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From the Burpple community

Strong brew offee with balanced milk ratio; tad bitter..

Lady fingers soft & moist, rich with espresso & kahlua liqueur; topped with thick layer of chantilly cream; would be better if there's a thicker or another layer of lady fingers..

Pork with equal meat to fat ratio, well-marinated with no gamey taste but was quite tough; 5-spices cream sauce tastes quite light; potatoes cube is deep-fry to crispy; with fresh greens drizzled with balsamic dressing..

Japanese rice is slightly hard; topped with furikake, crunchy pickles, seaweed & sous vide egg which complements each other well after a good tossing; tuna slices fresh & seared to medium rare..

✨From C Cafe to Nimbus Cafe - serving Classic Breakfast and Lunch - with $32 Lobster roll✨
πŸ’‘: Go for their toasties at $20 for 4 different choices - Salmon Cheese which i got is the most value πŸ‘
πŸ“: 477 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427683
πŸ’° : ~$20-30
⭐️ : 3/5
Food β€”β€” Simple Cafe Menu - nothing excessive but not overvalued for what is served. Lobster roll ($32) is one of the more affordable you can find served with decent pieces of lobster with fluffy buttery brioche bread ✨ Will return if there is some promo deals hehe 😜

Nimbus was a comfortable cafe and relaxing spot for us! Service was great and food came out promptly (we were here around 1.30pm on a Sunday!)

Got myself avocado toast, plenty of extra virgin olive oil and nuts which gave the toast a good crunch. Sour dough was good - chewy but not to the point you would get your jaw sore from chewing. It came with hummus spread on the plate, great tasting but sweeter than the hummus I was used to. Turns out they added honey to eat! Added smoked salmon and eggs for protein

We also ordered breakfast of champions, aglio olio, golden waffle, tater tots and drinks.

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