't as strong as I wanted it to be. The lemon zest added a citrusy flavor.
Cost: $16

A Healthy Bowl

This Japanese curry beef cheek with vegetables and quinoa is a great make-you-feel-good bowl. It was surprisingly delicious as well. $20-25 per pax.

Matcha Hotcakes, $16

Was a rather disappointed that there wasn't lava "flowing" out from the hotcakes but it was still good! It was sooo filling even sharing between 2 of us, we were not able to finish it.

What's Your Beef ($18)

Healthy servings of ribeye. Enjoyed how the honey glazed carrots went with the sautéed mushrooms and onsen egg. Please add the ninja rice for a fulfilling meal.

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